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Search results

  1. speakercabs

    NRAD(New recabbed amp day)

    Great work.
  2. speakercabs

    Sold Xotic AC Plus $82 shipped

    Dropped a bit (the price, not the pedal).
  3. speakercabs

    Sold Xotic AC Plus $82 shipped

    Just picked this up to try out, great pedal but I won't use the dual function enough to replace my regular old AC which has been on the board for a decade! Excellent shape, couple chips, No feet, no velcro but a bit of residue of some from the past... Sorry for the glare in the photos. $82...
  4. speakercabs

    Sold Beyerdynamic DT-250, 80 ohm phones $38 shipped

    These have been Beyer-ly used and sitting in a box in the parts pantry for quite some time. Tested, clean, and work great. They're at least $150 new everywhere - https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=beyerdynamic%20250%2080 Model DT-250 / 80 ohm system $38 gets 'em shipped to you. Thanks for...
  5. speakercabs

    Mike Clark Experience: Celebrating Herbie Hancock - Live stream tonight 7:30 ET

    Not affiliated, just thought fans would appreciate a heads up. Saw this on Mike's IG feed today.
  6. speakercabs

    Sold Lava Cable Blue Demon 15" Straight Ends $22

    Light use, great cable. $40 new, grab this one for $22 Shipped and Paypalled. Thanks for looking.
  7. speakercabs

    Sold Bunch of Mogami 2549 Balanced Cable 1/4" TRS to XLR $35

    (4) cables in total: All 6 feet in length (2) TRS to XLR Male (2) TRS to XLR Female Also throwing in some random XLR to 1/4" couplers and an insert cable with female plugs (breakout cable?). (Edit - I also just found a normal insert cable - male ends - that I will throw in as well). These...
  8. speakercabs

    Sold Eminence Ramrod 10" 8ohm $35 shipped

    Excellent lightly used condition, my favorite 10" but I have a few of em already. Can move this along to. TGPer for $35 shipped and PayPalled. Thanks all.
  9. speakercabs

    Sold (One left!) Drew Goodin Free Shipping Holiday Special - 1x12 and 2x10 Cabinets

    @cygnusx1 @GoodGAS Sorry guys, meant to mark this ad sold. I don't have any left from the holiday run but am of course still doing new builds. Regular pricing is $370 including shipping to the USA for either a 2x10 or 1x12. Bunch of different tolex and grill available. Lead time is 3 weeks...
  10. speakercabs

    Speakers for twin reverb

    Try a pair of Emi GB12, small investment, high payoff.
  11. speakercabs

    Genesis.... what’s your favorite album?

    Tough one. Probably my favorite band. First exposure was the early stuff, as a punk rock fan it was a really different and exciting listening experience. In those days it would have to be Foxtrot. At that time I eschewed the post-Wuthering stuff as too mainstream but as I got older I got to...