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  1. Billion81

    LA Amp Show 2018

    2008-2012 A great era for these shows. yeah- reduce your expectations...a lot!!
  2. Billion81

    Standback amp stands?

    ?? this seems like a silly response. That's what I get for checking the "New" gear page.
  3. Billion81

    The Desert Rock thread

    Go find "of Hawks and Hounds" on YT. That's a pretty doc on the desert thing.
  4. Billion81

    Are all you EJ Strat owners still happy?

    I would do that but it would probably ruin the '63 for me to compare it against my EJ.
  5. Billion81

    It's funny how Chinese Celestion Speakers say Ipswitch England on the label, and

    I say the same thing everyone I see one of your ridiculous posts. Then again- your post activity speaks to someone whose world is pretty empty so- knock yourself out. Just please try and valet park your high horse when telling others how to behave.
  6. Billion81

    I guess ripping off Marvin Gaye pays off

    I noticed that tune by Aloe Blacc The Man uses not only the same hook phrase "You can tell everybody" from Elton John's Your Song but also essentially the same interval under that phrase.. The rest of the songs are different enough but that was a straight pull from the EJ song. I remember...
  7. Billion81

    Can't stop listening to XTC

    Yes.. this and Chalkhills and Children are two favs.
  8. Billion81

    Rolph Pickups Experience

    Listen- if you had a bad experience at a business level in terms of the end to end of transaction- i.e Delivery, quality, etc.. You should feel free to speak on it. If you had a clashing experience with him based his personality (which is possible and sounds like what happened) you should feel...
  9. Billion81

    Rolph Pickups Experience

    JM's a character. He knows his business, has strong opinions and doesn't suffer fools. PM me about him and I'll tell you the same thing.
  10. Billion81

    Stranglehold and Mr Nugent

    I thought the irony was that he was a pants soiling, draft dodger.
  11. Billion81

    Did Frank Zappa know music theory?

    Ah yes.. Studio Tan. When I first heard Redunzl I wanted to give up.
  12. Billion81

    Troy Grady has unlocked Eric Johnson technique secrets

    The guy is a beast. I'd like to see him take on some Shawn Lane..
  13. Billion81

    Amp for headphone practice with built-in metronome?

    BUmping this thread. It seems like the G3 was the winner a few years ago. Any updated thoughts on Headphone rigs with metronome or other features? Checking out Amplitude now.
  14. Billion81

    RedPlate custom shop AH50 some Dna going there. that opening run on the first track is killer. Henry and Mike know how to grok
  15. Billion81

    How to play rockabilly?

    Danny Gattom had esskay sausage fingers.
  16. Billion81

    Lying here, nasty flu, waiting for the ambien to kick in..

    BMSR and Tobacco are good with an ambi Check out F***ed up friends on YT Flying lotus too
  17. Billion81

    Infant Eyes - solo guitar

    Outstanding.. Impressed- great chord melody!!
  18. Billion81

    Does anyone else's technique get worse when trying out gear at stores?

    Define definitions..please. Just kidding. I am people.
  19. Billion81

    EJ Strat owners - did you upgrade the pickups?

    Stock...don't mess!
  20. Billion81

    What Did Gary Moore Say About Brad Paisley??

    Madness is stating that a dead guy is chuckling.
  21. Billion81

    Fender style heads and a 16 ohm load...

    What was the primary Impedance (typically) for the 3 speaker combo amps?
  22. Billion81

    The best Dumble type amp of 2014!!!

    It didn't bother me. The only thing that bothers me is irrational exuberance.
  23. Billion81

    The best Dumble type amp of 2014!!!

    The good news is- @ 45 my hearing is such rubbish that I can barely tell what's what with my sound/tone. That coupled with an ever growing area of gray matter (if you believe the studies) in my brain which mostly effects my decision centers to the point where i don't give a **** about much...