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Search results

  1. stratoquack

    Charvel DK24 staggered tuner replacements

    FWIW, The Charvel USA Selects have Sperzels. I guess that is the answer to my question
  2. stratoquack

    Charvel DK24 staggered tuner replacements

    What brand is the easiest/closest to direct replacement? When you did this, did you COMPLETELY stop using the string trees? Did it improve stability?
  3. stratoquack

    Staggered tuners for Charvel DK24. Schaller M6?

    Curious as to how this worked out for you. Just picked up a DK24 yesterday and would like to replace the tuners. Thanks Bill
  4. stratoquack

    Vox Valvenergy pedals

    Pete Thorn did a video for these a few days ago and I'm intrigued...
  5. stratoquack

    PSA: Rutters / tele control plate

    I am NOT a tele purist. Mine has a tummy cut, a 6 saddle bridge and I changed the input jack to accept a 90 degree tip. It always bugged the crap out of me that the pup swith and the volume knob were so close together. I ordered the Rutters 3/8" over control plate and voila! It's great...
  6. stratoquack

    Tom Anderson’s 4 the Love

    Loyal TAG player since 2003 when I got my hollow Drop Top. I LOVE the SA pups in that guitar. Not sure what the hate is/was about. I also have a 2008 Classic that came with 3 SC's. I had an H2+ put in the bridge. Great pup that splits incredibly well. IMO, the SC's don't get as jangly...
  7. stratoquack

    Pre COVID, who was gigging with a Mark V25

    Can I hang in a band with another guitar player that uses a JCM900? What cab are/were you using
  8. stratoquack

    Reverend Six Gun HPP

    Looks Cool! https://www.reverendguitars.com/guitars/six-gun-hpp
  9. stratoquack

    Telecaster with two P90s?

    What you're describing is a Reverend Charger 290
  10. stratoquack

    Reverend Guitars

    I just recently joined the Reverend family myself. I acquired a Sensei Jr. a couple of weeks ago. My first P90 guitar as well. So far, I'm blown away. It's a helluva lot of fun to play and the quality is top notch.
  11. stratoquack

    Best guys to refinish a pre-CBS body?

    R S Guitarworks in KY.
  12. stratoquack

    NGD Set Neck Suhr Modern

    Wow! That is beautiful! Congratulations!
  13. stratoquack

    Long Distance: Paul Calls Alex Lifeson | PRS Guitars

    I watched because I'm a huge AL/RUSH fan. He did not disappoint. Seems like such a good guy. PRS..........I swear I'm not a troll and I'm not stirriing the pot, but he comes across as a D-bag. He's always struck me this way.
  14. stratoquack

    For the love of the partscaster

    Looks like it will be a really cool guitar!
  15. stratoquack

    Tele neck pickup recommendation for a long time strat player...

    Another vote for Twisted Tele here. I'm a strat guy and this is a nice "in between".
  16. stratoquack

    Andy Timmons' live feed

    I've really enjoyed watching Andy on Stageit.com for the last few Saturday nights. We all know what an amazing player he is so I'm really posting this as a PSA. He plays for 50 minutes total and does an afternoon show and an evening show. Highly recommend! You can even see Nili Brosh chiming...
  17. stratoquack

    Steve Vai's DLR era Jose Arrendondo mod Marshall!

    Pete, thank you so much for doing this video! I enjoyed it so much. You do great work. Stay healthy my friend!
  18. stratoquack

    What are some of your favorite signature model guitars?

    Music Man Luke III PRS DGT Fender Eric Johnson Fender John Mayer
  19. stratoquack

    NGD Gold PRS S2

    Great looking guitar!
  20. stratoquack

    Nili Brosh: Certified Fresh Guitar Instrumental

    This thread deserved a revival! I've really been enjoying Nili's playing lately. I just got turned on to her a few months ago. I'm a fan!