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Search results

  1. Desert Blues

    History Of Dumble Amplifiers

    Part II coming this week. Thanks guys
  2. Desert Blues

    Crucial Audio Tone Nugget

    This a pretty rare pedal so heres a video :
  3. Desert Blues


  4. Desert Blues

    Dumble the best tone?

    I know another Dumble thread, but I made this little video to go through some tones and discuss the D-style clones.
  5. Desert Blues

    Filmosound song

    This was real fun getting some tones out of these little amps..
  6. Desert Blues

    Ritchie Valens

    It was great to interview Iowa guitarist and rock historian Ryan Sheeler recently... This is for all you Ritchie fans...
  7. Desert Blues

    Dumble style amp for Beano tones

    I've long been a believer that D-style amps can nail the Eric Clapton 'Beano' tone or at least get close - I think Dumble was a fan of that tone and in particular celestion speakers as well.. Here's my take on it using a D-Style amp:
  8. Desert Blues

    Cuban electric guitar style

    A track I recorded for an upcoming project - thanks Marc Ribot!
  9. Desert Blues

    My trip to India

  10. Desert Blues

    Dumble tone versatility

    Haven't posted for a while but heres a clip to show a dumble style amp going from mellow to cutting just working the pickups and volumes on the OD channel
  11. Desert Blues

    ESP Firebird style guitar

    Never seen one of these before - ESP Japanese made Firebird style maybe from the 80s/90s and this is quite possibly the only one they ever made.
  12. Desert Blues

    Ry Cooder's 3 Delay Pedal setup - stacking delays

    This was fun to do a video trying to get Ry's 3 stacked delay sound - I love the quicksilver delay, but the black mountain and Free The Tone delays are both awesome too!
  13. Desert Blues

    Mark Knopfler Retires

    Sad to hear that Mark is hanging up the guitar as far as his touring goes but apparently he's still active in the studio. Would have been amazing to see an original Dire Straits reunion (Pick Withers, David Knopfler and John Illsley) before he signed off. I made a video about the whole thing if...
  14. Desert Blues

    ¡Cumbia! with an old Guyatone Guitar/filmosound

    Gear Used: Filmosound 3899 and 385 Speaker: Celstion Typa A Guitar: 1965 Guyatone LG-200T
  15. Desert Blues

    A Tale Of Two Bursts

    Bob and I had a lot of fun today playing these two old bursts - 1958 and a '59/'60 Les Pauls
  16. Desert Blues

    Filmosound and Dumble style amp rig

    Real happy with this current amp setup which I think may be of interest to a few folk thanks!
  17. Desert Blues

    Chasing the Peter Green Tone - magnet flip/reverse wind pickups

    I feel I have got as far as I can with my quest for the Greeny tone and thought I'd put the results into the context of a song -(licks throughout are magnet flip and solo is reverse wind) Mojo pickups kindly made me a set of his new 'reverse wind'(neck) pickups to acheive the classic Peter...
  18. Desert Blues

    Vintage Gibson Guitar Collection

    I'm posting this video of a friends collection here as I prefer TGP to the Les Paul forums- hope you will enjoy it!
  19. Desert Blues

    My friend playing some blues through a reverberammo

    My good friend Martin McNiell who I sometimes do some shows in London with Martin plugged into my reverbammo for some nice harmonic trem tones