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  1. slybird

    Ever feel you are putting hard work and effort into learning material not many will want to hear ?

    I just spent the last half hour learning to play and messing around with Harry Styles Adore You just because it popped into one of my feeds. I have no intention of playing that song ever again. Tomorrow I will probably have forgotten the song. I don't think learning a song is ever hard work, it...
  2. slybird

    Who do you currently like for road/flight/ATA cases?

    I've seen so many stock options available I can't imagine a need for a custom built ATA case, even ones that fold out into complete desks. Stock options seem endless. What is your custom need?
  3. slybird

    Attending Winter NAMM 2020 - what should I do/see?

    If you are not from the area I say skip it and go to Disneyland, LA, Topanga . . So many more worthwhile things to do in that area.
  4. slybird

    Is having a website important in marketing your cover band or does Facebook suffice?

    It isn't professional for a business to not have a website. You will be perceived as less competent than your competition that does have a website. As a result you will be valued less. I would expect a lower price from band that just operates off of a Facebook page than one that has a working...
  5. slybird

    Do you think electric guitar will ever be the voice of a future generation?

    I seldom see a 20-something tenant move in to one of my units that does't own a electric or acoustic guitar. I have no idea if they play them, but they all seem to own one. Seems to be a very common instrument from what I can tell.
  6. slybird

    Which is a better home use amp? Rectoverb or Mark V:25?

    I use 50 and 100 watt amps when jamming with acoustic guitar players. Being too loud is never an issue and the amp still sounds great. I just don't expect it to sound like a cranked amp.
  7. slybird

    Presence or treble

    I have two presence controls on my Mesa rack, preamp and power amp. For the preamp I have it on five for all setting, seldom change it. Beyond that it doesn't seem to do much when I do change the presence settings. The power amp presence I dial to taste. I make changes depending on speakers...
  8. slybird

    Guitar made of cocaine

    I was curious. Apparently compressed cocaine has twice the density of mahogany.
  9. slybird

    Post Malone profanity on NYE show

    He wouldn't be able to type the word **** or **** here.
  10. slybird

    Favorite Guitar Player Who Never Makes a Best Guitarist List

    I've seen many of the names mentioned in this thread on best-guitarist lists often.
  11. slybird

    Changing Strings While Performing

    I've changed strings in a couple minutes in the middle of jam sessions. Wouldn't want to do it on stage, is why I bring at a back up guitar. I'm kind of surprised he didn't hand the guitar to someone and get handed his backup, especially for a gig in front of that many people.
  12. slybird

    Do multi-channel amps suck tone

    Don't know of any amp that sounds exactly like a louder unplugged electric guitar.
  13. slybird

    Guitarcentric songs that stopped you in your tracks

    Watching RLYR play this song at Sleeping Village earlier this year.
  14. slybird

    Smells Like Teen Spirit has joined the billion view club.

    Phones are computers. For that matter my phone has more computational might than the laptop I'm browsing the web with right now.
  15. slybird

    Used vs New - is there a tipping point?

    For items I can buy at a store I aim for 50% off retail price, but will go as high as only 30% if the item is expensive enough.
  16. slybird

    Death/Black/Doom/extreme metal

    My experience has been that everything is great to listen to while on acid/shrooms. Drugs make even the worst music sound awesome.
  17. slybird

    Do You Notice the Musicians in the Crowd?

    I've never looked or noticed, but I have met other musicians through conversations outside clubs while smoking cigarettes during set breaks.
  18. slybird

    Transparent? What it is.

    The semantics are very important. Perhaps the most important aspect of this site. If your definition of words you use to describe tone are different than my definitions then everything we write to describe the qualities of a pedal, amp, or speaker is meaningless and this forum becomes a...
  19. slybird

    Smells Like Teen Spirit has joined the billion view club.

    A little over 10. Posted on Jun 16, 2009.
  20. slybird

    The Who's Pete Townshend: "We sort of invented heavy metal"

    Iommi was 20 years old when this was recorded. I don't think it sounds anything like The Who.
  21. slybird

    Ram Dass is gone

    Did he do anything musical or does this thread belong in The Pub?
  22. slybird

    Are you "that guy" in your band... or is it truly a democracy?

    Are there any successful democratic bands?
  23. slybird

    Triaxis - 5 Killer Tones

    The Triaxis and Mesa Mark amps in general do not sound "organic", they sound "electric". That is the quality that makes them great "electric" guitar amps.
  24. slybird

    17, 18, 19...


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