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    This old Gibsons' gotta be worth more than $95....

    LOL. You've had this $20,000 guitar for 25 years!!!
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    What does a compressor do?

    I think any dude that is a fan of Clutch and plays the way you do would be interested in a nice fuzz pedal. I have the Barber Trifecta Fuzz. You'd probably really dig a phaser or univibe like a BBE Soulvibe, or MXR Phase 90. Search those names on YouTube for demos.
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    Thorn Junior Ninety fret/string buzzing?

    I'll bet you anything it's a bad string.
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    Koll's On Order

    Yeah, I've got one in the oven.
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    Bike wreck update: wrist surgery

    Get well soon and take it easy! :AOK
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    Best Acoustic for $200-300

    These sell new for around $239. They are made by the Godin company. Surprisingly good sound and playability for such an inexpensive guitar. The body size is a bit smaller and would be good for a younger player. I love mine!
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    Reverend Gallery

    How come I don't see anyone posting pics and reviews of the new set-neck models?
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    Any Robin Avalon Players Out There ? Comments Please

    I just bought a used Avalon in the emporium and I'm digging it. It plays great! Sounds sweet, but I'm about to install some WCR darkbursts in it. I'm very happy with this guitar.
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    Help! My new guitar has a death rattle!

    Change the strings. What kind of guitar is it anyway?
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    Ibanez Baritone and others

    I think $699 is a bit high. They seem to go for around $400 - 500 used.
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    That friggen rocks!
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    Got a Koll Coming?

    Koll Superior Alder body Maple neck Ebony fretboard 10" - 14" compound radius Tornado headstock Hipshot trem S/S/HB Rio Grande Pups Strat style control layout Trans red finish Black pearloid pickguard
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    Best looking Driskill I have seen

    That guitar KICKS ASS!
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    Huber Junior

    That's a super guitar! :dude
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    Muchos Gracias Hombres

    Hey Michael, even though I've never had the opportunity to play one of your guitars I'm also a big fan of yours. I even have your book TEXAS TALES IN WORDS AND MUSIC. I dig your tunes on that included CD a lot. Take care. :cool:
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    Driskill / McNaught Porn!! WOOT!

    If I could reach into that picture and play one, I would grab the Driskill first. :cool:
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    Hi end Custom electrics - Jacobs, JET, PRS, ??

    I suggest a Roman Quicksilver guitar with black back pickups and all the options Ed can think of. Ed's guitars are handmade so they're the best! A Quicksilver guitar is sure to go up in value because Ed Roman is famous on the world wide web. Ed is a really cool guy too. He's almost my best...
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    my new Grosh ST

    When did they become "Grosh ST" I always thought they were just "Grosh Set Necks." Just wonderin'.
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    my new Grosh ST

    I love it. I bet it sounds great.
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    My Koll Tornado pics

    I really like those tunes and the one on the My Space page too. A #1
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    My Koll Tornado pics

    Yep, that's a classy looking guitar.
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    Anyone in the greater LA area have a GVCG that I could check out?

    Ha! I wish. No, that's a pictures from his website.
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    Myka #25 tone report

    How do you like the Stetsbar trem? It's kind of unusual to see one on a new custom guitar.
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    Myka #25 tone report

    I don't think Myka uses a CNC for anything so that must be a real pain in the ass to make those pickup covers. That's a very nice looking guitar.

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