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  1. Edmundo

    FS Khan Pak-II heads

    Original owner of both. 2 channels with shared EQ. Pedal level effects loop. Tubes are three 12AX7's and a pair of 6AQ5's. Carrying case, spare set of NOS 6AQ5 power tubes, and power cord are all included. Khan provides a spare set of power tubes when you buy these amps new, which is very cool...
  2. Edmundo

    FS Demeter TGA-3 rack mount head

    Looks and works great. Zero issues. Footswitch included, along with a heavy duty 5-pin DMX lighting cable for the footswitch. You get the rack, too, which ain't much but it'll really add to the protection for shipping. Tubes are EH 6L6's and a mix of 12AX7's (JJ, GT, and a National). It has the...
  3. Edmundo

    FS Demeter TGA3 rack head

    Sounds and looks great. 3 channels, amazing effects loop, all tube, 50-ish watts. Footswitch included. Heavy duty 5-pin DMX lighting cable included for the footswitch. I'm throwing in the rack for shipping purposes. $1750 shipped, $1805 shipped with PayPal. ps- all Demeter TGA3 chassis'...
  4. Edmundo

    Sold Wizard Modern Classic II KT-150

    Cool. did you help Rick with this?
  5. Edmundo

    Mojotone cabinets

    Andy didn't start MojoTone. Nate Kramer started it in '96 in Petaluma, CA.
  6. Edmundo

    Ever feel 'overdressed' at a jam with your boutique guitars/amps?

    If I show up with anything other than my R7 and Demeter combo, jammers at my local watering hole jam will ask if I'm feeling ok. Seriously.
  7. Edmundo

    Anyone seen this sized Budda Twinmaster Ten?

    The chassis in that particular amp is a top control chassis, but it's rotated to mount to the top deck. The give-away are the horizontal tubes (see pic). I've seen a few older Buddas configured like this. I don't think it was Bober's original design intention. I think it might have been due to...
  8. Edmundo

    pricing help for a buddy's Sewell Texaverb

    I think you're right about location. Here in WA St., I think it'll be a hard amp to sell. It'd probably be easier to sell in TX where the name is better known. It also seems like used amps in general aren't changing hands like they used to. I've had zero interest in my Demeters; not one tire...
  9. Edmundo

    pricing help for a buddy's Sewell Texaverb

    He wants to sell his 50w 1x12 Texaverb locally but he has no idea what to ask for it since he got it on a trade. It's all white and has a Weber California in it.
  10. Edmundo

    Who has the Khan Pak 18w?

    1 - The masters are great. There isn't too much change in tone from whisper levels to blast off. 2 - The 2nd channel has way more gain on tap than a standard JMP/800. Hitting it with a boost would be overkill for 80's gain tones, IMO. 3 - The clean channel seems very JTM45-ish. Clean and...
  11. Edmundo

    Who has the Khan Pak 18w?

    I run a pair of 2-channel Paks in stereo. Killer tones.
  12. Edmundo

    Sold THD Flexi

    If it doesn't sell locally, then I'll open the door to shipping.
  13. Edmundo

    Sold THD Flexi

    Great condition. Currently loaded with a mix of 12AX7's and EL-34's. Comes with the footswitch and ftsw cable. Local sale only, Seattle to Portland. $650 firm, no trades.
  14. Edmundo

    Sold Celestion Creamback 75, 16 ohms

    Great shape, works fine, low hours with a 40w amp, $100 shipped/Paypal'd.
  15. Edmundo

    Sold THD Flexi

  16. Edmundo

    Pat Wilkins is refinishing my Orville Les Paul

    Is Pat spraying it with nitro or poly?
  17. Edmundo

    Does this amp exist?

    Pretty much describes the Demeter TGA-3, Bogner Ecstacy, VHT/Fryette SigX, and more recently the Friedman BE Deluxe.
  18. Edmundo

    Post your most un-TGP amp!

    Does it count if I convert a TGP-worthy head into an un-TGP combo? Everything is coutesy of Home Depot, except for the goat collar handle courtesy of the local feed store...
  19. Edmundo

    Options for Bassman LTD replacement handle?

    The stock rubber dogbone split on me a while ago and I need to get it replaced because I just got picked up to play a charity fund raiser gig in Feb. I've been in contact with Bob at Brookwood but he's painfully slow at responding. Are there any other options out there?
  20. Edmundo

    WTF Guitars, Serial #2

    Is a wok the best way to cook a cat? I always thought that cat was best in a smoker.
  21. Edmundo

    WTF Guitars, Serial #2

    This is what you get when you give your father-in-law creative control in his metal shop. I helped him with certain piece placements and some spacing specs. The body is an old wok, and the neck is a bandsaw remnant from a local Simpson lumber mill. The two bottom pics show WTF Serial #1 which is...
  22. Edmundo

    Redback paired with Alnico Creamback?

    Anybody here have this combination in a cab? Opinions?
  23. Edmundo

    anybody here playing a Khan?

    Good to see others playing these little guys. They cover so much tone ground that I haven't used any of my other amps live or recording for the past 6 months. Mine aren't going anywhere.
  24. Edmundo

    anybody here playing a Khan?

    I've had a pair of Pak II's for just over a year, and they are still going strong and sounding great.
  25. Edmundo

    Mike Soldano retiring

    There's a used SLO on Vancouver, B.C. craigslist for 3500 CAD. Dude's got two but is keeping one.

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