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Search results

  1. AndrewSimon

    Tube DI box with modeler?

    I have a Universal Audio SOLO / 610 DI loaded with NOS Mullards, definitely warms thing up but ever since I got a Kemper I don't use it for guitars, it's still a killer on bass and mics.
  2. AndrewSimon

    Guitars with no personality

    I don't know what does a guitar with "personality" mean for others but for me an expressive guitar is what I bond with. Dynamics and showing off every little nuance of my fingers is where it's at. So low output pickups with a very dynamic amp on the verge of breakup.
  3. AndrewSimon

    Poll: Are you buying the Quad Cortex? Why?

    I am 100% super happy with my Kemper. No other modeler gave me what Kemper did including the AXE -FX and that is just plug an play for hours, instead of tweaking forever. I'm not saying I won't be trying out new stuff but I will never sell my Kemper.
  4. AndrewSimon

    Georgia on my mind_ES125 with two Gibson amps

    That was awesome, I'm almost embarrassed to say this about this beautiful recording but to my taste there is way too much of that "Reverb and Echo", it covers up your beautiful playing. :)
  5. AndrewSimon

    Apollo 18 - some slide guitar

    +1 but it's mater of taste. The current mix is definitely pretty cool.
  6. AndrewSimon

    When does Kemper come out with a new model?

    When does Kemper come out with a new model? This question is being asked since 2013. ;)
  7. AndrewSimon

    using the kemper with usb

    Why don't you try to download some free profiles and see if you can transfer them onto a USB. The USB will be initially formatted by the Kemper, I believe it's a plain vanilla FAT32 format.
  8. AndrewSimon

    Is a Kemper THAT much better than amp software sims?

    The Kemper is "x" amount better. Does it justify the price? Only you can answer that. It depends on the importance of "x" to you and the importance of "money" to you. ;)
  9. AndrewSimon

    Why do some of you say the Kemper is a lot better for amp tones or effects than the Helix?

    This is true and I usually don't stray from the profile but it's not a problem. On commercial profile packs sometime you get 100 or more profiles, one of them usually hits the sweet spot. Also there is the "Distortion Sense" in the Rig Setup that lets you vary the amp gain reaction without...
  10. AndrewSimon

    Why do some of you say the Kemper is a lot better for amp tones or effects than the Helix?

    I am not a software engineer but I don't think you have to be one in order to see the difference. In modeling they start with a specific amp schematic and create a software emulation of each component to build up the whole schematic. (think SPICE modeling for those who are familiar with SPICE)...
  11. AndrewSimon

    Do Gibsons really deserve the price tag?

    + 1 That said Gibson should make the Custom Shops even more authentic for the the price we pay. It was an real eyeopener for me when I came across a vintage ABR-1. It looks and sounds nothing like the modern ABR-1, the saddle shape and size is totally different.
  12. AndrewSimon

    Men of a Certain Age, help me understand a finish option?

    Never owned a brown guitar in the 70's but I did own a few of these:
  13. AndrewSimon

    Why do some of you say the Kemper is a lot better for amp tones or effects than the Helix?

    Why do some of you say the Kemper is a lot better for amp tones or effects than the Helix? Why don't you try one and see if you agree? The processor is only one element in a complex system, a profiler works differently then a modeler. Maybe a profiler needs less raw processor power to achieve...
  14. AndrewSimon

    Did you miss the FX quality when switching from Fractal to Kemper?

    Did you miss the FX quality when switching from Fractal to Kemper? No Basic Legacy Reverb and Delay is all I need. I have a favorite Ambiance setting, I use it on every preset.
  15. AndrewSimon

    Kemper - Now I'm tempted......

    The Kemper is very profile dependent. It might take some time to find the profiles you really like but once you find them it's heaven. The other difference with the AXE-FX I used to tweak all the time, with the Kemper I don't. I set up the Reverb and Delay the way I like it. I rarely touch...
  16. AndrewSimon

    Why do some of my guitar feel "slinkier" on the strings while other feel "tense?"

    The length of the string before the bridge and after nut comes into play as well. Regardless of scale when you bend the total length of the strings gets stretched. (not only the portion between the nut and the bridge) When you top wrap a Les Paul you not only change the breaking angle but also...
  17. AndrewSimon

    Kemper Kone, what cabinet

    Agreed There is a whole science to building a cabinet, you start with the cone's fs and Q factor in order to calculate the proper volume of the cabinet so you get a flat response. I think it would be very hard for the average Joe to start learning all this. It's probably much easier to contact...
  18. AndrewSimon

    Sheptone Bluesky

    Just got one a month ago, I love it!
  19. AndrewSimon

    Kemper or Helix

    Kemper, no tweaking just playing, no other modeler gave me that. ;)
  20. AndrewSimon

    modeled marshal tone? the easiest to get? which unit excels?

    I'm partial to the Top Jimi JM-45 pack for the Kemper. (for classic rock and blues)
  21. AndrewSimon

    I've had a Kemper Stage for a week to compare with my AXE3...

    MBRITT profiles are great but don't stop there, there are so many other great profiles out there. I want to mention three of my favorites (blues, classic rock): Top Jimi - JT-45 Live Ready Sound - Serenity Gain (don't let the high gain capability of this 4 channel amp discourage you, it's great...
  22. AndrewSimon

    Kemper vs. Axe FX - Full Song

    I owned both and I recognized them immediately. Both sound great but the Kemper is my favorite.
  23. AndrewSimon

    No profiling competition for Kemper?

    Or it's just maybe a genius design that nobody could match so far.... I have a hard time believing that the patent is responsible for the lack of competition.