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  1. halcyon

    Did anyone make mass-market Tonebenders?

    The RambleFX Twin Bender is outstanding. It sounds great next to my other *way* more expensive Tone Bender recreations from England. And you get two circuits in one!
  2. halcyon

    NPD - Williams MkI Tonebener

    It's not that I didn't like it, per se -- I just like the Williams MkII a bit more. The Williams feels a bit more alive and bloom-y, for lack of a better work.
  3. halcyon

    Winter NAMM 2021 Canceled :(

    <shrug> NAMM has only been (at best) artificially relevant for the past several years now.
  4. halcyon

    Why do people hate floyded les pauls?

    If something exists, there are people who hate it. Next question?
  5. halcyon

    Fender Road Worn is coming back!

    Stupid 7.25 radius... :-\
  6. halcyon

    Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie

    I should try this with a db meter at some point to be sure, but it *feels* like the DB is only doing around 100-102db in the room while still "clean" (no discernible breakup). That's not all that much. I mean, if you're in an apartment, that'll get the cops to your door real fkn fast, but I...
  7. halcyon

    Come on, Guitar Center!

    It wasn't even 11pm where I'm at.
  8. halcyon

    Come on, Guitar Center!

    You don’t have anything better to do than post pictures of vaguely gross (old) pedals from GC’s used listings?
  9. halcyon

    NPD - Williams MkI Tonebener

    The Williams Tone Benders compare well or even favorably to some of the VERY expensive recreations from the higher-profile builders in England, ime. For example, I prefer his MkII over a DAM OC84 that I’ve tried. Nick does outstanding work.
  10. halcyon

    Do most gigging players sweat their home gear all that much?

    I play loud af through high-wattage tube amps at home and it fkn rules. If you can, and you’re not a thousand years old, why wouldn’t you?
  11. halcyon

    My letter to Reverb has been delivered...

    I didn't say it would hurt. :-)
  12. halcyon

    P90s: Staple vs Pole?

    Pole in the bridge, staple in the neck. Profit.
  13. halcyon

    What happened to all these pedal builders????

    I’ve mostly stopped building (for sale) because I don’t really *want* to anymore, if I’m being honest. It takes me 5-6 hours to build a pedal from scratch. I sell them for $150, give or take. That, minus supply cost, and it becomes... well, time is the most valuable thing in the world, right...
  14. halcyon

    My letter to Reverb has been delivered...

    You’ve wasted your time. They don’t not know what they’ve done.
  15. halcyon

    Questions for SG Lovers/Experts

    Neck sizes can vary greatly with different SG models, including those in the OP. So, if that’s important to you (it sure is to me), it pays to become acquainted with the specs over the years.
  16. halcyon

    Peavey 6505/5150 questions...

    Either one. Both sound great, ime. The 50w is significantly less expensive on the used market, but obviously you’ll have a bit more headroom on the green channel with the 100w version. The 50w is still plenty loud, though.
  17. halcyon

    Peavey 6505/5150 questions...

    I would get a Fender/EVH 5153. The clean channel on that amp rules and it sounds great with pedals.
  18. halcyon

    Down Brownie - Cut Throat Audio

    It's not like it's an entirely different an amp with single coils. My DB sounds amazing with both my Les Paul and my Telecaster.
  19. halcyon

    Celestion Gold or Scumback S75-PVC 65 watt?

    The S75 PVC is one of my all-time favorite speakers. The Celestion Gold, on the other hand... Well, I’ve just never heard one that sounded good to me. It’s very dark and sort of confusing/inarticulate in the mids and lower-mids, imo.
  20. halcyon

    Tuning: how stable is stable?

    Even on my extremely stable Telecasters I have to fine-tune after every 10-15 minutes of playing/practice (generally with a fair amount of bending). I’m fairly sensitive in that regard, however, and I can hear when a particular string is a few cents off. I think most people don’t notice that...
  21. halcyon

    D*mn Centura

    You know you’re on TGP when “d*mn” is censored.
  22. halcyon

    Poll: Do you perform regular maintenance on your guitars...???

    The OP is either insane or an exquisite troll. I have moderate, clinically-diagnosed OCD, and much of that seems ridiculous even to me. I also do all my own maintenance and cleaning, but never once have I done a “full tear-down” on a brand new guitar to <checks notes> wax the screws. Like... wat?
  23. halcyon

    What electrics do people 15-25 yo covet?

    I don’t personally know anyone in that age bracket who plays guitar, so... <shrug>
  24. halcyon

    Gibson Les Paul VOS R9 vs R0 is the any difference in tone ?

    There are differences in tone between individual R9s and R0s, but not that you could broadly apply across the entire range(s).
  25. halcyon

    Your guitar has been listed in the emporium for 2 years now…

    Applying Occam’s Razor in this case suggests to me that a lot of people are just kinda dumb. Many things that I observe in other people would suggest that, actually.

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