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  1. M

    Vintage Marshall JMP info needed!

    Hi, I have a friend who wants to sell a vintage Marshall JMP Bass 20 head. I was looking for some info on it. Mostly the year it was made (I believe it is 1969) and how much it would be worth if they sell it. Here are some pictures. It's all original except for the Marshall logo. Does anyone...
  2. M

    Vemuram Shanks 4K equivilant

    Wondering what else is out there that sounds similar to the Vemuram Shanks 4K? It's based off of the fuzzface and tonebender 1.5 mod. Thanks
  3. M

    Favorite 12" speaker in a Princeton Reverb

    More bass, complex harmonics. And stay pretty clean. I don't love a lot of treble. Any recommendations with that?
  4. M

    Favorite 12" speaker in a Princeton Reverb

    I have an older Princeton Reverb (currently with a Rajin Cajin 10") and have been thinking about an upgrade to a 12" speaker. I like the sound of the 10" in there now but would like it to sound bigger, I hooked it up to a Deluxe Reverb speaker and came close to the same sound as a deluxe...
  5. M

    Seymour Duncan Everything Axe

    I have a Strat and I got a Seymour Duncan Everything Axe pickup set, and i'd like to have more options than the wiring diagram that Seymour Duncan has here, http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=everythingaxe_1v_2t_5w Maybe something that has the bridge...
  6. M

    What did you replace your ES335 pickups with?

    I changed the 57's to Peter Florence Voodoo 59's and don't regret the decision. I like the 57's more than Burstbuckers though.
  7. M

    Bogner Duende alternative?

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a Bogner Duende alternative. Something that has a great 'Fender' clean channel and possibly a second channel similar to a 'Marshall'. Also has to be light weight and not super loud (not over 30 watts). I may end up just getting a Duende but...
  8. M

    Overdrive pedal for Bogner Shiva 6L6

    Nobels ODR-1 (i have the old green one)
  9. M

    Be Part of Bearfoot FX Canada Tourbox!!

    I'm in Canada and into it. Interested in the Dyna Red, Sparkling Yellow OD, Pale Green Compressor, and the Honey Beest, and the Vibe. I'm into trying any/all their pedals. I currently own the Honeybee and love it!
  10. M

    DD-20....am i crazy?

    I LOVE the DD-20, i've sold it and bought it back too after going through every delay pedal out there, and listening to old recordings of myself with the DD-20. Saying that, i've had the Strymon Timeline for over a year now and no DD-20 on my pedalboard.
  11. M

    Bogner Shiva alternative?

    I like that suggestion... they're heavy too aren't they, but i do like the 6V6 idea.
  12. M

    Bogner Shiva alternative?

    Hi I have a Bogner Shiva (silver back version) 1x12" combo, what would recommend that sounds similar, just maybe not quite as loud and heavy???
  13. M

    strymon - awful experience

    Have two of their pedals. I had a problem with my timeline, they had excellent customer service, gave me store credit for the trouble and store credit for me shipping the pedal back, and sent me a new timeline. Their customer service is as good as anyone's out there, their emails were always...
  14. M

    New to PRS. Choose between DGT or C24

    i think the 2011 and newer have a newer more resistant V12 finish
  15. M

    What replaced your Xotic EP Booster?

    I completely agree, i usually do with Realfi. I like the Klon as well.
  16. M

    New to PRS. Choose between DGT or C24

    I believe there's a DGT in Cape Breton (reputable seller) on Guitars Canada website right now. I have a 2008 Gold Top DGT, and always said i wasn't a PRS guy, my lesson learnt was never say never, i play it all the time, love the playability most, then the sound, and love the coil tap. Only...
  17. M

    Bogner Shiva - replacement handle

    I have a Bogner Shiva 1x12" combo, any idea where I could find a replacement handle for this amp? Thanks
  18. M

    Zvex Box of Rock - Bad on Vox amps??

    Any Marshall style pedals that Vox's like?? What about the Suhr riot??
  19. M

    Zvex Box of Rock - Bad on Vox amps??

    What are some suggestions of pedals that go well with them??? My Klon seems to work ok with Vox style amps, but none of my others.
  20. M

    Zvex Box of Rock - Bad on Vox amps??

    Is it just me or does the Zvex Box of Rock sound amazing on Fender style amps and terrible on Vox style amps???
  21. M

    Strymon Timeline Limitations/Drawbacks/Issues

    +1 i absolutely love the pedal...(and real tape echoes for the record) especially with the newest update.
  22. M

    Strymon Timeline Limitations/Drawbacks/Issues

    I had one that made these types of noises your describing but on all presets, and mine didn't seen to stop the noise. Static, and popping, not very loud but loud enough for me to notice, I would turn down the volume on my guitar and leave the timeline on through the amp for 45 minutes and it...
  23. M

    PRS users! Help me out

    I'd start looking for a used PRS DGT.
  24. M

    Fender Princeton Reverb? Help me figure out the low wattage amp thing

    This is your answer, different speaker and a cap job, and biased. I have a 335 through mine and its clean at 5 and loud.