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  1. Grap

    XFX Boutique effects from Malaysia

    I saw these on a local online portal and just had to pick them up: XFX Boutique have only just started building in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Classic 741 Distortion (MXR Distortion+ clone) & Slowpick Analog Delay (Analog voiced digital, but at USD$50 what do you expect?) Tikus (Rat clone): I...
  2. Grap

    The Boss/Keeley board take 2

    It was about time I re-did my Boss board. Ibanez LM-10 tuner, CS-3, Keeley DS-1 Ultra, Keeley SD-1, Keeley BD-2, CH-1, I anew AD-9, Mooer Pure Boost. I had the gains set very low on the SD-1 and BD-2.
  3. Grap

    Weird one with my HD400

    i have a Line 6 Pod HD400 and DT25 rig that I hadn’t powered up in a few months, and when I tried to use it yesterday it exhibited a weird fault: No sound output unless I hit the guitar strings very hard, and then I just got mostly crackles with an oddly distorted noise. I tried the DT25 direct...
  4. Grap

    Mosky Tonemake Station & Mightysound M8 Flanger

    This is a demo of a Moskyaudio.com Tone Makestation and Mightysound M8 Flanger. The guitar audio was recorded using a Zoom H1 about 6" from and off-axis the speaker of the Trace Elliot Tramp solid state amp, Guitar being used is a '95 Les Paul Classic with a Symour Duncan '59 in the neck and a...
  5. Grap

    Mosky DTC & Ammoon Nano Chorus pedal demo

    I just picked up a dirt cheap pedal combo from China via a local online portal: Mosky DTC 4 in 1 pedal, combining a dual voice Distortion, TS-9 style Overdrive, effects loop, and Analog Delay. Ammoon Nano Chorus with "Deep" and "Normal" voicing. I picked them up using a store credit, but the...
  6. Grap

    1967 Vox Pathfinder run through

    I recently rectrieved my 1967 Vox Pathfinder valve amp from a long and unscheduled sojourn in Hong Kong[1] and put together a quick demo video showing the clean and dirty sounds, tremolo effect, &etc. This is my first video with a new set up and workflow, using the Zoom H1 to close mic the...
  7. Grap

    Ceriatone OTS Mini 20 Demo

    Hey up. I put together a better recording set-up, so here's a demo of my Ceriatone OTS Mini 20. Enjoy.
  8. Grap

    Guitar o't Day - Malaysian edition

    In an attempt to stave of boredom & ennui resulting from my current period of "unplanned leisure and drastically reduced income"[1], I'm trying to release a YouTube video every day, each documenting one of my guitars in the order in which I acquired them. So, if you want to se me slowly...
  9. Grap

    Checking back in from Malaysia

    Hey up all. I used to hang around here a lot, and then I didn't. I'm now older but no wiser, and now have even more gear and somehow have ended up gigging with two bands around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, allbeit infrequently. Fortunately for my sanity one of my new band mates is a guy with...
  10. Grap

    Dodgy iPhone clip

    Apologies for the iffy quality. Me and the rest of Krude hammering the last few nails into the still twitching carcass of an old classic. I'm using a PRS Mira through a Ceriatone OTS 20 Mini & 1 x12" cab with Warehouse speaker, for those taking notes ;-) Cheers - Steve
  11. Grap

    Ceritone OTS 20 Mini

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1anmvQWa00&list=UUwh9vpITfw27Y7WEek3Go_Q&feature=share Quick & dirty demo of the Ceriatone OTS 20 Mini amp.
  12. Grap

    Board dilemma...

    I picked up a TC Electronic Nova System a month or two back and I'm considering building a board around it. I'm definitely putting my Mr Cry Baby wah/volume on there with it. My dilemma is whether to use the Nova's distortion & overdrive voices exclusively, or to use it in combination with...
  13. Grap

    TC Electronic Nova System input clipping

    Anyone else have this problem? I've adjusted the drive input gain on my TC Electronic Nova System down to zero, but I still get clipping with any of my humbucker equipped guitars when I hit chords hard with the volume on full. Obviously I can tame it by turning the guitar down or by running a...
  14. Grap

    Sahasrara Overdrive Demo

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E25e9Q8S3NU Like it says. A demo of the OM Laboratories Sahasrara Overdrive. - The Grappler ;)
  15. Grap

    Attaching pedals to a pedalboard

    I know it's an old, old question, but I'm wanting to put together a pedalboard using mostly Fulltone pedals with screw-on feet, so I can't really use velcro. Using cable ties or screws from the back of the board into the holes for the feet seems pretty inflexible. Any other tricks out there...
  16. Grap

    Oh F*#(! (TS-9 Mod + content)

    Well, you can forget everything I've said about the Keeley TS-9 Mod +, or at the very least put it on hold. Bak in November/December I bought a Keeley TS-9 Mod +, TS-9 Baked Mod and DS-1 Ultra Mod. I've been using them at home and enjoyng the tone. Well today I tried them out under gig...