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Search results

  1. StevenS

    What do you guys think of this Marshall

    I'm looking at this 1970 50 watter. It looks pretty clean but I'm wondering if someone with some better knowledge than me can have a peek at it. I'm wondering if the trannies are original.. They look it to me but I'm not an expert. Thanks!
  2. StevenS

    Ramirez Classical Guitars

    I think I might be in the market for a nice classical guitar, and have kind of started hovering over the Ramirez line. I'm thinking about either a 4NE, or a 4NCWE (cutaway with electronics) Does anyone here have a Ramirez? What are your thoughts? I've played guitar for over 40 years, but...
  3. StevenS

    Thinking of trying wireless - Shure GLXD16

    I'm thinking of maybe trying a wireless rig just for fun. I use an R9 through a pedal board into a Shiva. I've seen the Shure GLXD16 and it looks very cool. Great sound, very compact, and will fit right on my pedal board and replace my TU-2. Anybody tried one of these yet?
  4. StevenS

    Pink R8 Les Paul - Cool or Just plain Wrong

    Chuckle.... Is it wrong to like this guitar...? I think it's cool. What do you guys think?
  5. StevenS

    So, tell me about Nocasters

    I'm primarily a Les Paul player but I'm thinking about getting a nice Tele. I've been looking at Custom Shop models and keep coming back to the Nocaster for some reason. Do many people here have one? What can you tell me about them? The switch set up looks to be a bit different, and the...
  6. StevenS

    Difference between Super Lead and Super Bass

    Just curious what the difference is between a Marshall Super Lead, and a Super Bass. I've never had the chance to play a Super Bass and was curious. Anybody played both?
  7. StevenS

    Which ES-335 for me?

    I've decided to add a guitar to the stable, and it's going to be an ES-335. There seems to be a few different models available and I was wondering if you guys with more knowledge could kind of point me in the right direction. It has to have a thick neck. I've played enough thin neck guitars...
  8. StevenS

    Gibson ES-335 Fat Neck

    Can someone tell me a bit about the ES-335 Fat Neck Dot? I've always wanted to try an ES-335 and this one has come up locally. It's a 2007, and the seller's asking $2400. Are these Custom Shop models that are made in Memphis? Thanks!
  9. StevenS

    Germino Lead 55LV vs Classic 45

    I've got a Germino Lead 55LV and am thinking about taking the plunge on a Classic 45. I've never really played a 45 based amp, but have heard some sound samples that sound right up my alley. I'm leaning toward Greg's Classic 45. Has anyone played both that could give me an idea what to...
  10. StevenS

    Whatever happened to John Deacon from Queen?

    One of my favorite bass players ever from my favorite band ever. I knew he'd retired from music not long after Freddie Mercury passed away, but it's like he's disappeared from the face of the earth. I had heard he had no interest in the Queen plus Paul Rodgers thing. I don't think he was...
  11. StevenS

    Gearing up a pedal board - cables?

    I'm finally taking the handfull of pedals & wires I usually have strewn in front of me at gigs and gearing them up on a board. I've got a Pedal Train 2, and Pedal Power2 in the mail but need some cables. I've seen those do it yourself kits on Ebay that allow you to make your own cable to the...
  12. StevenS

    Br1200CD help

    I just got a BR1200CD and am trying to get the hang of it. The manual can be a bit hard to follow in places. I recorded a song using 4 tracks as well as a few other song ideas and wanted to burn them to a cd. I bounced the 4 track song to 11/12 and burned everything to a cd. The problem...
  13. StevenS

    Old Marshall Cabinets

    Anyone have some experience with older Marshall cabinets? I'm thinking 70 to 73 or so. I've got a couple of early 70's heads (71,72, & 73) and am thinking about trying to find a cabinet of roughly the same year to match them with. My only issue is that they're much more expensive than I can...
  14. StevenS

    Tell me a bit about Martin D 28's

    I'm going to start looking for a Martin and I believe it will be a D 28, or an HD 28, or a HD 28VS... Can someone explain the differences between these please? I'm also looking at a few from the early 70's that go for about the same price as newer guitars. I've heard that 69 was the year...
  15. StevenS

    How do I hook up 2 4x12's?

    I'd like to hook up my 2 Marshall 4x12's for practice tonight just for ***** and giggles. I've got a JCM800 with 4, and 8 ohm taps. The cabs have the 4,8,16 ohm switches on them. Anyone know how I should hook this up? Thanks!
  16. StevenS

    R9 help

    My R9 is a 2006 and I've had it a year or two now. Wonderful guitar, and my absolute fav. The issue I'm having is getting the guitar to clean up nicely when I roll the volume knob back. I replaced the stock pots and caps with RS Guitarworks stuff and while that did make an improvement, it's...
  17. StevenS

    Where can I find an effects loop cable for my Matchless HC-30?

    I got my HC-30 a while ago and would like to use the effects loop but there's only one input for each channel instead of two like I'm used to. I guess there's a special cable needed. What do I need and where can I pick it up? Thanks!
  18. StevenS

    Anyone use Celestion Gold speakers?

    I got a Bogner 2x12 cab in a trade a little while ago. It's got 2 V30's and I already have a cab with V30's, and a cab with Greenbacks so I thought I might swap them out for something a bit different. I've got an AC15TB, and an AC30TB and I replaced the original speakers on both of them with...
  19. StevenS

    VooDoo Labs Analog Chorus or Diamond Halo Chorus

    I'm thinking about getting a chorus pedal and am kind of looking at these two. The VooDooLab is supposed to be good but I've read that it gives quite a volume boost and can add some high end to your sound when it's engaged. I haven't heard much bad about the Diamond Chorus but it is more...
  20. StevenS

    Ecstasy 101B - before & after 2004

    Bogner did a revision to the red channel on the 101B which was asked for by the buying public, but he apparently didn't like it as much. More gain & compression. I'm interested in an Ecstasy and am curious if any of you have had experience with both versions. Which did you like better and...
  21. StevenS

    Has the Ecstasy had any big changes since it first came out?

    I'm looking at a 2007 Ecstasy 101B online and was curious if they've had any major changes since day 1? I've got an older Shiva and compared it to one of the newer ones once and vastly prefered mine. Just wondering before I pull the trigger on this one. Thanks! :beer
  22. StevenS

    Oh, oh... my 1974X has started to act up...

    Given the reputation these have for grinding through transformers, i'm a little nervous. I haven't played it for a while and fired it up tonight. It was fine for a bit but suddenly started cutting out and making fizzy staticy noises. When I pick lightly its fine but as soon as I dig in it...
  23. StevenS

    I just bought an SLO100 - What can I expect?

    I've heard these are great amps and have always wanted to try one. Of course there's none around here so I took a chance and bought one online. It's a 2000, and has no mods that I know of. It won't be here til next week sometime. Tick tock tick tock.... I'm mainly a rock based Les Paul...
  24. StevenS

    So tell me a bit about the Bogner Extacy

    There's a couple of different models isn't there, 100B, 101B and the Classic? What's the main differences between these? Is there one model or option I should avoid, or look for? I've got an older Shiva EL34 combo and it's quite possibly my favorite amp. I tried a new Shiva with the bright...
  25. StevenS

    Now here's an Ebay auction you don't see everyday - Wow!

    If this is legit this is the motherload of vintage gear...