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  1. macula56

    Egos and Alcoholism aside, would Metallica have been a better band with Mustaine?

    If he had stayed then we might not have Megadeth, which I prefer to Metallica.
  2. macula56

    New Documentary on Creem Magazine

    Creem was my favorite music rag for sure.
  3. macula56

    Tommy Bolin - Flying Fingers (Outtakes)

    I got to hang with Mr Bolin when the James Gang came thru my town. Real nice cat and very humble. I love his work on Spectrum and I can certainly see where Mr Beck borrows a bit from it. And I agree that Private Eyes is not that great. Teaser on the other hand is freekin' awesome, for me. Heroin...
  4. macula56

    Silliest made-up location in a song?

    Poofter's Froth, Wyoming they got special beer for sports in paper cups that hold 2 quarts.
  5. macula56

    If you were offered a bar gig, would you take it?

    Outdoors, yes. Indoors, maybe next year.
  6. macula56

    If modeling is “just as good as the real thing” these days, why is analog still super popular?

    Lots of overthinking going on here. And a lot of people who seem to feel that opinion equals fact. Speaking for myself, working with a good modeler is only as hard as you make it. I rarely tweak it on a gig. I use digital and analog depending on the application. I play in an ABB tribute band and...
  7. macula56

    Drummer you would most want to play with

    Bonham, Purdie, Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Bozzio, Paice to name a few.
  8. macula56

    Robin Trower before he was Robin Trower. Procol Harum

    Whiskey Train is a badass tune.
  9. macula56

    Resistor for a Treble Bleed Circuit on a Fender Guitar

    Fender has been using 150K and 20K not 150 ohm and 20 ohm. Big difference. But that is also using 250K pots.
  10. macula56

    Wow! The new Rammstein video is fantastic.

    Du hast is still my favorite.
  11. macula56

    Kansas? Kansas?!

    Their first few albums were definitely prog/rock. I saw them open for Queen and they were killer.
  12. macula56

    POLL: Your favorite track from "Queen II"?

    I went with Ogre Battle cuz it's freekin' Ogre Battle. If you have never seen the 70's version of Queen do this stuff live then you have truly missed one of the greatest rockin' bands on the planet just killin' it. Their 1st 4 albums are required listening as far as I am concerned. Their DVD...
  13. macula56

    Tom Jones, where does he fall for you?

    Alison Krauss likes him and they sound awesome together.
  14. macula56

    "No Browsing" policy in open music stores

    Indeed. TGP will always have a huge whiner population.
  15. macula56

    Laurel Canyon Documentary

    That was indeed a snoozefest.
  16. macula56

    "Rocketman" film

    I enjoyed Rocketman. Bohemian Rhapsody not so much. Another vote for Almost Famous.
  17. macula56

    How good was Cult of Personality: Living Colour

    Great rhythm section.
  18. macula56

    That Thing You Do

    Great movie, great music.
  19. macula56

    Steve Vai equivalent in country music?

    Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant. An incredible duo. Amazing playing.
  20. macula56

    New Bonamassa tune "When One Door Opens"

    Great guitarist that needs a singer. To me he always sounds best backing a great singer.
  21. macula56

    John Legend’s “Rocket Man” Not That Good

    No, it's not. That's why I like it.
  22. macula56

    John Legend’s “Rocket Man” Not That Good

    Stewie Griffin did it best.
  23. macula56

    My boi Devin Townsend rocking the FM3 (Quarantine Concert)

    Not really my cuppa tea but very well put together. What is he playing to?
  24. macula56

    FM3 waitlist

    Have any of you folks that got your invites in the last couple of weeks and ordered your FM3 received them yet?

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