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  1. Telechamp

    Hey guys, I bought a new guitar strap. Show us yours!

    Fender Road Worn strap
  2. Telechamp

    Let's Talk About Straps Baby

  3. Telechamp

    Let's Talk About Straps Baby

    I really had to ream out the thick Walker & Williams leather strap for my Rickenbackers and a Tele - w/ Schallers - but it was worth it, as I love the W&W straps on the guitars. However, the Walker & Williams straps also work well on some of my other guitars, with a rubber washer.
  4. Telechamp

    Let's Talk About Straps Baby

    I do like the vintage-style straps for my Gretsch and Hofner bass.
  5. Telechamp

    Let's Talk About Straps Baby

    I'm a big fan of Walker & Williams straps, as well. I've got around five or so.
  6. Telechamp

    Do you ever have an issue with bookmatching on LP guitars?

    I'm with you - it does bother me as well. Probably shouldn't, but it does.
  7. Telechamp

    Telecaster: Humbucker in the Neck, Single in the Bridge

    Yeah, that'll happen if you don't match the neck and bridge pickups. My tech put the '59 in the neck of my FSR Tele, and suggested I go with another Duncan Tele bridge pickup - so that the two pups would play well together.. So I ordered a Duncan Five-Two, and he put that pickup in the bridge...
  8. Telechamp

    Telecaster: Humbucker in the Neck, Single in the Bridge

    SD '59 neck SD Five-Two bridge
  9. Telechamp

    Let's talk Gibson SG - Which one to buy? Custom shop?

    Love my 2013 Standard. I also had a 2005 Special Faded which I probably shouldn't have let go..
  10. Telechamp

    New PRS Sunset Sky (Tele)

    Good job! Excellent... Had me going for a second or two..
  11. Telechamp

    Have you ever thought about buying a lefty guitar just for something different?

    My tech built a "lefty" righty Tele... It actually plays and sounds pretty nice..
  12. Telechamp

    I like big NECKS and I can not lie - list your CHUNKY neck favorites

    My 2011 Gibson Melody Maker Special. Fat City...
  13. Telechamp

    Relic’d Guitars, How They Age

    I've had my Road Worn 60's Strat for ten years now, and I'm not sure if I can find the new wear from the original factory wear - It all kind of blends in together now...
  14. Telechamp

    NGD - PRS S2 Custom 22

    Congrats! I absolutely love my 2014 S2 Custom 22. Yep, that pattern regular neck is awesome.
  15. Telechamp

    What Guitar Polish Are You Using ?

    A friend gave me the ”Fender Custom Shop Deluxe Guitar Care System" pack (polish, cleaner, fretboard cleaner, etc.) for Christmas - I probably never would have bought it for myself - but I've got to say it does a pretty good job.
  16. Telechamp

    Gibson es335 pickups

    My 2017 335 Studio came with a '57 Classic in the neck, and a "Super '57 Classic" in the bridge. The 57 in the neck is your typical '57 Classic tone, and the Super 57 in the bridge is just a tad hotter. I like that Super 57 quite a bit..
  17. Telechamp

    How to make a tele as light as possible

    I edited my post to reflect your concerns. I merely stated that the GFS Tele body I have, and the ones my tech got from them were fine, and he does a lot of Tele-style builds... He told me he has had no problems whatsoever with his GFS Tele bodies. But I'm sure there are bad examples from GFS...
  18. Telechamp

    How to make a tele as light as possible

    My Daphne Blue double bound GFS paulownia body was far from "junky".. Having said that, I do hear they can be hit or miss, but mine was perfect. And my tech ordered four different GFS paulownia Tele bodies for his builds, and every one of them was spot on, according to him.
  19. Telechamp

    Best years for American Standard Stratocaster?

    I have to agree - My 2011 American Standard is pretty awesome. And I love the stock pickups in these - whatever they are! Not sure if these pickups even have a name/model...
  20. Telechamp

    Best cheap bass guitar?

    Yep. Scored my 2002 MIM Fender Jazz for $300 from GC's used dept. not that long ago.
  21. Telechamp

    SWR Love

    I had an LA15 - great little practice amp. I should never have sold it... :dunno