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Search results

  1. JipThePeople

    Helix Reverb/Delay for Ambient Without Being Overwhelming

    I recently got the HX Stomp and I’m looking for a great ambient delay with reverb or standalone delay that allows the clean guitar to be upfront and the ambient effects in the background.
  2. JipThePeople

    Helix Keeley DS1 Mod

    Is the Helix Keeley DS1 Mod the Ultra mod or the Seeing Eye? I noticed there is an asymmetrical option.
  3. JipThePeople

    HX Stomp - Assigning Multiple Blocks to a Footswitch, Removing a Block From Footswitch

    After some experimentation and reading the manual, I still can't figure out two things. 1. Assign multiple blocks to one footswitch 2. Unassign a block from a footswitch Any recommendations are appreciated.
  4. JipThePeople

    Helix Owners - Have You Been Able to Duplicate the EQ of a Voodoo Lab Giggity?

    For those that own a Helix device, have you ever tried to get the same EQ curves as a Voodoo Lab Giggity? It is a key part of my post distortion sound and I'd like to be able to replicate it if I get a Helix unit.
  5. JipThePeople

    HX Stomp Questions

    Looking at an HX Stomp (yes I know the Stomp XL is pending) and I have a few questions. 1. I always play in stereo so will I run out of avail blocks too quickly with HX Stomp? 2. What ext 1 or 2 button foot switches work for the HX Stomp and what do they allow you to switch? 3. Do you think...
  6. JipThePeople

    Hughes & Kettner Spirit 200 Head Footswitch

    If I bought the Hughes & Kettner Spirit 200 Head, it it possible to see channels using a simple Footswitch or do I have to buy the expensive midi one?
  7. JipThePeople

    Voodoo Lab Giggity Distortion Issue

    I love the Giggity pedal so much I have two! I have owned both for 7+ years and both now introduce a very slight amt of distortion when I am playing clean (i.e., no OD pedal in front of it. I am running my pedalboard into a clean amp so w/o my OD pedal on, the tone should be very clean...
  8. JipThePeople

    Iridium Into HeadRush FRFR-112?

    I have a new Strymon Iridium and have been looking for a FRFR amp/wedge for live shows. The reviews are stellar for the HeadRush FRFR-112 and the price is about what I wanna spend. Is there a better option in that price range?
  9. JipThePeople

    Nemesis Delay Connector for iPhone 11

    My old Android phone has an 1/8" headphone jack but not my new iPhone. What cable do I need for an iPhone 11?
  10. JipThePeople

    Strymon Deco Stereo Doubling: Pedal Order Before OR After Delays?

    Just got the Strymon Deco and the stereo doubling is unreal, just amazing! For stereo pedal boards, does Strymon recommend the Deco before OR after delay pedals? I use a Nemesis delay for many different type of delays including long ping-pong delays. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  11. JipThePeople

    Nemesis Delay Questions

    I am looking at the Source Audio Tap Tempo Switch to switch between presets. What extra functionality do I gain if i get the soleman midi controller? Also, the source audio app seems very limited on the amt of user presets avail to load in. Are therse sites to preview and download presets?
  12. JipThePeople

    Reaper DAW - Changing BPM for Entire Timeline?

    I have a project with a 63 BPM. I want to change the tempo to 66 BPM. I have MIDI drums and bass and guitar. I will re-record the bass & guitar but I want to change tempo for the entire length of the song and retain the markers/labels I have. I have tried changing in Project settings but it...
  13. JipThePeople

    What is Advantage of POD Go vs. HX Stomp?

    POD Go looks like a great bang-for-the-buck solution with a quick and easy interface. However for an additional $150, I can get the full power of the Helix processing with the HX Stomp. I would use either rig to run to two clean amps in stereo. No 4-cable method needed. I already have a Mission...
  14. JipThePeople

    New Song "Get Me Out" (feat. Chris Hodges)

    A new song I just completed featuring the great Chris Hodges on vocals from LA. I wrote the music and played all guitars and C. Hodges wrote the lyrics and vocal melodies. Mixed by Alex Gerst of Empire Sound Recording Studios. Hope you like it!
  15. JipThePeople

    NAD: DV Mark Eric Gales Raw Dawg

    I am pedal board into a clean amp player. I have the Marshall Origin 50W head and it's glorious for a clean pedal platform. I recently researched the DV Mark Raw Dawg, the signature model for the underrated, great Eric Gales (if you play guitar and don't know who Eric Gales is, stop reading this...
  16. JipThePeople

    Mini Delay Pedal in Stereo?

    Does anyone make a mini delay pedal that runs in stereo?
  17. JipThePeople

    New Tube Head Arriving Today Via FedEx - How Long Should I Wait to Pwr Up?

    I have a new Marshall Origin 50 head arriving today. Local weather has been in the 30's so I was wondering how long I need to wait after unboxing before powering it up? I wouldn't think it would be advisable to immediately power it up cold.
  18. JipThePeople

    Nemesis Delay With Exp pedal - Help Creating Self-Oscillations

    I have the Nemesis Delay and the mission EP-1 expression pedal and I know how to assign the exp pedal to knobs, but I need som e recommendations on presets, settings, videos, etc. to set up runaway self-oscillations. Can it simulate an Echoplex with the tape sped up and slowed down via the...
  19. JipThePeople

    STEREO Flashback V2 Self-Oscillating Delays Issues

    I am using the flashback v2 in stereo and experimenting with different Toneprints, the Chaos Crescendo is one. There are two issues when I use the MASH button to enter self-oscillation. First, there is a huge volume increase. Is there a way to lower that in the TP editor? Second, the...
  20. JipThePeople

    Peavey ReValver 4 or Other Amp Sim for $100-150 for Hard Rock Genre?

    I am looking for an amp sim for Win 10 machine strictly for recording (no live uses) in the $100-150 range that gives me tone similar to Alice in Chains (esp the past few releases) as well as a great hard rock sound like Satriani, King's X, etc. This is the exact sound I am going for ("Phantom...
  21. JipThePeople

    Meris Mercury 7 Reverb Pedal New User Seeking Great Presets

    My new Meris Mercury 7 Reverb pedal arrived yesterday. I can't find any user presets or favorite settings (I need specific knob settings to mimic Strymon Big Sky Cloud and Bloom). If anyone has favorite settings (knob settings including Alt function knobs) please post so I can try them out. I...
  22. JipThePeople

    Longtime Blues Cube Artist Owner Buys Katana 100

    I am a guitarist who has spent years on my tone and I know what I like. I own a Marshall DSL head and 4x12 cab, 2 Blackstar over sized 1x12 cabs for smaller gigs, two Quliter ToneBlock 200 heads, and a Roland Blues Cube artist (black tolex with UBTC). I have owned the BCA for about three years...
  23. JipThePeople

    Kantana 100v V2 Wk With Sneaky Amps?

    Do the sneaky amps wk w ver 2 Katana amps? Also, is the fender twin the best clean tone for the Katana? I love blackface cleans.
  24. JipThePeople

    Blues Cube Artist as a Pedal Platform (Video)

    The Blues Cube Artist is neither a high gain amp or a one-trick pony as some suggest. Since the BCA excels as a clean pedal platform, you can achieve higher gain tones using pedals. This is my rig set on the clean channel using a Mooer Yellow Comp, Monte Allums modded Boss DS-1, and Voodoo Lab...
  25. JipThePeople

    Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal Compatible With Helix HX Effects?

    Is the Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal Compatible With Helix HX Effects? The reviews are great for this expression pedal and it's only 40 bucks! Any info is appreciated.