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  1. GreenKnight18

    The Fender Custom Shop Difference???

    This is something that fascinates me because of my own experience versus the 'you have to run the racks' advice that shows up on TGP quite often. I ordered FCS guitar (a Jaguar) built to my specs. It arrived and it looked super cool... but it didn't sound as good as some of my other Jaguars...
  2. GreenKnight18

    The Fender Custom Shop Difference???

    I really really love my FCS Masterbuilt guitar. The longer I've owned it the more I like it and I feel like after it was broken in (a year +) it really started to shine. It cost a lot of money (that I could afford at the time). I totally agree with this. If you want some basic guitar specs, a...
  3. GreenKnight18

    Tom Morello offers great wisdom for us all.

    His signature guitar is MiM, which seems to be where most of Fender’s ‘standard’ signature guitars are made. $1,299 isn’t crazy to me. I suppose if he was really adamant he could insist on Made in the USA. I don’t know either way if Fender has union workers. That would obviously bump up the...
  4. GreenKnight18

    Show (off) your Jaguars

    I'm really happy with the guitar. It's a candy apple green Mustang that was refinished by MJT. The body is from 1966 or something-- before they started adding the contours in 1969. I like Mustangs a lot more than I thought I would. Jaguar is still my #1 that I would grab, but the Mustang really...
  5. GreenKnight18

    Best pedals to start off with if you’re into dreamy and spooky sounds (Beach House, Chelsea Wolfe-like)

    A cheap way to get a bunch of effects would be a Zoom CDR 70. You can get some dream pop tones and mix and match to your heart’s content. Will the effects be perfect replicas? No. But you can forge your own sounds.
  6. GreenKnight18

    PRS has Lunar Ice Silver Sky listings removed from Reverb

    I'm going to guess that you don't follow 'sneaker culture' that @Benz2112 mentioned-- but basically that is the life blood essence of it. One of the most popular shoes of all time, Air Jordan 1s, have been around since 1985. Nike will introduce 'limited' colors all the time and when they get the...
  7. GreenKnight18

    Least desirable Fender Custom Shop Instrument

    I get you're kidding. :) BUT, I have actually refinished a few vintage Jaguars that had botched refins. Never had an original headstock decal sanded off or anything, but yeah, some were pretty nice. I still think my FCS was better than the other ones I had-- though if I could have done some...
  8. GreenKnight18

    Least desirable Fender Custom Shop Instrument

    I am a happy FCS Masterbuilt Jaguar owner, and I'll tell you why I got one. None of the vintage ones had the particular options that I wanted. I didn't get sunburst. I personally don't like most examples of that finish. There are no vintage Sherwood green Jaguars with blocks and binding, and the...
  9. GreenKnight18

    Pedal confessionals

    Since I bought my first Rat pedal in 1992, I have owned seven different ProCo variants, and three different clones. They all basically sound the same, but I can't stop buying and selling new and old versions.
  10. GreenKnight18

    Sherwood Green Questions

    Old photo of AVRI 1999 Jaguar and a Fender Custom Shop 2008 Jaguar of mine. (I have since changed the pickguard and gotten rid of the buzzstop :oops:) Candy green and Sherwood you say?
  11. GreenKnight18

    Sherwood Green Questions

    You can totally get that green that you're after. Sherwood does photograph in an odd way, but just be patient and you can find it. Sounds like you're after the BRG flavor of it, which is my favorite as well. :)
  12. GreenKnight18

    Why I don’t like your pedalboard

    The more pedal boards I look at the less I care about them, yet I still look, and I still judge. I do it with all gear. There are certain guitars, amps, guitar straps, and other bits where I will instantly guess that I won't like the music. In worst-case scenarios, I will even hazard a guess...
  13. GreenKnight18

    Show (off) your Jaguars

    Jaguar is Sherwood Green. I was very specific when I was placing my order that I wanted the lighter “green” Sherwood tone and not the darker one or the faded one. The Mustang is MJT Candy Apple Green. As my username might suggest, I love the color green and I have a few more that I will post to...
  14. GreenKnight18

    Question regarding ordering chinese gibson knockoffs

    An Australian guy on another forum I frequent has had a few Les Paul type builds made for him to his specs. That means emails and photos sent back and forth and dealing with some language/translation issues. For the most part he’s been quite happy with their work, and no, they were not built...
  15. GreenKnight18

    NGD: First Jazzmaster, First Partscaster

    Very cool. Aluminum guard (1958-9) with B&B neck (1966+) looks a little odd to me, but I like it.
  16. GreenKnight18

    "Relic Ready" Fender Custom Shops (Is it cheating?)

    Note to self: don't ever load nl128 a guitar.
  17. GreenKnight18

    Why do high end Fender buyers hate headstock truss access?

    When I was in seventh grade, easy truss rod access beat me up in front of the whole class. I've hated easy truss rod access ever since. Keep it where I can't see it and hide my pain forever.
  18. GreenKnight18

    Business Insider article about Fender and COVID

    Seven guitars over a lifetime eh? I've always felt like I was above average, and now I finally have some proof!
  19. GreenKnight18

    Gretsch Custom Shop

    I think you might be in the £4,000 range at least? You will get a nitro finish and whatever you want on the neck for sure. Totally agree with this. I have a custom shop Fender Jaguar. I had like four or five vintage and new examples before I ordered it. I knew what I wanted, so when it showed...
  20. GreenKnight18

    I don't understand why you all don't play the exact guitars I do

    I don’t know what is real any more. Am I a telecaster?
  21. GreenKnight18

    I've been playing only Humbuckers for 20 years... I bought a Strat

    Call me crazy, but I would avoid all the TGP advice that involves you having to spend money on more gear. I agree with the others talking about taking some time to adjust your ears and some settings. It sounds like you have just about everything you need (like a Klon and a Rat) to get some...
  22. GreenKnight18

    Why I stopped buying pedals.

    I don't really consider the music gear chase to be part of playing. It's a separate beast. You can just buy pedals (or other gear) and barely play guitar. You can play guitar with no pedals or amps. The part of my brain that enjoys looking at pedals, buying new ones, and seeing how the pedal...
  23. GreenKnight18

    Why I stopped buying pedals.

    Why I stopped buying pedals: I've bought like 4 or 5 hundred pedals.