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    Do you like dreads?

    I have only ever fingerpicked. I have all manner of shapes and sizes of guitars lying around. I tend to be more picky about neck carve, nut width and string spread at the bridge than body style. In terms of sound, as has been noted, size does not necessarily equal projection. If it did my...
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    Any help identifying this vintage parlour?

    U.S. builders, of course, often had stockpiles of Braz rosewood on hand when the late-1960s CITIES treaty was signed. Others snapped up existing NOS CITIES certified legal lumber wen they could. I do know somebody who has a very limited run Yairi guitar built and signed in the 1970s by Kazuo...
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    Zager easy play acoustic guitars, any 411?

    I am planning to buy Zager in the year 2525. Kind of a poetry to it.
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    Any help identifying this vintage parlour?

    Another thing about your guitar is the fretboard marker at the 3rd fret. This would be pretty unusual as it was more common to have them only at the 5th, 7th, 9th/10th, and 12th frets. So this would be another bit of quirkiness which might help you you figure the thing out.
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    Any help identifying this vintage parlour?

    In the photo it looks like there something stamped or engraved on the tailpiece. I am at loss on this one though. When there are no visible characteristics that scream a certain builder the only way to go is to look at the structure - the style and footprint of the bracing as example. As a...
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    Anyone tried out the new 2020 Gibson Banner J45 or Southern Jumbo?

    I know folks who have ordered guitars from the Gibson Historic Series such as the '57 SJ-200 and '42 LG-2 have been in a holding pattern for quite a while now. So I am wondering how easy it is to find this new run of Banners.
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    Anyone tried out the new 2020 Gibson Banner J45 or Southern Jumbo?

    As this is a modern take on an old guitar, I am not saying it is not a "cannon" but that would actually be atypical of 1940s and on Gibsons. They were just not loud guitars including the SJ-200.
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    Anyone tried out the new 2020 Gibson Banner J45 or Southern Jumbo?

    I have not even laid eyes on either model yet. But the Gibson which has been with me the longest is a 1942 J50. It is the ultimate J45 GAS killer. But Gibson is on pretty safe ground here for as has been said the only thing consistent about Banners is the impossibility of finding two which...
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    30th anniversary guitar

    Just an off the cuff answer but why not send the Harmony Stella up to Steve at Vintage Parlor guitars and have him do a neck reset, install X bracing and a pin bridge. Probably run you a bit more than you were hoping to get away with spending but chances are you will end up with something...
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    NGD - 000-28EC Sunburst

    OK, so I am the petty sort. But does Clapton's signature on the board annoy the crap out of anyone other than me.
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    My Gibson Humming bird's neck go totally flat in the sun

    Has to be Gremlins! Like others, in 55 years of playing I have never had a guitar react that quickly to drastic change in temperature or humidity. Walnut which is used for the board is, of course, softer/less stiff than rosewood or ebony. Possibly as part of the sustainability equation, Gibson...
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    NGD - 000-28EC Sunburst

    Congrats! But I do hear tell that you cannot play folk or bluegrass on a burst Martin. No sound comes out.
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    Where do you purchase records?

    Most of the LPs I buy are to replace ones I have owned for decades which are not in the best of condition. The last couple of LPs I purchased were from a guy I know who has a large collection which he has kept in near mint shape. In the past couple of weeks I snagged the Butterfield Blues...
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    Help me choose which of these ~$1000 acoustics to buy

    But letting your fingers and ears make the decision presupposes the OP has time under his belt with, if not the specific guitars he is looking at, at least other models. Anything else, opinions aside, is a leap of faith. But more often as not it works out. I have purchased guitars sight...
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    Help me choose which of these ~$1000 acoustics to buy

    You might want to check out and compare nut widths, neck carves, string spread at the bridge and such before you make the call.
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    what 12 string under $1000

    A used Westerly-made Guild 212.
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    Where do you purchase records?

    I have been lucky in that I had three record shops within 1/2 hour or so of me. Of those though two did not survive the pandemic shutdown.
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    Help with some older (70’s-80’s?) gear (update w/ model #s)

    The turntable was the top of the Realistic line. It originally sold in the mid-1970s for just under $200
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    Congrats. The thing about a 12 string is that while I have always kept one around it has never been my main guitar. But there is an itch that only they can scratch.
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    Taylor 100 and 200 series question

    Playing off an above comment, one way of looking at it is are better off buying a lower end offering of a company with a rep for building higher dollar instruments or higher end offering of a company with a reputation for building guitars with lower price tags. The mind wobbles.
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    George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" double LP

    I still own my original LP version. While I do like it better than many of the Beatles individual efforts, I never liked the record enough to bother replacing it with a re-mastered version.
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    Snagged a Fairbanks

    The main problem remains finding guitars built by guys like Kopp, Walker, Triggs, and Fairbanks to play. Even when I lived down the road from a store which on occasion get one in, it was generally sold before it ever hit the shelves. These are the kind of guitars you will see in forum buy and...
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    Snagged a Fairbanks

    Jackson Browne is a big RS fan. I did look at a Kopp version but from afar which was the only way I could approach one. Based on the guitar on the Kopp website the main\ difference would be their version has a tapered body and weighs about 1/2 pound more than the Fairbanks.
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    I think I want a Martin, but I need some help.

    Gibson's CEO worked for Levis where he concentrated on developing a line of yoga pants or something. I kept waiting for a line of slim line guitars.
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    I think I want a Martin, but I need some help.

    Am just curious given you say you know little about them why a Martin? With a $4K budget the world is your oyster especially if you are willing to go used.

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