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Search results

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    Octave Up!

  2. A

    When you sell/trade/buy your guitar, how do you ship it?

    Hey guys, I'm interested in how you all ship your guitars when you sell or trade them? what kind of packaging and protection do you use? interested in all opinions please!!
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    Praise & Worship Players---> Post Your Rig

    I know he has a DD5 and a Landgraff MoD, sometimes a DMM?
  4. A

    Looking for a good reverse sound

    I would go either DL4 or Nova Delay
  5. A

    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    looks like a PT1 to me! way to big to be a jr..
  6. A


    any other thoughts?
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    Small Delay to pair with DD-20?

    i'd grab a dd5 over a dd6 if you can find one on ebay or on here
  8. A


    all of you that play thru these, what is your input? i'm possibly trading my landgraff, but is it worth the tone difference? any advice would be great!
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    A little DD-5 help?

    I also use GLs and i've had the same thing happen to me time and time again....hard to tell sometimes if the connections are the best.
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    HOLY SMOKES!!! thats some sweet Pete stuff!
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    For those who run multiple delays.....

    I have my dotted 8th one and match a quarter delay as well to fill up the tone
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    i've wanted to try the nova delay but i'm in the hole of having to many delays already:)
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    Killer eBay deal.......

    can we please send this guy on ebay this thread?:)
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    Anybody have a Dunlop Tremolo?

    Anybody have a Dunlop Tremolo? If so, whats your feedback?
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    yeah i'm loving the nova reverb! it took my RV-5 off my board!
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    Praise & Worship Players---> Post Your Rig

    I play lots of ambient stuff which i love the delays for and the POG.....sigur rios, hillsongunited, etc.... I love the POG honestly, it's got some cool organ tones that i've looked for in other pedals and have been unable to find, so it works for me big time!
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    HELP! Chorus recommendation for Church Praise Band

    TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger
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    DD-20 users... what are using for tap tempo?

    the fs-5u one is the best i've tried. i've tried the loopmaster ones but they move around to much and they are to loud when you tap your tempo. if you have problems with the velcro sticking to the boss fs-5u just super glue it down!:)
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    Praise & Worship Players---> Post Your Rig

    its a schism fuzz....and yes i'm not using it anymore due to the tc reverb on my board!:)
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    Praise & Worship Players---> Post Your Rig

    the new revised board! all the goodies
  21. A

    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    the new revised board!
  22. A

    pedal order suggestions needed

    i would do.... volume-wah-compressor-od's-delay-reverb-amp some people prefer the compressor after the od's but i don't.