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    Why is it so difficult to find a dual right angle guitar to amp cable?

    I hate to be a smart ass but I can’t help it. All I can find are left angle cables
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    Sold Parts Box Purge: Mystery Knobs, Kay Tailpiece

    I’ll take the knobs
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    Which pedal by what company are you wishing would happen?

    I thought the new and a tad smaller Tim was supposed to be out by now. I have an MXR Timmy holding me over in the meantime. I’ve been kicking myself for selling my Tim pedal for too long.....
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    NGD: Ronin Mirari with Wacky Color Scheme

    Very cool! Am I nuts, I swear I’ve seen the picture before?
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    WHAT? At 3:24 Jimi sees something that trips him up.

    This reminds me of a pair of tennis shoes I bought from a drug dealer. I don’t know what he laced them with, but I was tripping all day
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    People you were surprised to find out were good on guitar

    It was Brown Sugar. Of corse Keith put his stink on it!
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    Overdrive pedal for Billy Gibbons tone

    I have the Blackstone and love it. I stupidly sold my CoT50 which was awesome for the Reverend tones. I play a clean fender amp
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    What song(s) are you currently learning?

    Roll light Ted. 30 Days in the hole......
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    A little experiment for the Stratocaster players

    Wait, tighty righty, Loosey lefty right?
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    Strat guys what are your favorite dirt pedals?

    It’s been a while since I sold it but I think it was called the Hoochie Mama. I was on a “try every overdrive” kick, I remember loving that one
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    NGD: Fender Silent Siren Telecaster

    Awesome, effing awesome!
  12. F I the only one who doesn’t use pedals???

    Chicks dig me, because I rarely use pedals and when I do it’s usually something unusual
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    why are guitar amps so ugly?

    I’ll take all the ugly blonde, tweed and blackface fender amps you don’t want.....
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    Imperfections in Guitar Neck

    I wood keep it
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    Oddest covers of Beatles songs?

    I go a kick out of this one
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    Why do some people like cheap pedals that suck?

    My wife is cheap, but she doesn’t suck
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    What pick are you currently digging? Herco Flex 75 Heavy here. :)

    Fender Heavy, the red, white and blue confetti ones. Make it easier to find them when I drop them.....
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    the strat is a terrible beginner guitar

    I took you long enough to tell us!
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    I Want You To Want Me To Want This

    You only go around once..... Get what you want
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    Got myself on the KOT wait list...

    Maybe this whole COVID mess will be over when you get your pedal!!!
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    If you could’a stood in one spot in Rock n Roll history...

    Smack dab in the the middle of Kieths and Mick Taylor’s amps at the Ya Ya’s show

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