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Search results

  1. AndrewSimon

    NEW model: A from WIZ-PEDAL is now available

    Proud to introduce: WIZ-PEDAL model: A More info and ordering at: www.wiz-pedal.com Mr Paco Casanovas: --------- Stratocaster ! cFfb_HdkX9A MarinBlues on the model: A mzZYzY9iBHM WzdPUqODMXE _X6RecfHJS4 Mr Ric Latina: (Nashville session player) u-rcsX-WEfk kSjL-8oRIHk...
  2. AndrewSimon

    Your MAIN guitar, Single Coil or Humbucker?.. VOTE!

    I know, I know.... but vote anyway Your MAIN guitar, Single Coil or Humbucker?.. VOTE! Please try to avoid voting BOTH unless you absolutely play them equally all the time. :JAM
  3. AndrewSimon

    Badass Kemper Demo

    Not that it needs more hype but I really enjoyed this: xHpWWcbNHrk :rimshot
  4. AndrewSimon

    Mini-D overdrive pedal from Wiz-Pedal - now available!

    Now available! WIZ-PEDAL model: Mini-D Same Quality, Tone and Dynamics as it's big brother (model D) in a simplified compact setup. More info and ordering at: www.wiz-pedal.com Paco Casanovas: EfL2ZbSI0YE 3gLh_3HYWDI Just a little introduction noodling and knob twisting: 8a7RzVMV9a0...
  5. AndrewSimon

    Vintage Fender Amp smell

    I just purchased a 1967 Fender Twin Reverb (blackface, all original in great condition) Anyway I immediately noticed that distinctive Fender smell I remember from the 70's. It doesn't really bother me but I just wonder: -Why do they have this smell? -What is the source? wood? chassis? lacquer...
  6. AndrewSimon

    Strat position 1 ... Neck or bridge?

    Strat position 1 ... Neck or Bridge? It's a basic question..... is there a consensus I don't know about? :dunno
  7. AndrewSimon

    WIZ-PEDAL D - New demo by Scott Lerner

    As many of you I have been chasing that perfect OD pedal for years. Many came close.... but something was still missing. Being in the Electronic field all my life I decided to build one. I'm proud to introduce WIZ-PEDAL model: D Saves your tone and dynamics like no other pedal. Hand crafted in...
  8. AndrewSimon

    Pedal with no battery option... turnoff?

    Help me get a feel for this. No, I don't manufacture pedals.... yet.... but I'm toying with the idea. I never use batteries with pedals... do you? If a pedal has no battery option is that a turnoff? Thanks in advance :huh
  9. AndrewSimon

    More IRs for U

    Found these: http://www.grecore.de/IR/files/ Didn't try them yet.... so I don't know if they are any good. ;)
  10. AndrewSimon

    Dummy Load Test -- Help me! -- VOTE!

    Here is the chain: Small tube amp (RockBlock) > Computer > IR > Reverb The only difference between the first part and the second part is the Dummy Load used between the amp and the soundcard. http://www.andras-shimon.com/TEMP/LoadBoxTest.mp3 Do you like the First Part?.... or the...
  11. AndrewSimon

    Does this sound like a real amp... VOTE !

    This has to be a milestone..... at least for me. Does this sound like a real amp.... or what? All gain variations are from picking hard http://www.andras-shimon.com/S-Gear/AS_Marshall.mp3 VOTE... be brutally honest :)
  12. AndrewSimon

    Mind boggling Audio Tools....

    Well I have seen many toys but this is really amazing. Demo version of some of these tools are available.. I'm downloading now fg00-4aUcWI KBUYHkTGA9U :eek:
  13. AndrewSimon

    John Mayer's favorite toy... the AdrenaLinn

    I'm testing John Mayer's favorite toy...... the AdrenaLinn VST plug aka "the memorable intro effect" (think Green Day - "Blvd of Broken Dreams") http://www.andras-shimon.com/S-Gear/AdrenaLinn.mp3 You can grab a free 14 day trial version here...
  14. AndrewSimon

    MAC people I need your help!

    I am helping a friend to setup Reaper on a MAC. But I'm a PC guy and I don't know anything about CORE AUDIO. Does CORE AUDIO behave like ASIO, meaning that if one app is using it then another can not use it at the same time? Or does CORE AUDIO mix in any source coming it's way. Thanks in...
  15. AndrewSimon

    Torpedo PI-101 WOS and S-Gear - YouTube

    Aiming for that 3D sound. Select HI QUALITY and go for FULL SCREEN so you can see the settings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-hc-ZM2U5k V-hc-ZM2U5k :beer
  16. AndrewSimon

    IR's from KaltHallen studios

    Just a heads up. I only had an hour with these but so far I'm impressed. I definately like the selection of mics and the way the whole thing is organized. Read the manual! http://cabs.kalthallen.de/ Slow download but it's worth it. :agree
  17. AndrewSimon

    World's first dynamic Cab simulation

    Just a heads up for those who care: World's first dynamic Cab simulation. The "missing link" has arrived... kinda, very limited for now..... but I have seen the light. And it's crazy good. Warning: Only for people with patience who are computer savvy. This 1 CAB that works in 44.1KHz only...
  18. AndrewSimon

    Wow... who is this guy?

    One amazing artist: nY7GnAq6Znw :omg
  19. AndrewSimon

    Rock Block Pedal Demo into S-Gear (YouTube)

    The Marriage of tubes with software. xPAZkHPsoGE Cheers ;)
  20. AndrewSimon

    And this is Why....

    And This Is Why.... I love S-Gear: 00:00 - Basic setup 00:12 - Bass switch ON 00:22 - Boost switch ON (input boost) 00:34 - Amp Drive switch ON (output boost) 00:45 - Bright switch ON 00:56 - Overdrive switch ON (+12dB on the input) http://www.andras-shimon.com//S-Gear/AndThisIsWhy.mp3 :JAM
  21. AndrewSimon

    Scuffham S-Gear is now available

    Just a heads up, Scuffham S-Gear is now available http://www.scuffhamamps.com/product Here is my first stab at it. Noodles preset tweaked a little bit: http://www.andras-shimon.com/TEMP/S-Gear.mp3 ;)
  22. AndrewSimon

    Let's play "Is it a real Dumble?" Part 2

    Let's play "Is it a real Dumble?" Part 2 OK just kidding..... For those who don't know what I'm talking about see: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/886509 Cool new clip, very 3D to my ears. http://www.andras-shimon.com/TEMP/DumbleyAtLast2.mp3 Anyway, I contacted the...
  23. AndrewSimon

    Let's play "Is it a real Dumble?" or a modeler?

    Calling on all the experts, especially on: Uri Thraburn and les Test1 has 1 guitar Test2 has 2 guitars (second one starts at 0:50) Can you spot the real Dumble... if any? TEST1 http://www.andras-shimon.com/TEMP/TEST1.MP3 TEST2 http://www.andras-shimon.com/TEMP/TEST2.MP3 :cool...
  24. AndrewSimon

    Throbak vs Holmes

    I made this clip for myself in case I needed to refer to it but it wasn't needed. Playing the two pups you get a much better feel for them then listening to this clip. In any case I want to share this: http://www.andras-shimon.com/MUSIC/Throbak_vs_Holmes.mp3 Same guitar, same setup, same old...
  25. AndrewSimon

    LP conversion?... your reaction please!

    I ran across this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdChXIO0WtM Any opinions??? Reactions??? :eek: