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  1. JParry335

    Blackface Bassman

  2. JParry335

    best replacement speaker fender deluxe reverb

    Those of you that have used a Celestion speaker, how did you deal with having only 4 mounting holes?
  3. JParry335

    You BLOCKHEAD Charlie Brown

    Your Strat!!! LOL! Well, that just goes to show you, don’t trust MY ears! That is a great sound. I still love it even tho it’s not your 335.:D I never stopped working during this debacle. We were working on a duo but with everything shut down it put a damper on our inspiration. Also been busy...
  4. JParry335


    This is such a great tune and you did a fantastic job! I haven't heard this song in a long time. I think the last time I heard it was Pat Martino's version. Nice refreshing sound man. Good to hear you.
  5. JParry335

    You BLOCKHEAD Charlie Brown

    Swinging hard Greg! Great sound and lines here. That's gotta be your 335 right? Something about your tone is different here. Can't quite put my finger on it but love it. You sound like you've been wood shedding! How're the waves?
  6. JParry335

    Georgia on my mind_ES125 with two Gibson amps

    Bravo mi amigo! You just keep getting better and better every time I hear you. You are really growing as a player. As already mentioned, your arrangement is superb. Your technique is sharp and smooth. So great to listen to!
  7. JParry335

    Making a list of all the Rat Clones

    I have a Black Secret as well and while it sounds fine, to me it's just not the same. But, we all hear things differently. As long as we all find something that works for us is really all that matters regardless of what "it" may be.
  8. JParry335

    Other Guitar Forums

    I have accounts on several. In no particular order; The Marshall Forum, TDPRI, Strat Talk, Gretsch Talk, may be others that I’m missing. Tried one of the jazz guitar forums and it was dead as a door nail. I was responding to people posting in the Introduce Yourself forum because NO ONE was...
  9. JParry335

    New guy from Wyoming

    Hi Dana! Welcome to TGP! I love Wyoming but it gets way too cold in the winter time for a desert rat like me. You’ve found a great place here for information sharing. There are some incredible players here that are not only fun to listen to but are also willing to share their experiences. Hope...
  10. JParry335

    Hello from Arizona

    And yet, another desert rat here. Since 1962. This is a great forum. The talent pool is huge and the willingness to share information and knowledge is fantastic. Welcome!
  11. JParry335

    I've decided I need a Mesa Boogie

    Thanks but not looking for a drive. Actually I have a ‘69 Bassman head that I’d like to do a trade with. Also have a new Princeton Reverb tweed that I may consider parting with for the right amp. I see that! Looks like it’s down to $450 now. That’s a possibility! Thank you! This is the kind of...
  12. JParry335

    I've decided I need a Mesa Boogie

    I've always been a Fender and Marshall guy, but lately wanting something a little different and not boutique. Been checking local CraigsList and there are very few in my AO. Looking for a 1x12 combo. With all of the different options and models, what's the best bang for the buck? So, you guys...
  13. JParry335

    Reviving a Marantz 2275 - 6300 Turntable - 5030b Casette Deck

    I’ve heard this combo works well. Haven’t experienced it but the sources have always been reliable. I ended up with some DCM 500’s when I was looking for speakers. They were affordable at that time and sound good but once I get the 2245 done I may have tp up my game and find a set of Heritage...
  14. JParry335

    Reviving a Marantz 2275 - 6300 Turntable - 5030b Casette Deck

    Thanks! I ordered my kit so it will be on it’s way. I don’t have a site for posting pics but I will keep you posted if you don’t that I use your thread. If you prefer I can start another. I’m good with that!:beer
  15. JParry335

    Reviving a Marantz 2275 - 6300 Turntable - 5030b Casette Deck

    OP, you’ve got some great equipment there! Take the time to freshen it up and it will serve you well. When I was putting my current system together a few years ago I found the Audiokarma site. Great resource of information and nice bunch of people. I found them to be quite happy to share info...
  16. JParry335

    Boss Pedal Replacement Parts

    A long time ago I had found a place with Roland to get replacement pedal parts. I had to replace some power supply jacks on some -2 pedals. Easy enough. Fast forward to today. I need an output jack for a DM-2. It’s worn out and getting very loose. I searched and searched and could not locate...
  17. JParry335

    Jazz Blues Re Mix

    That’s exactly what I was going to say! As always excellent playing Greg! Not to mention tone for daaaaays!
  18. JParry335

    OD pedal with 335

    Better late than never I always say!:aok Thanks much!:beer
  19. JParry335

    NAD: Fender Pro Junior IV

    Lots of love for this amp with the 1965 cabs! Here’s a vid from mine when I first got it. Also goosed it a little here and there with an Xotic SL Drive (not that it really needed it).
  20. JParry335

    Pro Jr III just died

    One last update! Tubes and fuses arrived today. Put it all together and powered it up. IT’S ALIVE!!! Thank you all again!!
  21. JParry335

    Pro Jr III just died

    Just wanted to update, fuse was toast but all the resistors checked out good. New fuses and tubes are on order. I went for the Tube Amp Doctor T-EL84-TAD-X in the hopes that they will last longer than the JJ’s that were in there. Aaron, can’t thank you enough for your help with the specifics and...
  22. JParry335

    Pro Jr III just died

    Great! That’s the schematic I printed out today. I know component types and values but don’t fully understand the different parts of the circuits so this is a huge help to me. I also know how to safely discharge filter caps and things of that nature as well. I really appreciate your help! You...
  23. JParry335

    Pro Jr III just died

    That's good to know! I have a schematic. Do you happen to know what the reference designators would be for those?
  24. JParry335

    Pro Jr III just died

    Thanks guys! I'll check this out. One of the power tubes had been rattling so that's probably the culprit. TU! I see what you did there! LOL!:beer
  25. JParry335

    Marantz 2230...thoughts?

    Crap man! I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and maybe it was not meant to be. Who knows. It could die tomorrow. Or, whoever bought may decide they don’t want it and it’ll be back up for sale even cheaper. Be patient and something good will come your way.

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