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Search results

  1. Shane Sanders

    The Ghost Mariners - Azimuth of Arcturus

    My new album dropped on 1/21/21 ... please give it a spin! https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/theghostmariners/azimuth-of-arcturus https://www.ghostmariners.net
  2. Shane Sanders

    Terry Riley's Concerto for Electric Violin, which the composer has nicknamed The Palmian Chord Ryddl

    Terry Riley's Concerto for Electric Violin, which the composer has nicknamed The Palmian Chord Ryddle... A bit of journalism around the piece: https://www.nashvillescene.com/music/article/13039009/nashville-symphony-shines-on-new-allschwantner-recording-for-naxos I found the expressions in...
  3. Shane Sanders

    Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speakers are pretty cool, imo

    Obviously, a lot of us are just bedroom producer/players and, while we have some more gig-ready type amps for sure (GAS is real), there's always that state of practice where you'd like to have some versatile tones but also want to be able to include drums or other sounds, BUT you don't want to...
  4. Shane Sanders

    sons of Tennessee! Shawn Lane/Jon Hassell

    Genuine goosebumps hit me a few times today listening to Shawn Lane's live version of the album, "Powers of Ten." I know that I heard a bunch of his music in college due to an obsessed roommate, but it didn't hit me like it did today. I was into Watchtower and Stravinsky at that point, rebelling...
  5. Shane Sanders

    The USS James Calvin Wilsey, a tribute instrumental

    Listen here: http://shanesanders.com/2018/12/30/the-uss-james-calvin-wilsey/ James Calvin Wilsey, a stranger to me except through his music, was a master of reverb-drenched timbres, restraint and the wiggle stick. His time on Earth was far too short and ultimately quite tragic. I wrote this...
  6. Shane Sanders

    Reverse engineering an iStomp pedal?

    Wouldn't it be amazing if someone reverse engineered the Digitech iStomp pedals so that new and/or open source algorithms could be loaded into them? Those little pedals could live forever. Perhaps some kind of machine virtualization/emulation to handle the "app" part of it all? Perhaps some...
  7. Shane Sanders

    Technical term for masking off the volute?

    Is there an industry standard term for when you mask off the volute and paint the back of the headstock a different color, leaving the neck with wood showing---creates a "v" shape? Any help appreciated!
  8. Shane Sanders

    Slow to super slow beautiful melodic pieces of music?

    Would you mind posting titles and composers to works from any genre that might fall within the vague description in the title? I'd like to find new stuff that has all the little details in place and which feels like an artist capturing midnight and bottling it for dawn--that sort of thing. If...
  9. Shane Sanders

    Steinberger Synapse pushed toward Klein-esque ergonomics...

    I recently had DIY success making a Steinberger Synapse more like a Klein for about $100--it was worth the effort. :-) Learn more here: http://shanesanders.com/2017/11/12/converting-a-steinberger-synapse-guitar-to-klein-esque-ergonomics/
  10. Shane Sanders

    That fateful but blissful moment when you realize...

    ...that you just achieved a core palette of direct-to-computer tones that are more or less better than you are as player. Not a bad feeling at all, really. Something to live up to! VFE Pale Horse --> Custom Tones Ethos OD --> Torpedo C.A.B. --> Strymon BigSky (smidge of plate) --> DAW...
  11. Shane Sanders

    dark ambient: shanesanders.bandcamp.com

    Yep...joining the independent bandwagon...dark ambient, experimental, obsessive production techniques, etc. https://shanesanders.bandcamp.com
  12. Shane Sanders

    How do you like this T-Style axe?

    Crazy versatile and one-of-kind! More pictures and details here.
  13. Shane Sanders

    Route to healthier and balanced musical lifestyle?

    Long story short: I've hurt some upper back muscles and am experiencing lots of referred pain down my left arm. Early on, it was enough to involuntarily cry a little bit while driving because it was just so relentless for two weeks. Sitting and typing was a nightmare and I had no choice because...
  14. Shane Sanders

    Marek Napiórkowski is a cool fusion guitarist and band leader

    Try his album, NAP...such a good band and inventive tunes. Levitation is the opening track: This one, too:
  15. Shane Sanders

    The first yellow-to-red 'burst ever for the Les Paul?

    Look what Carter Vintage has! Looks like she's been well cared for. http://cartervintage.com/
  16. Shane Sanders

    Nashville Maker Co-op; interested?

    I'm hoping this is the most appropriate forum to let folks know about the Nashville Maker Co-op's efforts to expand from a non-profit to a federal non-profit. Also, one of the goals is to get a fairly large creative space happening with tools and whatnot with a modest monthly fee from members...
  17. Shane Sanders

    Pteradactyls and Godzilla--what more could you ask for?

  18. Shane Sanders

    the venerable Magic Stomp still seems cool to me

    I've been culling pedals this week, trying to make decisions on what to keep. So, I fired up the old Magic Stomp. Yummy. I don't care what anyone says, my Magic Stomp v2 still delivers on squeaky clean tones. I think it has a lot to do with the headroom and just being able to build the chain...
  19. Shane Sanders

    Sold Trade Pending....TC Electronics "The Dreamscape" Chorus

    TRADE PENDING. TC Electronics "The Dreamscape" Chorus $125 shipped and pp'd to lower 48 of the USA. Pedal works perfectly and is near new condition.
  20. Shane Sanders

    The Aristocrats in Nashville, August 15th -- also Jeff Beck in May

    http://thehighwatt.com/ http://the-aristocrats-band.com/shows/ Saw them the last time they were here. Tremendous show as you would expect. And also, Jeff Beck is at the Ryman in a few weeks. Don't miss it! -S
  21. Shane Sanders

    PSA: Larkin Poe & Sarah Jarosz

    There's a lot of heartfelt musicality going on in these two groups, imo. If you're feeling a bit jaded on pentatonic stuff, maybe venture into these these artists for a little while because they encapsulate what is great and emotive in those scales. Lots of wonderful melodies here, lots of...
  22. Shane Sanders

    best ZOOM MS-50G clean so far...

    ...for me anyway ... Order of modules: Input > Booster > Z Clean > Graphic EQ > RackComp > FD Combo > ZNR Booster Gain: 80 Tone: 70 Level: 100 ZClean Gain: 100 Tone: 80 Level: 100 GraphicEQ 160Hz: +6 400Hz: +5 800Hz: +7 3.2KHz: 0 6.4KHz: 0 12KHz: 0 Level: 100 RackComp THRSH: 20 Ratio: 2...
  23. Shane Sanders

    guide me on a special finishing technique

    This is going to be a long-ish post because it's an odd thing I'm after. Looking for some expert guidance...Which products do I need to achieve an extremely shallow impasto look on a guitar--so shallow you'd barely feel it but it's there. At first, I'd be working with alder that's never been...
  24. Shane Sanders

    PSA: This is a very good freeware chorus VST

    Azurite http://distorqueaudio.com/plugins/azurite.html I think the guy deserves a medal for being both intelligent and generous. Bassists should give the "Rand" waveform a go--blended in (but not much) and discover that your instrument hops off the kick a little bit spatially without...
  25. Shane Sanders

    Be a compass for a stranger toward some new music

    As networked minds, we sometimes have to reach out of ourselves to find new things. I ask you to point me to some recommendations along the lines of: -- utterly melancholic horn/flute/recorder music ... points for non-Western scale spice ... more points if there are exotic drums or harmoniums...