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Search results

  1. atallen

    Suggestions for a new pedal that is funky, weird, or off the grid

    My go-to for weirdness is usually a PLL of some sort. EQD's Data Corruptor or Elta Music's PLL-4046. Or perhaps something Synthy like a C4 or Future Impact (don't think I've heard this one on guitar) could open some new worlds for you. I don't have much experience with them, but looks nearly...
  2. atallen

    VU Meter for pedalboard?

    Dr. Scientist Spectrum Analyzer Something like this? Their BoostBot is a single-meter that also acts as a gain boost if desired.
  3. atallen

    Refugees from TalkBass

    Greetings. Former TB moderator here, but I fell out of regular use a few years ago as I moved more of my time over to TGP. I've been browsing TB a bit more regularly in recent months, and hate to hear that nightmare that I'm sure Paul and John and the rest of the Admin team is dealing with.
  4. atallen

    Spaceman Effects Aurora Analog Flanger

    A bit disappointed in the colors, but I ordered from Spaceman because I've been wanting to pick up a t-shirt from them anyways.
  5. atallen

    Spaceman Effects Aurora Analog Flanger

    I put the blue in my cart but didn't pull the trigger yet and now the 3 CME showed are all sold. I might like that red better, anyhow, and it will match the other red Spaceman pedals I have. I'll wait and see what Spaceman's listings look like.
  6. atallen

    Spaceman Effects Aurora Analog Flanger

    Looks like this is standard price:
  7. atallen

    Spaceman Effects Aurora Analog Flanger

    Well damn. I've been looking at flangers for a dedicated bass board, so this may end that search.
  8. atallen

    Favorite Pedal for Each Effect Type

    I would normally defer to multi-units like the Nemesis, Collider, MD-500, etc, but wanted to limit my choices to standalone pedals. This was a lot tougher than I thought. Overdrive: Wampler Paisley Drive Distortion: Boss DS-1 Fuzz: Spaceman Spacerocket Delay: Greer Black Tiger Reverb: Gurus...
  9. atallen

    Recommend me a clean tube preamp pedal

    Sushi Box FX's Particle Accelerator would likely fit the bill. Based on the Alembic F-2B, which is the front end of the Fender Bandmaster.
  10. atallen

    Sushi Box Fx

    I was waiting until the London Underground came in before fully committing to the May build slots. It showed up about 2 hours ago, and dammit, now you're going to have to take my money. I'll have to watch TB a bit closer, as well, for updates on the SBVT and Gondwana.
  11. atallen

    Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry - First pedal to get me interested in a while...

    I just did a VERY rudimentary test (not into DAW, only using my phone's stopwatch), but I did find it in the 600ms range. Not a concern for me as I've never maxed the delay time, but I could see that being an issue for some.
  12. atallen

    Sushi Box Fx

    @Sushi Box FX, please let us know here when the next round of ordering opens up. I don’t frequent TB much anymore, so don’t see the regular updates there in real time, but want to place at least two orders soon.
  13. atallen

    How many of you rockers gig with a big rig like an SVT Classic?

    God, I miss the big-rig gigs. My main big rig was a 12-space rack including two preamps being A/B'ed into 400 tube watts pushing 3x Mesa & 1x SWR or Ashdown cab. Now it's pretty much all direct.
  14. atallen

    Vertex clone

    Just slap a BBE sticker on top.
  15. atallen

    The FUN CBA/ZVex Bliss Factory Thread!

    Is your bass active or passive? I’ve not checked for comment over at TalkBass, but I wasn’t having much luck getting anything I liked out of it with my active basses. I planned on this going to a bass board, but so far I’m planning on leaving it solely for guitar.
  16. atallen

    Moving across country with guitars

    We did Alabama to Texas a few years ago. 21 guitars and basses, 6 amps. The movers took all my effects and accessories in Rubbermaid bins, but I pulled a small U-Haul trailer specifically for my guitars and amps.
  17. atallen

    OLP MM5 baritone/bass vi

    Just throwing it out there, but the 30" Dano bari is also 1 5/8" and Warmoth's Bass 6 neck is 1 11/16"
  18. atallen

    Didn‘t realize I already had a bass amp...

    Excellent! One of my favorite ways to get a good OD sound for recording was to mic a blackface Deluxe that had a Mesa/Boogie Black Shadow in it, or disconnect the internal speaker and send it into an old sealed Ashdown 1x15”. I used this set up more than any of my bass rigs or effects for one...
  19. atallen

    A couple of old basses

    Lawd, have mercy!
  20. atallen

    SWR Love

    I plugged in my Electric Blue head just yesterday to give it a go for the first time in a while. I'd love to find the old 2x8" companion cab to pair with it some day. The SWR Henry 8x8" will always be one of the best bass cabs ever built, IMO. I had grand schemes at one time of pairing the...
  21. atallen

    Post pics of your all black pedals

    Far from all of my black pedals, but this was an attempt to set up an all black board. Spaceman Titan II (secret mission) Spaceman Apollo VII (secret mission) Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry Strymon Iridium
  22. atallen

    Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry - First pedal to get me interested in a while...

    It’s a mainstay for me. The fuzz is a bit darker and woolier than I’d really prefer, but with another in front of it I can use the BHS’ fuzz as a bit of extra flavoring on top should I want it.
  23. atallen

    Show your Pedaltrain Nano+

    I've since removed the Titan II in favor of a Bliss Factory. It threw off the black aesthetic that I was really digging, but is so damn fun.
  24. atallen

    Solderless power cables?

    D’addario/Planet Waves makes a kit, as well.