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  1. Long2Play

    Grosh Guitars article in Guitar Magazine

    Don Grosh interview Cool interview with Don Grosh in Guitar Magazine! It's great to see him get some coverage!
  2. Long2Play

    Rivera Venus Recording Amp

    Hey I just ran across this from Rivera: https://instagram.com/p/4sBumttCLE/ Very interesting...
  3. Long2Play

    NAD: RJS 6850 Plexi

    New amp day!! Bobby Smith works for Grosh Guitars and he builds 4 hole Marshall Plexi types on the side under the name RJS Amplification. Bobby has worked for Valley Arts, Tom Anderson Guitar Works, Charvel and now does all the final assembly at Grosh Guitars. He is a 35 year veteran Luthier and...
  4. Long2Play

    11R Improvisation for giggles

    I recall someone asking about the Boogie Mark IIC model in the 11R a while back. A potential student asked me about Jazz/Fusion playing and wanted to hear a little of my playing. I recorded this today as a quick demo. It is a first take, warts and all over a backing track. The guitar is my Grosh...
  5. Long2Play

    Don Grosh Interview - Wildwood Guitars NAMM

    Enjoy Y'all! PURE PASSION • PURE TONE!! IXdLJNbjpEM :)
  6. Long2Play

    Grosh Guitars New Products at NAMM - NOS Retro Guitar

    Here are some advanced pics of the new Grosh Guitar's products being introduced at the 2012 Winter NAMM Show Booth 4877. Stop by and check them out!! The new Grosh ElectraSonic pickups!!! Featuring 42 gauge Formvar wire and Alnico 5 single coil pole pieces ... they will officially be launched...
  7. Long2Play

    Grosh Guitars Mini-Humbuckers!! New Pickups!!

    http://groshguitars.com/pickups/humbuckers/mini-humbucker/ Grosh Guitars is pleased to announce a new addition to their highly praised line of pickups..... The Grosh Mini-Hums are based on a vintage mini humbucker but with more fullness, clarity and output. Compared to a full humbucker...
  8. Long2Play

    Grosh Guitars Booth 4877 Winter NAMM 2011

    Grosh Guitars will be at the 2011 Winter NAMM Show • Booth 4877 [Hall C] Sharing space with Matchless Amps. Stop by to meet Don Grosh and see these wonderful instruments, plus much more! SuperJet in Denim loaded with Blown 59 humbuckers ... headed to the 2011 NAMM Show! ... Pure Passion •...
  9. Long2Play

    Grosh Artist Joe Gamble ElectraJet VT Clip!!

    Attached is a clip that Grosh Artist Joe Gamble did with the ElectraJet VT loaded with Grosh GT Neck and GTX Bridge pickups. Mostly guitar, amp and volume knob ... "Sole guitar on the track was a Grosh EJVT. It was plugged directly into a vintage 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb with a George L...
  10. Long2Play

    Grosh Guitars • Sunset '79 • New Model!!

    Grosh Guitars is very excited to announce the release of the new Grosh "Sunset '79". The new Sunset '79 epitomizes the late 70s/early 80s southern California hard rock scene with tone and playability that only Grosh can deliver. With a one piece maple neck, dual Grosh "Blown 59" humbuckers...
  11. Long2Play

    Grosh Guitars • Ian Moore w/ Jason Mraz!!

    Rockin' ElectraJet ... Ian Moore currently on tour with Jason Mraz playing a Mini-Black Sparkle ElectraJet Custom with 3 Grosh G-90 pickups ... check it especially at about 3:40 and beyond ... catch a show if you can http://jasonmraz.com/#/tour/ ... PURE PASSION - PURE TONE...
  12. Long2Play

    New Grosh Guitars Baritone!!!

    The new Grosh Baritone in Trans Tobacco Burst!!! This is the prototype and is headed to Wildwood Guitars http://www.wildwoodguitars.com/ Grosh Guitars doing a limited run of 5 for now and hope to offer this model on a regular basis later this year...... PURE PASSION - PURE TONE!! I do not...
  13. Long2Play

    Grosh Guitars • Mark Knopfler Royal Albert Hall

    Mark Knopfler at Royal Albert Hall 2010, ending of Piper to the End!! The Grosh ElectraJet in the master's hands!! <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/rdRW36aX6ck&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  14. Long2Play

    Doug Rappoport • Grosh Retro Classic Action!

    Sweet Retro Classic action...... Check it out! The 2004 Edgar Winter Band Tour with Doug Rappoport. 8 weeks in Europe ending with performance at The Royal Albert Hall in London. DVD just released! Its from a while ago but it came out pretty cool. Enjoy!! <object width="640"...
  15. Long2Play

    Mark Knopfler - Grosh ElectraJet Artist!!

    Grosh Guitars is extremely excited and honored to announce Mark Knopfler as an official Grosh Guitars ElectraJet Artist!!! Brent Johnson of Grosh Guitars had the absolute pleasure earlier this week to see his show in Denver and to see him play his Grosh ElectraJet on stage. Absolutely...
  16. Long2Play

    Grosh Guitars Recent Floyd Rose builds

    Grosh Guitars thought you might like to see a couple of recent custom builds that are Floyd Rose Equipped for those players that dig the locking tremolo action...... Here's an ElectraJet with Floyd Rose in the one-off color "Sunburst Orange Pearl" - ash body with maple neck - turned out...
  17. Long2Play

    Grosh Guitars New Color - Black Metallic Orange!!

    Grosh Guitars wants to share pics of the first ever ElectraJet in "BLACK ORANGE METALLIC". Grosh Guitars is using a black base coat on this finish to give metallic orange a new twist. This one is already taken but this color is now available to order. This guitar is going to Fat Sound Guitars...
  18. Long2Play

    The New Grosh ElectraJet VT

    So what happens when you cross an ElectraJet with a Retro Classic Vintage T? .... The new ElectraJet VT!!! We're very excited about this new model for Grosh Guitars. It combines the cool ElectraJet body shape with the controls and configuration of an RCVT. Does it sound like an...
  19. Long2Play

    Another Lunch Box Amp entry....Traynor!

    http://www.traynoramps.com/products.asp?type=1&cat=60&id=424 Delivers Full 15 Watts in Higher Power (6V6) Mode Selectable Low Power 2-watt (12AU7) Mode Simple Gain, Bass, Treble & Master Volume Control Set "Pure" Switch that bypasses Tone Stack (delivering a Mid Boost and Overall Gain Boost)...
  20. Long2Play

    Grosh ElectraJet Special • Limited Run of 5!

    Grosh Guitars is proud and excited to announce the release of the Limited Edition run of the first-ever Grosh ElectraJet Special. The ElectraJet Special features an all mahogany body that is 1/16" thinner than our regular ElectraJet, mahogany/rosewood fingerboard, Pigtail wraparound bridge, 24...
  21. Long2Play

    Grosh Reserve Amplifer w/ matching TurboJet • Arlington Guitar Show Debut!

    Grosh Guitars is happy to officially announce the release of the first ever Grosh amplifier, the Grosh Reserve Limited Edition DG-50 (all hand-wired, point-to-point), along with the matching Grosh Reserve Limited Edition TurboJet. A total of 5 of these very special and collectable guitar/amp...
  22. Long2Play

    Grosh Guitars TurboJet is cleared for take off!!

    Announcing the Limited Edition run of the new TurboJet! The TurboJet is being released in a limited run of 10 guitars and one prototype, and that’s it for 2009! The Limited Edition TurboJet takes the cool lines of the ElectraJet body shape and turns it into an all out rock machine. The...
  23. Long2Play

    Grosh Guitars Retro Classic Standard!!

    Grosh Guitars is proud and excited to introduce the new Retro Classic Standard! Setting the new Standard in tone, the Retro Classic Standard is a true milestone in the evolution of Grosh Guitars. It brings Grosh quality, tone, looks and playability to a broader range of customers. By...
  24. Long2Play

    New Grosh Guitars Forum!

    Hey all you Grosh Guitars fans. Grosh Guitars now has an official forum! Check it out! http://www.groshguitars.proboards.com
  25. Long2Play

    Grosh ElectraJet!!

    Did you guys see this? Wicked cool!! :drool:RoCkIn Grosh ElectraJet&#8482; New Product Announcemet Grosh Guitars&#8482; is very excited to announce the new ElectraJet&#8482; guitar. This original and innovative new design combines the classic, vintage styling for which Grosh Guitars is...