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    FS Kingtone Soloist, black, mint $235

    Save a little from a new one. MINT, only a brief trial, otherwise ready to go! I pack extremely well.
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    FS Origin Revival Trem, Cali76 SE, Nordland ODR-C, Thorpy Chorus

    Continuing to move a few things. These are MINT and barely used. I am the original owner of all and will ship in original boxes with all case candy, instructions, etc. Pics up shortly, think mint and in like-new condition. No Velcro, truly barely used. Revival Trem: $350 Cali76 Stacked Edition...
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    FS Mint 2019 Kingsley Jester v2

    Great, great pedal. I also have a Minstrel and use that one all the time so decided to let the Jester go. It comes with the power supply and has only been played sparingly at home. As clean as they come! I will pack extremely well. This is a 2019 with no sizzle switch. $435 shipped and pp.
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    Strat guys what are your favorite dirt pedals?

    I was curious about the hot rod edition. Is it noisy with single coils?
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    The Pete Cornish Thread Mark VI

    On the TES, is the 4k vs 8k option super noticeable? The standard is 4k right?
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    Buffalo fx reticon flanger

    Are people calling CC companies and trying to get out of this? Sounds like a few are but curious if anyone is sticking with it and what the overall consensus is.
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    WTB Lovepedal/Hermida White/Vanilla Zendrive & Brownface Deluxe

    Looking for a clean example of the Vanilla Zendrive and/or Brownface Deluxe (cream with silver knobs).
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    Nobels ODR 1 Clone or Original versions. What's your Favorite?

    I just A-B'd my Open Road by Visual Sounds and might prefer that to the Nordland. The open road has a pinch more oomph to it, although no low cut.
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    Sold 1981 Drv

    Absolutely mint pedal that I recently got (original owner). I pack extremely well! 1981 DRV $255 TRADED (completely mint, less than 30 minutes on it)
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    FS Origin Cali76 TX-L $575

    From the more recent run. I've had this maybe three months. Its mint and has been used only at home maybe less than an hour total. Comes with original box and instructions. I've had several of these and this one sounds fantastic! $575 well-packed and shipped.
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    Morris Amps

    Got my Mojo. Blown away by how amazing the amp sounds and feels.
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    Low watt and plexi style amp (Marshall, Kingsley, ...)

    Gladius are great amps (owned two). For plexi tones, especially with controllable volume the Morris perplexd jr or a kingsley constable are my favorites.
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    Buffalo fx reticon flanger

    I would relax and give it some more time. Steve seems trustworthy, has built quite the following, and is working through a large batch of flanger orders and probably other stuff. I understand it sucks waiting, but a little longer won't hurt.
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    When did you get taken for a ride upon hype?

    Kingsley pedals are pretty darn awesome. I've had a few hundred pedals and the Kingsleys are some of the better ones I've had. Perfecdt? No. End all be all? No. But crazy hype and fit for dummies - that's reaching quite a bit. I have a couple that fit certain amps insanely good and they sound great.
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    Sold Thorpy Camoflange

    I have a 2-month old Camoflange that I've only briefly used at home for sale. I'm so used to my beat up old Boss flanger I'm sticking with that one. No Velcro, about an hour of light home use, comes with original box. Its in like-new condition and I'm the original owner. I will pack extremely...
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    Its a great slow, deep trem and does that particularly well so I eould still give it a try.
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    FSOT Heritage H150 - 2016 MINT

    Duncan 59's
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    Naylor Amps still in production?

    Thinking about getting one. Curious if anyone recently ordered one and what your experience was.
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    I agree that the bard does one sound and does it well. I was hoping for more range out of it. The slow, deep throb was nice but the depth was more of an on/off switch than a knob. I love the option for faster tremolo tones and couldn't do that with this. I know some people like using the volume...
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    FSOT Heritage H150 - 2016 MINT

    I bought this and ended up not playing it. I always just stuck with my PRS and strats. It literally has about one hour on it, still has original strings, and is in like-new condition. I don't have a scale but would put it just under 9 lbs. Great feeling 59 style neck carve (not as thin as the R0...
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    AC-15 style heads

    AC15's are still LOUD. Some of my favorite AC15 style heads have been the Matchless 15 watt heads, Savage Rohr and Schatten heads. I know 65amps tophat, Vox, and several others do great things too. I have some insanely good AC15 heads but they were one-offs not in production so am leaving them...
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    Interesting NAD Cornford Harlequin

    Cornford made great amps!
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    1981 Inventions DRV pedal

    It looks like he's getting new colors and in-stock pedsls or pre-orders up every couple months. If you have a super specific color you may have to buy used when you see it. Otherwise, it seems pretty easy to get a new one now.
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    Sold Source Audio Collider

    Completely mint, hardly used Collider. I've had a few of these toggling between this, ventris, nemesis. Etc. I never used this particular unit much. Not even an hour on it. Comes with power supply, box, etc. All pristine. 275 shipped!
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    Any new, small builders from last 2-3 years you’ve take a chance on and won?

    Ponce. Just an insanely well built and great playing strat. Great in house pickups too.

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