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Search results

  1. Jeff Scott

    How much does a broken and repaired cabinet joint affect the value of a collectible amp?

    Sorry to read this. I am a stickler when it comes to packing heavy/large items. I can spend way over an hour packing something up properly. A few years ago I had to ship an 8x10 Deardorff camera with a bunch of accessories in its original wood case. When I took it to Fedex the girl behind...
  2. Jeff Scott

    How much does a broken and repaired cabinet joint affect the value of a collectible amp?

    How can that be if two out of two came with damage to them?
  3. Jeff Scott

    Fave current Class A amps?

    My Swart STR-Tremolo is very much a Class A amp. :)
  4. Jeff Scott

    Tube amp under 10 watts that is NOT a Fender/Vox/Marshall copy/clone

    Something Swart. Superb build and not a Fender/Marshall/Vox clone at all. Before I bought my STR-Tremolo I tried a Carr Mercury at the same shop.
  5. Jeff Scott

    Small amp?

    Well, shucks, I guess I missed it. I was considering a Skylark but decided the price was too high so I got a: http://www.swartamps.com/amplifiers-swart_str-tremolo.htm
  6. Jeff Scott

    Swart STR Tremolo - Tuxedo or Regular Cab?

    I have played both; there really is no discernible difference that I could make out, but I certain that a FFT spectrum analyzer could. :D FWIW I bought the Tuxedo version.
  7. Jeff Scott

    Will a 4x12 Cab Beef up my Low End?

    Does you band have a bass player? Tell him to turn up! ;)
  8. Jeff Scott

    What's the "biggest" Combo amp out there?

  9. Jeff Scott

    Why isn't carbon fiber more popular with amps?

    Case in point!
  10. Jeff Scott

    Will Quilter make a mini lunchbox amp?

    I have owned some of your gear over the years (well QSC, anyway), wonderful products! :) The 500 series thing is more of a pipe dream to be able to utilize these processors on stage for a killer rig that is modular. Regardless, I have been reading the thread on TalkBass about a possible...
  11. Jeff Scott

    Can't ship 2x10" cab?

    I had a client in my old business from there...........
  12. Jeff Scott

    Will Quilter make a mini lunchbox amp?

    I'd love to see a 500 series lunchbox from Quilter with built in power amp(s). :aok
  13. Jeff Scott

    3 Monkeys Sock Monkey or vintage Fender Princeton

    From my limited experience with a SM I have to say there was NO headroom at all, but that could be exactly what someone else may be looking for. My vote goes to the Fender; I use to own a PR (a friend has it now).
  14. Jeff Scott

    Gigging with a Tiny Amp?

    Welcome to the Enlightened Club! :drink
  15. Jeff Scott

    Separate pre-amp and power-amp. Anyone do this?

    Since the late '70s for me!
  16. Jeff Scott

    The Amp Guts Appreciation Thread PART 2 ! !

    I have some photos of my Swart STR-Tremolo but I don't do photo hosting sites. Will someone post them if I send the files to you?
  17. Jeff Scott

    Reeves Custom 12?

    I had considered the combo amp for a while. How hot do these get? The tubes are buried inside the cabinet with no ventilation at all.
  18. Jeff Scott

    The Swart STR - A step closer to a bedroom amp

    I love the STR-Tremolo I have but, yes, these are pretty loud 5 watt amps. I will have to do some tube swapping as I mostly play pretty quietly late at night.
  19. Jeff Scott

    Searching for a new amp different than anything I've ever had.

    That is exactly the first amp that came to mind after reading your post! :aok
  20. Jeff Scott

    What was THE LAST amp you bought and sold right away? Why??

    Gotta love those paramedic EQs, though, they can save your life................:roll
  21. Jeff Scott

    Speaker jack is loose on amp I got from emporium.

    Which is it? :anon
  22. Jeff Scott

    brownface Fender Concert Amp - tone change when vibrato is engaged

    The Tremato® uses three tubes (2 1/2, really) so check those out, too, along with any coupling caps, etc. Remember, this a 50+ year old amp and things WILL go bad in them. You can choose to replace faulty parts to bring the amp back to life or have a somewhat working collector piece. My...
  23. Jeff Scott

    brownface Fender Concert Amp - tone change when vibrato is engaged

    There must be something wrong with your amp. The 1962 Concert Amp I had for a few years sounded great with the Vibremolo®, not tone suck at all. The only issue is the beating sound that gets stronger as the intensity is turned up. You may see the speakers pulsing and the excursion of the...
  24. Jeff Scott

    Trade sanity check - Dr. Z for Swart? - Updated with Review

    Does the reverb work it does on my STR-Tremolo? If so, the Space control works independently of the volume control. I can turn up the reverb with the volume control all the way down and get the reverb signal. With it working like this I can set the reverb level then turn up the volume control...
  25. Jeff Scott

    Fender Blackface Princeton Reverb 1966

    Are you going to use the amp or put it in a glass case? :agree