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  1. Super Locrian

    Pedalboard > Mixer > active PA speaker

    I want to have a small setup for going direct. I am considering something like the Carl Martin Rock Bug, or Tech 21 Sansamp. Not looking to spend a lot on dedicated cab sim pedals. (*) I am wondering if an EQ pedal into a DI box at the end of my pedal chain would be able to do the same job as...
  2. Super Locrian

    Hotone Binary Mod stereo multi-mod pedal

    I am curious about this pedal, ticks a lot of boxes for me and looks a little bit more user-friendly than the ZOOM MS-50G which fills the modulation slot on my pedalboard today. This (official) demo is not too convincing, but I am considering to take the plunge and order one anyway. The...
  3. Super Locrian

    2 questions for Source Audio

    1. Will it be possible in the future to combine the One Series tremolo algorithms with the phaser/chorus/flanger? 2. Are you planning a stereo modulation pedal in the same form factor as the Nemesis and Ventris?
  4. Super Locrian

    NPD + NAD

    Keeping it small and inexpensive: Diago Little Smasher + Tube Screamer Mini :dude
  5. Super Locrian

    What's a good steel string acoustic in the $1000-1500 range these days?

    I'm looking to get an acoustic, after having played almost exclusively electric guitar for the last 25 years. I'm looking for excellent tone, playability and value. :) I don't need a lot of volume/projection, this will be used at home only. What are some good brands/models to check out?
  6. Super Locrian

    Roland Space Echo in a compact (or mini) pedal?

    Both the Echoplex and Echorec have been emulated fairly convincingly in a pedal format (Dunlop, Catalinbread, Boonar etc.), but what about the Roland Space Echo? There's probably a TC Flashback toneprint that can get in the ballpark, but has anyone else attempted to capture the magic of the RSE...
  7. Super Locrian

    Stereo reverb pedal suggestions

    I am looking for a stereo reverb pedal, was considering Ventris and Meris Mercury 7, but have decided that I won’t drop $300-400 on a reverb pedal. I need Room, Hall and Plate style reverb. Spring would be an optional extra. Not into shimmer or ambient style reverbs. Stereo is a must. I have...
  8. Super Locrian

    Smoothing out the pick attack

    I am trying to get a more fluid, less percussive guitar sound. Obviously legato techniques will help, but it's not always easy to get a consistent tone for longer runs between the slurred and the picked notes. I don't like a very low action because I feel the tone suffers, but with the higher...
  9. Super Locrian

    More Wraparound Ruminations

    I recently shopped around for a compensated wraparound bridge, and noticed that the various offerings have some design differences. Below are some examples: 1. Schaller Signum 2. GraphTech Resomax 3. ABM 3024 4. MannMade #2300
  10. Super Locrian

    Intoneable wraparound bridges

    Seems like there are quite a few high-end options: Schaller Signum Schroeder Stoptail Tonepros AVT2G ABM 3024 Hipshot Baby Grand (not technically a wraparound) There are probably others worth considering, but what criteria besides aesthetics should I use? Price-wise the ones on my shortlist...
  11. Super Locrian

    What’s a reasonable markdown on a used self-assembled guitar?

    I am considering selling a guitar I assembled myself with neck and body from Best Guitar parts. Tele shape, roasted swamp ash body, mahogany boatneck profile neck, rosewood fretboard, stainless steel tall/narrow frets. All features that is normally seen only on more expensive guitars. I probably...
  12. Super Locrian

    Good Ipad midi notation/playback app?

    I am looking for a notation app for ipad that’s easy to use, and allows playback at my chosen tempo. Support for stuff like odd time signatures, tempo changes, polyrhythms etc would be nice, but even if it’s just the basics I’d like to get recommeations. Mods: Feel free to move the thread if...
  13. Super Locrian

    Stereo reverb pedal - Meris Mercury 7 vs. SA Ventris

    I am in the market for a stereo reverb and have narroved it down to these 2. Looking for feedback on the pros/cons of each, preferably from guys who have tested both. I'm not much of a tweaker, and I am not using MIDI. So a lot of the added functionality of the Ventris is not relevant for my...
  14. Super Locrian

    Classic dub reggae albums

    Please recommend your favourite classic dub reggae albums, those that defined the genre and are mandatory listening for anyone wanting to get into this genre. Thanks in advance!
  15. Super Locrian

    New Tape Echo Day: Dynacord Echocord Mini

    Picked this up locally, for about the same price as a new TC Flashback: :D Anyone have any detailed info on these? Made in Germany in the late '60s/early '70s. Has a built in preamp. The mechanical parts work seemingly fine, but the sound is very lo-fi. Too much warble! :D First thing to do...
  16. Super Locrian

    Honey Bee OD + Zendrive stacking

    For those who have used both at the same time. Do they stack well? What order did you find most beneficial? I am thinking that it is natural to place the Zendrive last, since it is thicker sounding and perhaps with a more disctinctive character than the HBOD? I am planning a 2-in-1 build of...
  17. Super Locrian

    Expression pedal annoyances (TC, Pigtronix et al.)

    Decided to get an expression pedal, as I have a number of pedals on my board with EXP input. Settled on the BOSS EV-30. The results were disappointing and frustrating. 1. Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe - does not work at all, Pigtronix customer support suggest replacing the circuit board at a...
  18. Super Locrian

    Xvive Wave Phaser

    Not too much discussion about these. Mike Hermans' PGS demo sounds good, the other one (by Glenn DeLaune) did not sound too convincing. As I understand, it is a) designed by Howard Davis, b) analog and c) apparently (?) a 4-stage circuit. And it shares at least 2 of these traits with the...
  19. Super Locrian

    Recommend me a semi-hollow with fat neck and woody tone - budget $500

    I am looking for a guitar for jazz/fusion tones a la Scofield. A nice and fat neck is a top priority, and preferably with good pickups stock (otherwise half of my budget will go to a pickup upgrade). What would you recommend?
  20. Super Locrian

    Delay with modulation ("return of the son of" type thread)

    OK, I know this has been asked before, but I did search the archives and read a few of the old threads. I am in the market for a delay with great modulation. I am currently considering DMM XO and Pigtronix Echolution PHI (1st version). That should give you a ballpark idea of the type of tone I...
  21. Super Locrian

    Boss EV-30 expression pedal pot value?

    Does anyone know what pot value Boss uses gor the FV-30 exp. pedal? As far as I can see, this info is not included on tje manual or in their FAQ.
  22. Super Locrian

    Budget rack reverb?

    Started a thread in the EPS&T forum about <$200 multi reverbs, but want to expand my options. What would be some good value for money rack reverbs to check out?
  23. Super Locrian

    Sub $200 multi reverbs

    Looking for a versatile <$200 reverb. Currently have the Zoom MS-50G, want to investigate other options without spending too much. Have owned the TC Hall of Fame previously, not sure if I should give it another chance. What are my other options?
  24. Super Locrian

    Q's for PettyJohn Iron owners

    Looking at the PettyJohn Iron as a candidate for my #2 overdrive. I like the various clipping options. Interested in hearing about the Tone and Mix controls - do they offer subtle or prominent changes? I generally like having more EQ options on my drive pedals, my main drive currently is the...
  25. Super Locrian

    Who builds a 5F1 Champ head affordably

    ... and is flexible regarding parts options (upgrade transformers etc.)? I like being able to customize, but don't like boutique price tags. $1000 or more for a 5w amp is not happening. :)