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    PLUS Pedal - piano style sustain and more

    Had mine since release, still use it often. It's not hard to get a smooth sound, especially after a little bit of practice to understand how it responds. Size and price are more legitimate concerns. Still, played next to the Freeze it's obvious why the Plus costs what it does and for some it'll...
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    DD-600 Wish List - DD-500 questions…

    Isn't the DD-500 the newest big-box stereo delay? What feels brand new to me apparently is "pretty old" by OP's standards but I can't think of anything besides the Collider that's come out since the DD-500, and that's more of a DD-200 competitor in my mind. This thread makes me think that one...
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    High gain mini pedals (Suhr Riot type contenders) - what's available?

    Can if the question is about mini pedals (1590A), which Barber doesn't make.
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    Rage expected: MIM Fender neck as good as MIA without much post purchase work/cost

    I don't think many will be shocked that putting some work into a good example of a MIM neck can make it subjectively comparable to a USA one. Expecting 'rage' on this might be overstating the braveness of the claim a bit, or underestimating the ability of the internet to argue about things.
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    Drybell Unit 67: can it jangle like a Janglebox ?

    You may want to look for a compressor that has a sidechain high pass filter, or at least one with attack and blend controls. The two you're choosing between don't have any way of keeping the compressor from messing with your low end response, and it sounds like that's a big factor for you.
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    Drybell Unit 67: can it jangle like a Janglebox ?

    Yes, absolutely it'll give you more options in the low end. It comes at the cost of having very little control over the compression parameters, as it's not first and foremost a compressor pedal. But it sounds like you primarily want the EQ controls and maybe just a dash of compression for...
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    Drybell Unit 67: can it jangle like a Janglebox ?

    I don't associate the Unit67 with the type of compression the Janglebox does. It's very much the opposite of a compressor-as-effect pedal, and does all it can to stay out of the way except for adding some sustain and evening out the volume. With little control over the compressor I don't think...
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    Are SGs the best all round "couch" electric?

    * Lay Authentic
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    Drolo Twin Peaks Tremolo V5

    May the odds be ever in your favor.
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    Another dumb question re: pedal level/gain settings...

    You've got the right idea. To use it into the clean channel and drive the front of the amp without volume trouble, you'd need a master volume amp (or attenuator, iso cab, etc). Your amp doesn't give you the option of keeping the channel preamp volume high and lowering the volume after the...
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    Skreddy Screwdriver: what a beast

    Love the Screwdriver. BUT a terrific thing about the Hybrid Fuzz Driver is that you can hit it with a boost and make it sound like a Screwdriver. Not so much the other way around. I use an MXR mini booster (EP + micro amp) and it sounds quite close. I think it would be harder to go the other...
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    Ghostfire Pedalboards

    My biggest issue is that vendors can pay for a "discussion" thread that is policed by moderators for the benefit of the paying customer, and at the direct expense of actual community discussion. Traditionally, if you wanted to control the conversation and flog your product, you bought a banner...
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    Need a new Amp- loud/clean

    Plus, it's closed-back as requested. Well, ported, but to me that's a refined extension of a closed back. The 6L6 Shiva is my favorite clean amp. I sometimes go weeks without even touching the lead channel. It is big and heavy, though, and towards the high end of the budget. There are a lot of...
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    Empress Compressor MKII

    Last update I saw was June 7, Empress said 1-2 months. Sign up for their email list and you'll get the release info when it's official.
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    New Speaker Cables - Cullen Crossovers

    This is a weird post because nobody accused OP of advertising. We can question experiences without negating them. A less emotionally charged term for "haters" might be "detractors" or "people with other opinions, knowledge, and experience" and I think it's just categorically silly to suggest...
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    "Vintage" Hates Humbuckers?? Or is it something else?

    No, the parts chosen and their quality (or more accurately their qualities, i.e. the ways they behave and not necessarily their objective robustness) absolutely have an effect on the tone. Bugera almost certainly designed the V5 to a price point first and foremost, which will inevitably lead to...
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    Trogly and his business model

    You've got it right. My posts were about free market solutions to free market problems. Having preferences outside of profit is a pretty basic facet of free market participation, and yet some people read any criticism whatsoever of profit-making as some sort of radical anarchist political...
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    Spectre/Camoflange/Frostbite/Moog Flange

    I don't get the impression the mod is still available but Joel is very nice and may do it if you ask. Alternatively, (hint) you could try to find someone (hint) who has an extra blue and would happily trade it for a purple. I'm sure such people exist. Perhaps here in this very thread.
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    Death By Audio Rooms

    I have to imagine that most stereo reverbs are being used to create a one-man sound bath at home. That's certainly where I'd expect to get the most joy out of it. Likely a smattering of church players as well. As you say, it's probably not worth the effort to translate it to a bar gig, and not...
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    Spectre/Camoflange/Frostbite/Moog Flange

    Every parameter is saved when making a preset, including the dipswitch settings. Not a dumb question, the CB stuff is often overwhelming.
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    Subdecay Vector Preamp

    Picked one of these up last week. Wanted to get enough time to go all the way through it before commenting. It's amazing. I have no idea why it's not getting more attention, but it ought to. I am particularly impressed by the low gain models, which is really saying something as I've been...
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    Spectre/Camoflange/Frostbite/Moog Flange

    I have the updated Spectre (two actually) but haven't been able to try the original. If anyone's got a purple knobber they'd swap temporarily for the newer version I'd be interested. All of the flangers I've found especially beautiful have been through-zero. I'd have a hard time dropping so...
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    I am working on an app to keep track of your guitar pedal settings using AI

    The pattern recognition thing is neat! If I were going to use an app for settings, I think the most important thing to me would be the organization and layout for recall of the settings. I can add notes manually if the AI isn't perfect. I don't see from the videos what that structure looks...
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    Malekko Goatkeeper!

    A little update to my first post on this, after a few more months of use. The experience of the original and Malekko goatkeepers are farther apart than I expected. The Malekko's simult modes shine but its sequencing doesn't have enough steps to capture the magic of the original. Still, it's...

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