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Search results

  1. Bonedance

    UNUGD - Vox SSC-33 - Unexpected New Used Guitar Day

    Stopped by the pawn shop for a quick perusal. It's been a month or so since my last visit, so the pull was strong. Nothing in pedals or amps. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a guitar with a gold top. As I saunter over, I'm thinking "probably an overpriced epi". Don't get me wrong as I...
  2. Bonedance

    ??'s on 2 Guyatone Micro Pedals. T2 Fuzz and A1 preamp

    As I was leaving a pawn shop the other day, I spotted a small box on the wall behind the counter that said: Guyatone Pre Amp. I asked to see it and lo and behold, that's what it was. The box indicates it's model number is A-1. It has volume, bass, treble knobs with no on/off switch....it's...
  3. Bonedance

    70's Ross compressor?

    I recently came across an old Ross compressor. It's the made is USA gray model in darn nice shape for it's age. I've had a handful of comps over the years from classics to cheapies, but from what I understand, (just not a comp guy, I guess!) this is the one others seek out and builders clone...
  4. Bonedance

    Help on price for a PRS

    My buddy is in ill health and can no longer play. I'm helping him sell some of his guitars. One is a mint, 2003 PRS Custom 22. It's a 10 top with tobacco sunburst finish....vol/tone/5 way rotary, stop tail piece, locking tuners, case, keys and original case info, warranty, etc. I know so...
  5. Bonedance

    Axe FX Ultra price ?'s

    A young friend of mine is getting married next month and quickly finding out how expensive a wedding can be! He is looking to sell an Axe FX Ultra with a couple other accessories (sorry as I am not hip on these things yet!) that go with it. What is a fair price for him to ask for it? Thanks...
  6. Bonedance

    Early 90's PRS EG3 value

    My buddy gave me his mint, early 90's PRS EG-3 5 years ago. It's sunburst with Fralin Zero Hum pups. Long story short, he's in financial hurt, ( hey, who isn't! ) so I'd like to sell it and give him the money. It's a fantastic guitar, but I've only played it a handful of times as my old tele...
  7. Bonedance

    Epiphone EL-00

    I just picked one up at the local pawn shop for a song. 2003 model made in Korea. From what I gather, it looks like the new ones are Chinese made. After a good cleaning, set up and new strings, this little beauty has a real nice tone and playability. Different tone than the Seagull S6 folk I...
  8. Bonedance

    Any Maton love??

    My wife and I are on the last legs of a month stay in beautiful Melbourne. Several of my guitar playing friends here own Matons. I took a tour of the Maton facotry last week and was very impressed. I've been lucky to have a very nice EM325C and an EGB808 to play while I'm here, so it's been...
  9. Bonedance

    Favorite Fuzz Pedals

    To expand the favorite overdrive thread a bit, what are your favorite fuzz pedals? I've been playing guitar for many a moon. My very first pedal was a Sunn Buzz back in the late 60's. A little black box that plugged in to the guitar. If you were in an Iron butterfly cover band, that would be...
  10. Bonedance

    Dimarzio pickups

    With all the talk of "best' humbuckers and single coils the past few weeks, I got to wondering what others thought of Dimarzio pickups. I've used many different brands of pickups over the past 25 years, ( currently use Lollars, Moores, Electrokraft, etc ) but had stayed away from Dimarzios...