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Search results

  1. asintoras

    NGD: Michael Thames classical

    Finally a dream come true: a proper classical guitar! I have had an Alhambra 5P since 1991 and although it was/is a faithful and useable guitar, it was a student level instrument and I couldn't really enhance my interpretations. The guitars I wanted were all out of reach, but those days are...
  2. asintoras

    Beat It - EVH Guitar Solo

    When EVH passed away, I was still building my garage conversion studio, so decided to include a hand painting mural in it as a tribute to him. Then I got caught with work and other commitments so never recorded a video of me trying to play his stuff, but after the Grammy fiasco of the memoir, it...
  3. asintoras

    A couple of fingerstyle arrangements to show-off a cheapie!

    Last weekend I bought an used Tanglewood (£50) for a little experiment and was surprised with the results I was able to get, considering especially what I spent on it. This is quite the opposite of what you normally find on the TGP, because this is showing off a super cheap guitar... Anyway...
  4. asintoras

    Can a £50 (used) guitar sound good?

    Last weekend I bought a Tanglewood for a little experiment and was surprised with the results I was able to get, considering especially what I spent on it. What do you think?
  5. asintoras

    1968 ES345 with Gibson GA79RVT (Excellent condition)

    Hey folks, if some of you here in the UK has £7600 around, you might be interested in this excellent condition pair: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-1968-Gibson-Es345-Varitone-Stereo-with-Vintage-Gibson-GA79RVT-AMP/164311019399?hash=item2641b32f87:g:7~oAAOSwsvtfIEiT The sunburst on this one...
  6. asintoras

    Tonal effect of a mahogany body on a strat type guitar?

    Hi guys, I have a super strat partscaster whose neck is super comfortable, thick (between a Gibson 59-60 profile), 12" radius, medium to large frets... all I ever wanted and it looks amazing to boot with its highly flamed maple, a beautiful kabukalli fretboard and abalone inlays. However, it...
  7. asintoras

    Sleep Walk_SG Special with Vibrola and Kinman P90 HX 580

    Hi folks, I was having some fun yesterday with this classic tune, played on my SG with only the B&G string attached to the Vibrola, so I could leave the other strings unaffected. Hope you like the fake slide effect!
  8. asintoras

    Sleep Walk & Something_Vibrola content

    Hi guys, hope you like this... I made this version using my setup on the Vibrola where I just engage the G & B string to it, so I can leave the other strings unaffected when I use the Vibrola. This guitar is a lot of fun!! If you are interested, please check as well my arrangement for...
  9. asintoras

    50's neck P90 beauty_Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder fingerstyle

    Excuse the foot tapping and the vibrations from the radiator's grill every time I hit the low E note. Hope you all like it...
  10. asintoras

    Original composition dedicated to my daughter - Classical Guitar

    This was dedicated to my daughter. Hope you like it!
  11. asintoras

    Sir Duke - Fingerstyle

    If you like Stevie Wonder's classic songs, you might like this arrangement, which is my stolen/bastardized version of Kent Nishimura's (he plays it better, but I prefer my bass lines in the chorus). The tuning is quite extreme, from high to low: D#, B, F#, C#, F#, B (very low!!) Enjoy it!
  12. asintoras

    A cheap way of building a nice Guitar Wall Rack

    Hi guys, Hope you find this useful. Cheers,
  13. asintoras

    ZOOM MS-50G MOD with no electronics involved!

    Hope you guys find this useful! Cheers,
  14. asintoras

    Original Rock Instrumental - The Hammurabi Code

    This was my first instrumental, originally recorded in 2015 and never played it again ever since, and therefore, completely forgot how to play it. This was originally intended to be a song, but I failed to find the right singer, so out of frustration I started improvising lines in it and 90% of...
  15. asintoras

    Magnetic spacers on a Gibson Pat No. Humbucker? Strange pickup!

    Hi all, I have bought an old Gibson humbucker that has magnetic spacers rather than maple or white plastic. The bottom plate has the Pat No 2,737.842 (as well as a small L stamped on the side of the screws), long legs and a double row of holes, but only one row with actual screws, so it is not...
  16. asintoras

    Opinions on a studio monitor stand?

    Hi all, I am building a room in my garage that will eventually be my music room. Not intended to be isolated (sound proof), but a place where I will have my toys connected and ready to be played (in addition to being a Lockdown office for home working). I don't have yet a pair of studio...
  17. asintoras

    Asato contest - Help me decide

    Not that I believe having chances of winning it, but at least I would like to select my best shot at it. I worked on both and am not decided, so if you can help me with comments to decide on it, I would really appreciate. What I like about the first track: it's melodic, has some work with...
  18. asintoras

    Vibrola setup_'68 SG Special

    Hi guys, I have posted a few times a video showing how I use my Vibrola on my '68 SG Special, but this is different. Hope you like it... I enjoyed working on this one! The neck pickup is a Kinman P90 HX 580 Alnico, and the amp is my Gibson GA30RV.
  19. asintoras

    Something_Fingerstyle arrangement

    Hope you like it. I had fun doing the bendings with the Vibrola...
  20. asintoras

    A trio of Gibsons

    This is my arrangement of Georgia on my mind, playing my 57' ES-125 through my 57' Gibson GA9 and the Gibson GA30RV (with a vintage VOX T530 from the early 60's). Reverb and Echo come from a Zoom MS50-G. And this is me playing Joe Pass' arrangement for When you wish upon a star: Hope you like it!
  21. asintoras

    Georgia on my mind_ES125 with two Gibson amps

    This is my arrangement of this classic tune famously sung by Ray Charles. Hope you like it. Gear: 57' ES-125 on a 57' Gibson GA9 amp and a Gibson GA30RV. Reverb and Echo provided by a Zoom MS50-G. Hope you like it!
  22. asintoras

    Joe Pass (ES125) When you wish upon a star

    As per Joe Pass' arrangement of this lovely piece. Before I transcribed the shred version of this tune as played by Jason Becker, and promised to bring this one too, so here it is. Transcription by Filip Fiebiger. Gear: 57' Gibson ES-125 on two amps, being a 57' Gibson GA9 and a 2001 Gibson...
  23. asintoras

    Vals venezolano (Lauro)_Classical guitar

    To celebrate father's day 2020! Hope you like it...
  24. asintoras

    When you wish upon a star (Jason Becker) _ S-Gear

    I thought I would post it here too... Jason Becker's version of this classic tune. I've used the Clean Duke for the Intro and the Wayfarer for the rest. Hope you like it!
  25. asintoras

    When you wish upon a star

    Jason Becker recorded his own arrangement of this classic Disney tune from Pinocchio on his 1999 Raspberry Jams. I tried my best to do it justice... Hope you like it!