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    The Original Memory Man

    Some gut shots. I think this must be a prototype? No idea when it was built. It will never see a place on my pedalboard. I don’t record at home. Keep it? Sell it? Send it to the “Some Vintage Pedal Museum”?
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    The Original Memory Man

    I suppose I would need to open it up to get the age? It was owned by my father in law. He was a keyboard player in a jazz band and he used it for gigging. After he died a couple of years ago (80 years old) we found it among the mountain of his musical life. IDK if it needs repair as much as a...
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    The Original Memory Man

    Good news. If you plug into the correct output the Delay works. Yes, I am an idiot. Bad news. Howard Davis no longer repairs these (but an awesome guy to respond so quickly).
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    The Original Memory Man

    Sorry. Original. From EHX. With built in 2 prong plug.
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    The Original Memory Man

    Where might I get this repaired?
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    An Original EHX MM?

    Well, it powers on and that's about it. Engaging the footswitch changes the level. Twisting all the knobs do nothing. Now on to deciding a) can it be fixed b) at what cost and c) is it worth it ("worth" being such a subjective word).
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    An Original EHX MM?

    MM Box by ogradyboy posted Nov 21, 2016 at 8:31 PM Here's the box. Lol. Prototype? MM by ogradyboy posted Nov 21, 2016 at 8:31 PMDocs by ogradyboy posted Nov 21, 2016 at 8:33 PM
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    An Original EHX MM?

    Original EHX MM by ogradyboy posted Nov 21, 2016 at 3:54 PM Found this while cleaning some family estate boxes. Wonder if it works? And what it sounds like? And what it's worth?
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    Aging Cables

    Do/can quality guitar cables degrade over time and affect sound quality?
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    vote for a super delay

    Had the TF. My head was spinning it does so much. I hated the wall wart and won't change power supplies for it. VMSD is on the board. It offers plenty of features without having the potential of being too overwhelming. It works for me. Sound-wise they were both great.
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    Triple Wreck vs. Modded MT-2

    I've seen several comparisons between some popular distortion pedals but never this one. Has anyone compared the Wampler Triple Wreck vs the Allums or Fromel or Diezel-modded Boss MT-2. If yes, do you notice an appreciable sonic difference? In a gigging band setting, in your opinion, is the...
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    Sell me on the Eventide Timefactor

    I've got both the TF and the MF. Both do so much - but not for me. After using them both for several months in a live setting I tend to use 1 or 2 settings for the TF and maybe a couple more for the MF. I can't begin to take advantage of all the features of these units - they are near...
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    Doyle Bramhall II pedalboard March '09

    Just saw Arc Angels open for EC at Royal Albert Hall. Great guitar player.
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    Modfactor works with Voodoo Labs PP2+

    What if this power issue were approached from another perspective? Instead of powering the MF/TF from on/under the pedalboard, could a 15 or 20 ft extension cable be attached to the wall wart? Yes, the actual wall wart would be over 20 feet away from the board, but so is the instrument cable...
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    Modfactor works with Voodoo Labs PP2+

    I'm reviving this thread for a simple power supply workaround. I'm using an $8. heavy duty 3 ft. extension cable from the hardware store. It tucks under the pedalboard and the Eventide wall wart is velcroed to the bottom side of the board. Plug the other end into the accessory outlet on the...
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    The Pedal Gods are Smiling Down

    What are the odds that I would get an email from Analogman today that I've reached the top of the list (23+ months later) for a KOT v.4 and 8 hours later get a call from Paul C letting me know that a new Tim pedal is ready (several months later)? I kid you not.
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    Volume Pedal Effect

    Mostly I'm hearing the loss of drive.
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    Volume Pedal Effect

    When using my EB Jr. volume pedal in front of the amp (after OD and before time-based effects, no loop), cranking back on the pedal not only cuts volume but appears to cut the overall signal to the amp - duh, okay - but now the tone changes. How do you maintain the tone while adjusting the...
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    Best Buffer?

    Got Steve's buffer coming today.