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    List all your guitars without any comment

    Ibanez Blazer 550 Gibson Trini Lopez '67 Gibson CS SG Gretsch RI Corvette Gretsch Country Classic II Fender CS 67 Telecaster Martin Gruhn 0000-18GE Gibson Lennon LP Jr Moon Reggae Master Tokai TJ78 Gibson Marauder Gretsch Resonator Danelectro 12 string Fender Japan '70 P Bass Fender / Parts...
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    Double Cut Junior?

    How about a Tokai TJ78? I have one and put a Lollar in it, and it sounds and plays great. Not sure if you can get one in the States, though...
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    The Best Japan has (had) to offer

    there's also van zandt, moon, seventy seven, and bunch of other smaller builders making some nice stuff. my moon reggae master, after dropping antiquity p90s in it is one of my favorites.
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    Fender vs Gibson blind test

    The Marauder threw me off - I think I'm a single coil guy after all ...
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    Fender Visitor Center: anyone build their own guitar there yet?

    Hey, that Aztec Gold strat looks great !!
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    SG - '61 Reissue vs VOS

    I went through this a couple of years ago and wound up with the VOS although it cost a bit more than the 61. I bought new - used, maybe the price difference won't be as bad. For me, I liked the playability of the slightly thicker neck of the VOS and I actually like the BB's a lot, although...
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    Dynasonics vs P-90's vs Tele PU's

    Got to have the Bigsby !!
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    Dynasonics vs P-90's vs Tele PU's

    Great, thanks everybody for your responses - just need to unload some stuff and then find the right Duo Jet. Thanks again.
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    Dynasonics vs P-90's vs Tele PU's

    Should probably ask over at the Gretsch Pages, but thought I'd try here first. Thinking about a Duo-Jet with Dynasonics, but already have a Telecaster (63 CS) and a Tele-styled P-90 guitar (Duncan Antiquities), but was wondering if you all think the Dynasonics would be redundant. I'm...
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    What is the deal with all the Fender CS 67 LTD silver guitars for sale?

    I have one, and actually like the way it plays and sounds. Not sure why people are dumping them, i'm happy with mine. Wildwood, i think had several of these for sale at one point. I think new, these listed at around $3,500. I got my used in here in Japan, for around $2k. I'm guessing that...
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    Great playing guitar w/headstock repair

    A Lennon LP Jr with a break, didn't play it first, but bought from an honest seller here on TGP, and it plays and sounds great. My 67 Trini also has a break, had it repaired, and it plays and sounds great as it did prior to the break.
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    Gretsch 6120 alternative?

    How about the Gretsch Electromatic series - I think there is 5120.
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    Gretsch Falcon - Custom Colors at Music Zoo

    Does anybody know how different the build quality and materials used are between the custom shop and the JPN factory? Never played a custom shop, but my JPN made 6122 plays and sounds pretty good.
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    Let's make them GREEN with envy ;)

    That is one massive modular synth - moog ?
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    P90 - size humbuckers...who makes 'em (other than DiMarzio)?

    I think a lot of mini-humbuckers will fit a P-90 route. I tried this a couple of years ago and replaced some P-90s with Lollar Mini Humbuckers, and it seemed to fit fine with the adapter ring provided by Lollar. At the end of the day, I went back to the P-90s (Seymour Duncans Antiquities)...
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    Gretsch Falcon - Custom Colors at Music Zoo

    I thought that these looked killer - especially the sage green metallic. Pretty pricey though ...
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    You ever have a good surprise from guitarcenter?

    Again a long time ago, and just remembered, got my '67 Gibson Trini Lopez from that same GC in Lawndale for $550. Not completely original, someone had put a master volume on it, had taken off the pickup cover on the neck pickup, and replaced the trapeze with a fixed tail piece, but still not a...
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    You ever have a good surprise from guitarcenter?

    This was a long time ago, but I bought a used Musicman HD130 410 at my local GC in Lawndale, and when I bought the amp, the store manager said that there should be a footswitch for the reverb and tremelo, but that he couldn't find at the time. I said that it was no biggie, and he gave a me a...
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    Need recommendation for a good fretboard oil

    Wondering about lemon oil as well. Bought some to remove velcro, but was wondering if it's OK to use on a rosewood board.
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    Guitar for surf music

    Yeah pretty much agree with the others - a guitar with single coils and tremolo arm (e.g., a Strat) and some deep reverb should get you there.
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    Where for a refret in Los Angeles? Who's best?

    I've had two guitars plek'd and one refret and plek by Leland at Westwood and thought he did a really nice job on all three guitars - and it goes without saying that all the staff there and owner are always very nice and helpful. I know I'm going off topic, but I also had a good experience at...
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    Fender CS '63 pickups?

    I also have a '67 CS Telecaster with the '63 pickups and I don't find these to be hot either. Is there a return policy on the guitar so that you can have the chance to return if you don't like the way the pickups sound to you?
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    Beginner package..

    That seems like a pretty cool gift !! Sorry that I can't recommend any books or dvds ... how about a certificate for some lessons at a local shop. That's how I started many many years ago.
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    Burstbuckers v. Nice boutique PAF's -- Burstbuckers win!

    BB 1 and 2 in an SG, and couldn't be happier.
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    Best P 90 pick-ups

    Maybe not the most fashionable, but I tried a few boutiques, and tried out a set of Duncan Antiquities, and the Antiquities are the one's that have stayed. Maybe it depends on the guitar - I have them in a Moon Reggae Master (mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood board), and the Antiquities sound...