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Search results

  1. speakercabs

    Sold Xotic AC Plus $82 shipped

    Just picked this up to try out, great pedal but I won't use the dual function enough to replace my regular old AC which has been on the board for a decade! Excellent shape, couple chips, No feet, no velcro but a bit of residue of some from the past... Sorry for the glare in the photos. $82...
  2. speakercabs

    Sold Beyerdynamic DT-250, 80 ohm phones $38 shipped

    These have been Beyer-ly used and sitting in a box in the parts pantry for quite some time. Tested, clean, and work great. They're at least $150 new everywhere - https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=beyerdynamic%20250%2080 Model DT-250 / 80 ohm system $38 gets 'em shipped to you. Thanks for...
  3. speakercabs

    Mike Clark Experience: Celebrating Herbie Hancock - Live stream tonight 7:30 ET

    Not affiliated, just thought fans would appreciate a heads up. Saw this on Mike's IG feed today.
  4. speakercabs

    Sold Lava Cable Blue Demon 15" Straight Ends $22

    Light use, great cable. $40 new, grab this one for $22 Shipped and Paypalled. Thanks for looking.
  5. speakercabs

    Sold Bunch of Mogami 2549 Balanced Cable 1/4" TRS to XLR $35

    (4) cables in total: All 6 feet in length (2) TRS to XLR Male (2) TRS to XLR Female Also throwing in some random XLR to 1/4" couplers and an insert cable with female plugs (breakout cable?). (Edit - I also just found a normal insert cable - male ends - that I will throw in as well). These...
  6. speakercabs

    Sold Eminence Ramrod 10" 8ohm $35 shipped

    Excellent lightly used condition, my favorite 10" but I have a few of em already. Can move this along to. TGPer for $35 shipped and PayPalled. Thanks all.
  7. speakercabs

    Sold Dimarzio Virtual Vintage 54 Pro (3) - Black - $35 ea.

    My favorite singles at a great price. Bought here recently for a project that didn't pan out. Leads: (1) at 11" (1) at 10" (1) at 6" (fine for bridge use) The black/white are terminated and taped like usual for VV singles. The lengths above are for the red/green conductors. Black covers...
  8. speakercabs

    FS Unused / Open Box Eminence Legend 1518 - 15" 8 ohm 150w - $60

    Had a couple of these around for testing cabinets, this is my last one. It's been mounted but never soldered up. Ships in original Eminence packing materials. Save 40% ff new - $60 shipped USA. Thanks
  9. speakercabs

    Sold (One left!) Drew Goodin Free Shipping Holiday Special - 1x12 and 2x10 Cabinets

    1/21 - I have (1) left at the $335 shipped price! Lead time for finishing is 2 weeks on this one. Thanks so much to everyone that supported this sale. --- Hi All, I have completed a run of (15) shells that can either end up as 1x12 or 2x10 cabinets, your choice. I am including USA shipping...
  10. speakercabs

    Sold Stewart PA-100B $70 shipped!

    Get your compact wet/dry/wet amp right here! Or simply some nice power for your monitors. Excellent condition, works perfectly. A prior owner hardwired some 1/4" jacks to the barrier strips, very handy! Also looks like he put some silicone around the input jacks, maybe they had a tendency to...
  11. speakercabs

    Sold Bad Monkey, excellent, $30 shipped

    Grabbed this here recently to try after hearing so much over the years, didn't disappoint! But I really don't need another TS-type. Love the flexibility of the tone controls. Excellent, barely used condition with box and literature. $30 shipped, thanks for looking!
  12. speakercabs

    Sold 2017 CS NAMM Limited '59 Tele - Journeyman Sage Green Metallic - $2700 Shipped

    Quite a spectacular tele, but the old hands and mind simply prefer a strat. Old listing I linked to below says Sherwood; the control cavity says Sage, and it's definitely distinct from the former. Minimal fret wear, and one of the best playing guitars of any type I've ever owned. Just...
  13. speakercabs

    Sold Eminence Legend 1518 - as new / unused - $50 shipped

    Get half off a brand new one, shipping included, still in factory packaging. Only picked this up to make a mounting hole template. Never mounted or hooked up. 8 ohm, 150w $50 shipped, no trades, thanks for looking!
  14. speakercabs

    Sold Alesis Nanoverb w/ power supply - $35 S/P

    Perfect working condition, plenty of scratches as shown but it's served me well for many years. No issues. Original power supply / wall wart included. $35 shipped, no trades, thanks for looking!
  15. speakercabs

    Sold EMG Telecaster Bridge (RT) pickup - $35

    Perfect condition with mounting screws/springs, full leads. I'm including the EMG wiring hardness and jack (already soldered jack connections, all you have to do is the pickup connections). The original alnico magnet version everyone loves. Pickup sounds awesome. BUT - the volume pot is...
  16. speakercabs

    Sold Assorted open-back, unloaded Birch ply cabs

    I've got several cabinets hanging around in various stages of completion; you'd get your choice of grill (and one that hasn't been covered yet, so you'd have options there). Of course, all hardware will be installed. They have been used to test speakers and have some 'shop wear', etc. I'm going...
  17. speakercabs

    Sold Lightweight Pine 2x10, matte finish

    I built a couple of these when I was doing pine and other solid wood cabinets; I do all birch ply these days so this would be the last chance to snag one of my cabinets in pine. I picked through all my pine for weight and clarity for this build, even with the baltic birch back/baffle it weighs...
  18. speakercabs

    Sold Fender CS Twisted Tele neck pickup

    Pulled from a 2018 Journeyman Tele 9.5" leads Marked 'HW', dated January '18 $55 shipped / Paypalled, no trades, thank you.
  19. speakercabs

    Sold Drew Goodin 2x10 Pine

    The last of my prototypes. I'm selling it for a lot less than I would for a new cabinet (which I won't be making for a while, as I'm dealing with a back injury). I built this when I was messing with different finishes and it kind of became the 'shop cab'. I finally got around to getting it some...
  20. speakercabs

    Sold Drew Goodin 112OS cab, birch ply / oval back - Free Shipping

    Free Shipping for the Holidays... Hi All, Pine cabs are gone, but I still have one birch ply / oval back 1x12. Black or Fawn tolex - your choice. Cane grill. - 5/8", 11-ply Russian birch plywood - Dado corner joints - 1/2" Russian birch floating baffle, - Front loading, hardware installed -...
  21. speakercabs

    Sold New in Box Dimarzio Air Norton & Breed Bridge - Black / 2-conductor

    I special ordered these a few weeks ago and ended up going with something else for the project. Not a knock on these at all; they're my favorite neck/bridge combo from Dimarzio. The boxes have not even been opened. Air Norton - Black Breed Bridge - Black - F-Spaced 2-conductor wiring...
  22. speakercabs

    Sold Drew Goodin OS1x12 or 2x10 Cabinets

    A couple of vintage style narrow-panel pine cabs with some modern appointments. Lightweight high-quality pine with Russian birch ply baffles and back panels. Choose Black or S&P grill. Specs - Solid 3/4 Western white pine, hand selected (by me) for weight and clarity (little-to-no knots)...
  23. speakercabs

    Sold Drew Goodin Mini 1x10 proto/shop demo

    As I did with the vertical 2x12, I'm putting the proto of one of my cabs up for sale, this time the Mini 1x10. This little cab packs a lot of punch. Unloaded, but will be finished in matte poly before shipping. Just add your driver. I can also load with most Celestion, Eminence or Jensen...
  24. speakercabs

    Looping pedal with external record footswitch

    Loopmasters of TGP, I'm looking for a simple looping pedal that has the ability to assign the record/overdub function to an external footswitch. So far all the options I've explored with external switching abilities only allow you to stop/undo/tap tempo, but not record. I did see the EHX 45000...
  25. speakercabs

    Sold Drew Goodin 2x12 - Shop Proto/Demo - $400 - Choose Grill

    This is the cab that became my production diagonal/vertical 2x12. It has some tiny cosmetic flaws but looks great and is rock-solid. Normal/new price $619. This one is up for $400 plus actual shipping. For those not familiar, my cabs are a"naked" but fully finished in a durable flat...