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Search results

  1. A

    Favorite intros?

    Stargazer - Rainbow
  2. A

    Thin Lizzy fans ?? Pinnick, Sheehan, Aldrich, Phil X, Luzier

    Love TL but sorry, this version is lame
  3. A

    Old PA rigs. Remember hauling these?

    Remember it well...if you could handle a cab with less than 3 guys it was no good....:)
  4. A

    Canadian Bands

    Not bands but I loved Alannah Myles and Sass Jordan
  5. A

    I was listening to Deep Purple’s Burn today and....

    My first Purple album (got it copied from cassette to cassette:) and it got me hooked. Lay down, stay down and Sail away are my favorite tracks But Mistreated is on top too
  6. A

    Måneskin: new rockers w #1 album, 9 singles on chart in Italy, sold out arenas

    I never watched San Remo and became aware of them only with all the discussion after they won. It‘s not my style but a refreshing band and the songs are hooky. Didn‘t they come out of x-factor or some kind of talent show? And sure better to hear them than most of the italian music that’s beiing...
  7. A

    Johnny Winter And?

    I read it was the first album where he used Firebirds. Amps...no idea, but I guess big Fenders like Twins
  8. A

    Bell Bottom Blues (Larkin Poe)

    Saw them live, and they delivered!
  9. A

    Ariel Posen - 'Headway'

    That‘s my feelings too...they seem to be so accomplished and studied as players that they lost the gravel and the edge that makes music interesting.
  10. A

    Your Favorite Band that Never Made it "Big"

    Tishamingo Very talented band and great guitar player with Jess Franklin
  11. A

    Deep Purple 1973 NY City

    Great show! Blackmore could play circles around (almost) all other players around in those days. If you look closely at the beginning you see he has a plastic wedge under the saddles to raise them. Would not be TGP approved but seemed to work for him ;)
  12. A

    If you could be a great guitarist OR great singer...

    Singer....more chicks :)
  13. A

    LOOPER question....

    I‘m not sure is what you mean, but my Boss RC 3 has the possibility to store up to 99 (i believe) different loops. I record the various tunes I wanna rehearse and then just switch between them
  14. A

    Hanging guitars vs. Keeping them in their case

    Have them hanging on the walls and a few in a K&M multistand. Like them to be there ready to be played
  15. A

    George Thorogood Live 1982

    Didn‘t know he also played a Gretsch...always thought just the ES125TDC I have some serious gas about.... Question to you: Possible that you‘re a fairly great player with a passion for progressive rock and an adversion for sports-bar blues with the best guitar-show on YT?
  16. A

    George Thorogood Live 1982

    Listened to the new edition of this classic album today. Some versions are really great on there. But I can‘t stand the sax. When did George start with the Sax player? I mean, a horn section has power, but a lone Sax is just cheesy...loved his first album when they were just a trio. Raw and...
  17. A

    Who is the Most "Likeable" Guitar God?

    Ritchie Blackmore
  18. A

    You guys like Molly Hatchet?

    Like the first two albums, but to me they always sounded more meat&potatoes compared to the other southern rockers who were just much more refined in playing and arranging. Nothing against meat&potatoes, but not every day..;)
  19. A

    Vintage guitars- Gig with them or leave at home?

    Always gig with my vintage stuff
  20. A

    Who did you see at a small club gig that blew you away?

    Marcus King and Larkin‘ Poe
  21. A

    Suzie Quattro appreciation thread

    I had a poster of her dressed in black leather with her red bass in my room as a teen.... loved can the can!
  22. A

    Does a band really need a producer ?

    Listen to some box set of your favorite artists which features also demo versions of the songs. There is generally a big difference in the songs For example take the Beatles Demo versions album on spotify
  23. A

    Does a band really need a producer ?

    I see a producer like an architekt...many can build a house, but an architekt brings out the best and most beautiful of the ideas the future house owner throws at him during planning
  24. A

    Does a band really need a producer ?

    Couldn‘t have said it better, but just see what happened to, lets say Jeff Beck. Blow by Blow was produced by George Martin and is still considered a milestone, and Rough and Ready, while a fine album was produced by Beck himself, and sounded somehow inferior listen to some demos and the version...