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Search results

  1. CaseyI

    Veritas New Pro Line

    I believe it had the stock Korean pickups in it, but I didn't plug it in. Casey is pretty picky when it comes to pickups so I'd expect the Korean ones to be pretty solid.
  2. CaseyI

    Veritas New Pro Line

    I used to run the sales and social media for Veritas (2015/16) so take my opinion for what it's worth. I've played as many Veritas guitars as anybody. I was at the shop a month or two ago and had a chance to play it. Without telling me what it was, Casey (Marvin) told me to "try this". It...
  3. CaseyI

    Pedals that you don't use much but just cant bear to get rid of?

    Boss DD-20. I've bought and sold it probably 7 times. The last time I bought it I committed to not sell it, even though it's not on my board.
  4. CaseyI

    Empress Echo System Dual Engine Delay **update w/clips**

    When I had mine I had considered hacking into the tap tempo switch and adding a jack. Then I decided it wasn't worth the hassle. It'd be a relatively simple mod. But there were several other bothersome aspects of the pedal to me.... Volume drop in the SDD mode, and no midi On/Off (I created a...
  5. CaseyI

    Empress Echo System Dual Engine Delay **update w/clips**

    FYI- The SDD-3000 do NOT receive midi clock. The firmware for this device was a massive Korg fail. There's literally no way to input tempo from an external source on it.
  6. CaseyI

    NGD: Veritas Portlander Thinline (Pics)

    Yep. Still got it. It's doubtful I'll ever let it go as it's more than just a guitar to me. But I'm glad you like it!
  7. CaseyI

    Suggestions for head cabinet for odd chassis

    I have a combo amp that I love but the rattles are driving me crazy. I'd love to split it into a head and cab, but I don't think the chassis is conducive to a head cab. Any suggestions?
  8. CaseyI

    Miktek C5 alternative?

    Great to hear! I've been interested in the hummingbirds but there isn't a whole lot of info out there.
  9. CaseyI

    Source Audio Nemesis Delay

    Just got my Nemesis yesterday. I bought it just to "give it a shot". I didn't have any expectations good or bad. All I have to say is Wow. It feels more real than about anything I've tried (Timeline, DD500, DD20, SDD3K, Delaylab, M13). It'll be staying and the DD500 going. I was nervous about...
  10. CaseyI

    The SNS Brotherhood: Tales of Lovepedals, Ham Sammiches and the Red Dress

    Excuse my ignorance, but what does SNS stand for?
  11. CaseyI

    Does Strymon fix its prices?

    I assume they have a strict pricing contract. MAP only refers to what you can "advertise" a pedal for but has no bearing on what you actually sell it for. This is why stores like GC have a huge exception list but still honor the promotion even on their website. I think "price fixing" pertains...
  12. CaseyI

    Boss Dd500 - New Delay - Timeline-ish || Now With First Sound Clips / Impressions ||

    Does anybody know it the Looper length can be synced via midi?
  13. CaseyI

    New Korg SDD-3000 Delay Pedal

    Yep. No midi bypass. No midi clock input. No external tap tempo input. Volume drop on the SDD mode. These issues made the pedal not worth owning for me.
  14. CaseyI

    New Korg SDD-3000 Delay Pedal

    Easy. You contact Korg and get them to write new firmware to fix all of their simple oversights for basic features like the "midi sync" you speak of.
  15. CaseyI

    Switchfoot's Drew Shirley to Design Custom Elliott Guitar

    Very Epiphone Coronet. Can't say I dig it. I'll take a 357.
  16. CaseyI

    Danocaster or Veritas

    I have a Veritas and LOVE it. I did sales for them for a year and a half or so and played nearly all of them made during that time. They are simply incredible instruments. My previous "#1" sat in it's case literally untouched for over six months after my build was complete. Obviously I'm...
  17. CaseyI

    Calling Synth Heads!

    I recently dove into synth land. I went with the Roland Boutique JU-06 and JX-03 and just ordered (but yet to receive) the TR-8. If I had to buy just one, I'd probably go with the JX-03 as it has two oscillators, though I'd also highly consider the Korg Minilogue. I'm having a bunch of fun...
  18. CaseyI

    NGD: Veritas Portlander Thinline (Pics)

    Firstly, I am no longer professionally affiliated with Veritas. It was a bit of a "hobby job" for me and I couldn't dedicate the time it would've taken to keep up with everything. The guitars are amazing. I've worked in music retail before and handled my fair share of instruments. I was 100%...
  19. CaseyI

    Sold Moog Minifooger Chorus

    $150 PP and shipped via USPS Priority. Great condish. Cool pedal. BUY IT!! (No Trades Please)
  20. CaseyI

    Reverb Pedals Beyond Thunderdome

    TC Electronics Hall of Fame and/or Trinity BTW @valhalladsp, I'm a frequent user of your Room plugin. Good stuff!
  21. CaseyI

    Took a great shot of the "Gear Corner" - share yours too!

    Thanks! I think the exposed wood in the ceiling really make the room. In the rest of the basement the ceiling is painted white. I'm glad the previous owners left this room alone.
  22. CaseyI

    Took a great shot of the "Gear Corner" - share yours too!

    My room is pretty near complete.
  23. CaseyI

    Moog minifooger chorus vs MXR 234

    I have the Minifooger. It sounds pretty sweet though it seems a little tricky to dial in for a proper chorus sound, which is both good and bad I suppose. Good because you have options, bad because... you have options. The MXR seems a little more straight ahead and I've heard nothing but great...