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  1. Deville2Rocket

    PA Recommendations for My Bar Band

    When I built my PA, I wanted something that would kill in every venue that didn't have pro sound. We also wanted something robust enough to handle smaller outdoor events. I bought us an Allen-Heath QU16 digital mixer, two QSC K12.2s for wedges, JBL SRX815sp 15" mains, and JBL SRX818sp subs...
  2. Deville2Rocket

    Still happy in Win7 - Any good reasons for going to an early version of 10?

    I'm not clear as to why you'd want an early version of Win 10 vs a modern, updated version. My recording software runs great on Windows 10
  3. Deville2Rocket

    What size venue do you start mic'ing everything

    I run L/R out to the mains, then I run a short XLR from the 'out' on the back of each main to the input of the sub below it. The JBL SRX series has a dedicated EQ/crossover setting for matching SRX mains/subs, so we use that.
  4. Deville2Rocket

    Gigging/Recording without an amp?

    My guitarist uses a fly-rig and an MS3. We're traveling a lot these days, and this turns out to be a pretty solid portable ampless rig. He even has a mini-wah! Sounds pretty good! I still prefer him through a cranked Deluxe Reverb, but EVERYBODY sounds better through a cranked Deluxe Reverb! :D
  5. Deville2Rocket

    Do you use a subwoofer?

    I use KRK Rokit 8s. The bass response on those is great for near field monitor mixing. I don’t think I would want a sub unless it was specifically designed to go with my mains. That’s why I went with such large monitors. They are stupid big, though.
  6. Deville2Rocket

    Time to upgrade my Desktop?

    Wow, this is a great resource! Thank you!
  7. Deville2Rocket

    What's needed for upper middle grade computer for home hobby studio?

    Also there's nothing wrong with going the AMD route these days. The Ryzen 7 series processors are just CRUSHING it, and are every bit as good as Intel's top-tier chips. I run a Ryzen 7 3800X on a Gigabyte 570 motherboard, with 32gB of RAM. Wasn't cheap, but it's freaking unstoppable. And it...
  8. Deville2Rocket

    Put money into processor or storage?

    It's also worth mentioning that when you're talking about storage, that's not the same as RAM. Storage is how much space you have available on a drive to store, read, and write files via storage mediums such as an SSD or HDD. RAM is a stick of volatile temporary memory used to load programs...
  9. Deville2Rocket

    Powered PA Cabs & Powered Stage Monitors

    The amps in powered cabs behave exactly like old school power amps, only they use a little bit of DSP to shape the EQ and crossover points. Oh, and they limit the signal when necessary to protect the drivers. Treat the volume knobs on powered speakers just as you might set the sensitivity...
  10. Deville2Rocket

    Pro’s & Con’s of vocal “pedals” in a band context

    I'll bet many of these feedback problems you guys are describing running these pedals directly through monitors can be remedied by backing off the gain on the unit. I had those kinds of issues when I first started using my VLP, but I realized I was just hitting the front end too hard. Sound...
  11. Deville2Rocket

    Pro’s & Con’s of vocal “pedals” in a band context

    I use the VoiceLive Play, too. It's great for verb and delays, but I think my favorite thing is the doubler effect. I do my best to use it sparingly, applying it just to thicken up a chorus or add emphasis to a single line here and there... but yeah it's awesome. Basically wherever a vocal is...
  12. Deville2Rocket

    Did I ever feel bad for a bunch of kids today

    I played a show with my band in Huntington Beach yesterday, and we had the kids from School of Rock open for us. My guitar player is the music director/teacher there. We normally pay a guy we know to run sound for us there, and we paid him for an additional 2 hrs to setup early and run the rig...
  13. Deville2Rocket

    Boss asked me to install permanent sound solution for all-up meetings and other events... HELP!

    In the past, my facilities manager has asked me to set up PA speakers in our large meeting room (about 50'x50') so the big boss could put on a headset mic and deliver quarterly update talks to his employees. I've done this with a 12-ch mixer, a single powered 15" speaker, and a Sennie...
  14. Deville2Rocket

    Giggers: how often do you get a monitor?

    Always have a monitor. If the venue doesn't have a house system complete with a soundman, monitors, subs, etc, we'll use our own PA.
  15. Deville2Rocket

    High pass mains even without subs?

    Most guitar speakers trail off precipitously below 100hz. So while the frequency of the low E might technically be 80hz, what you're actually hearing are overtones and harmonics well above 80hz. Generally, it takes bass guitar speakers in a tuned bass cabinet to accurately produce 80hz at any...
  16. Deville2Rocket

    Looking at getting a digital mixer

    QSC have had a lot of success thanks to their marketing. Their name recognition is HUGE. Sound quality of their speakers compared to their contemporaries is just meh... I've never tried their mixers, but I've heard good things. Yamaha DXR series speakers are superior in virtually every way to...
  17. Deville2Rocket

    Carvin 1642 mixer

    The most powerful Carvin mixer I've seen of that type was 400w/ch. Careful though, cuz that is a VERY generous rating. I have their powered RX1200 box mixer that boasts 1600w (400w x2 for the mains, & 400w x2 for monitors). Works great, but can't really get loud on its own. If it's just a jam...
  18. Deville2Rocket

    Love my DXRs ...silly celebration thread

    I've heard nothing but good things about those DXRs!
  19. Deville2Rocket

    Goofy idea - creating a "quasi line array"...

    Well obviously you can do what you like, but I do question your motives, and also your intended application. Is this a hair-brained scheme for YOUR band? Or are you trying to build a respectable rig with the intent to work as a small-time local sound company? If I'm being honest, I can only...
  20. Deville2Rocket

    Help Me Choose a Digital Mixer

    If physical faders are important to you (they were to me), the the A&H QU16 is a solid choice. QU16 sounds great, and is a really nice mental transition from analog to digital. The physical motorized faders were super useful before we got comfortable with mixing on the iPad. When connected...
  21. Deville2Rocket

    More convinced live gigging makes little sense financially...

    Playing primarily in Orange County and LA in SoCal really helps the $, but our band has been very fortunate to have found a relatively untapped genre market. We're making crazy good money, and most of us have day jobs too. Most of the good clubs here have pro sound, but I've put together a...
  22. Deville2Rocket

    Recording PA speakers

    Most modern digital mixers have the ability to plug in a flash drive and record in multitrack. Why not do that? The 'various reasons' can't be that hard to work out. Point a couple mics at the audience and you've got yourself a LIVE album.
  23. Deville2Rocket

    Do you use lighting while performing ???

    Lights are a must if you want to work. Our band responsibilities sort of evolved over time. Our keyboard player/frontman sets up his rig, the props, and the lighting, while the rest of us run cables and setup the sound system. We have a tree of LED par cans, a Swarm, and a GigBar. Oh and...
  24. Deville2Rocket

    A dumb question

    Instrument cable is what you use for a signal coming out of a preamp, which is what you're talking about. I can see how the cabinet emulator feature might create some confusion. But the emulator merely shapes the low-level signal to simulate how the tone might sound if it were going through a...
  25. Deville2Rocket

    QSC K2 series as studio monitor?

    Agreed. These speakers are for live applications, and they're just OK at that. I have two sets of mains - JBL SRX815p and QSC K12.2 - and a set of KRK Rokit 8 monitors. Stage speakers are not monitor speakers. Monitors are near-field, designed give the engineer a sonically accurate...

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