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    FS Robin Avalon Classic - $1600 KILLER!

    Hey all, I have an amazing Robin classic, has TA pickups but will include the original Rio Grande for another $50. I am funding a recording project and have decide to blow this out, first $1600 out the door, shipped! $1650 with both sets of pickups. This is an exceptional guitar! Reverb link...
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    FS Friedman Wildwood Smallbox

    great seller! these are amazing amps
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    Old guys, what was BOSTON when they came on the scene?

    Incredible! the vocals and at the time the guitar tone, harmonies, leads, production. Easy to think wow does that sounds 80's now but it was killer when it hit
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    Rate the Guns N' Roses version of "Knocking on Heaven's Door"

    I always hated it, just sounds like thrown together overindulgent ****
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    The best acoustic you've ever played? What's your fav brand?

    Pitar I would be interested in the Goodall but I cant PM you due to privacy, my best was a Santa Cruz OM braz, was stunning, mind blowing
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    Sold Tom Anderson Dual Hum Icon Classic - killer

    thanks guys it is a great one
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    Sold Tom Anderson Dual Hum Icon Classic - killer

    ****SOLD****Hey all featherweight Icon classic, roasted neck,, relic, baby floyd which sounds amazing and stays in tune without the locking nut. I swapped the pickups for a set of anderson hums. Killer Guitar! SOLD...
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    David Allen Amps - so good...still

    I have an encore is is amazing!!!!! I want an accomplice at some point, great service as well
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    Sold Santa Cruz OM Custom - Insane Guitar Words cannot really describe this guitar. A true Santa Cruz masterpiece and one of a kind. If ordered with these specs today this guitar would cost $9750 (I have a confirmation email from Santa Cruz). Near...
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    Sold 2003 PRS McCarty - killer guitar

    ** SOLD **2003 McCarty, non ten top but looks killer, really cool rare color, sort of a cherry, super clean a small ding by the bridge and a few scuffs here and there but no fretwear or any issues. Guitars needs nothing, sounds and plays amazing! One of the best PRS' I have had ( I have had a...
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    Sambora sold his catalog

    I believe there is a tax advantage to selling it (Long term cap gains versus income tax rate). SO at some point as artists get older it may make more sense
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    My gig got cancelled over the weekend due to Coronavirus. Anyone else?

    My band had two great gigs this weekend and cancelled them both. I was OK doing them but the other members did not want the risk. I am fine with it, I will spend the weekend with my new rescue dog Rocky and in the studio!
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    Best Amp You Played in 2019?

    Wizard MTL - best amp on earth
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    Soldano SLO100 B.A.D news.

    Great news! BAD is an awesome company, and who wouldn't want a SLO with these tweaks, sure it's a wait and see on the tone but the other option no SLO, so me, I am staying optimistic. To this day cranking a SLO has been one of those things you gotta do to believe
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    Recommend me 1 guitar, 1 pedal and 1 amp

    Tom Anderson Drop Top, Friedman BE 100 Deluxe, Tech DLA
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    Why is Reverb charging sales tax on an used amp in California?

    I hope this brings back buying and selling on TGP. I am a long time member and it used to as long as it was a reasonable price I could buy and sell at will on this site. It was a blast and I met a ton of cool people and bought and sold some awesome gear. These days even if I post it here it...
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    Serious Question. What is it about this place and Van Halen?

    to the OP, go home, learn Mean Streets note for note, report back.
  18. J

    Dream Theater vs ZZ Top/Cheap Trick

    Way different bands, but I would go see DT
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    Thread formerly titled: Carol-Ann amps shutting down?

    So you bought a brand new amp, from a dealer and had issues that the dealer couldn't help you with? Doubtful. If I had to guess, you sent Alan 1,000 emails over a 1 day period, after buying an amp used, and asking which preamp tube was best in position 2 because you saw a youtube video that said...
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    Thread formerly titled: Carol-Ann amps shutting down?

    It is not that at all, it is you asking a hypothetical warranty question on a forum and then bitching about not getting an answer from the builder in 24 hours, wow you have waited so long, I mean 24 hours, that is an eternity. Do you actually have an issue? nope. Did you contact your dealer...
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    Thread formerly titled: Carol-Ann amps shutting down?

    Really you didn't get an answer about a possible warranty claim, not an actual warranty claim mind you, on a forum (not thru your dealer) in 24 hours so you are bent out of shape? Reading many of these post I can why Alan would choose to just go put his engineering talents to better use.
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    Suhr customer support ... please help?

    John and Suhr have always been as good as there is with me whenever I needed customer service
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    Sold 2019 Komet 60TA

    GREAT seller and person to deal with and two killer amps
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    Sold Grosh Electrajet Custom HH $1500

    PM'd but never heard back - thanks
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    Those who were a TEEN in 1978, tell us about the reaction to that vinyl VH1 album.

    I was a teen and my reaction was what in the ****ing ****. Even more so when i tried to learn mean streets. Keep in mind, no you tube and no way to even know how these sounds were created. The rhythm playing was and still is insane. Randy Rhoads same thing.

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