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  1. Surfreak

    Anyone remembers Taku Sakashta?

    He was truly one of the best. Innovative but mindful of the great guitar making lessons of the past. On an unrelated note, for some reason I think you have the perfect name for a guitar maker! Don't know, Dana Olsen Guitars just sounds so right to me. Are you?
  2. Surfreak

    "Factory guaranteed" used guitars

    The recent thread on whether relics will go out of style got me thinking. I don't have any data to back up my impressions, and I think guitar styles do not go out of style, but it seems there is a gluttony of new guitars being made every year which makes new guitars, any new guitar, sort of feel...
  3. Surfreak

    Options for compact lightweight (<6 lb) hollowbody electric guitars?

    B&G Little Sister. A contemporary version of the Gibson ES140T with the added versatility of two pickups and a 24.75” scale.
  4. Surfreak

    This can't be real?? thoughts?

    It is a real Gibson LP Classic. It is also a breath away from a headstock snap, and virtually unplayable unless the neck was reset. If you are looking for a professional grade, playable instrument, this ain't one no more.
  5. Surfreak

    Always love dudes who think they can get custom shop money for their partscaster

    It’s a rite of passage. Many of us at one point get the partscaster itch, either as a self-assembly project or with help from others. We have our honeymoon with the Custom Shop killer du jour, get bored, sell it for 30% of what we paid in parts alone, and move on, on our quest for gear nirvana...
  6. Surfreak

    You know you're a gearhead when you read this story and...

    Or at the very least hide your guitars. Leave a Mahalo ukulele out instead.
  7. Surfreak

    My letter to Reverb has been delivered...

    Scenario #3: an item is listen on Reverb and ebay, and the description says that it is also listed on TGP’s emporium.
  8. Surfreak

    Do you like 7 string guitars?

    I am not into 7-string guitars, but I am becoming more and more interested in the Fender VI. The idea of a short scale 6-string bass guitar tuned one octave below a regular guitar opens up lots of possibilities, and I was chatting about it with my band's bass player. We would really like to...
  9. Surfreak

    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    My COVID-19 collection: - Charvel Custom Shop Green Meanie - Gretsch Custom Shop 6119 Tennessean Rose - Fernandes "Buck Tick" Stabilizer Other than the Charvel, which I admit was an impulse purchase, although it turned out to be an amazingly playable, great sounding instrument, the Gretsch...
  10. Surfreak

    My letter to Reverb has been delivered...

    I did not write the letter, and obviously none of your unsolicited advice applies to me. You are quoting me out of context, in that I stated that Reverb users will perceive the increase as excessive, and therefore possibly abandon the platform or, more likely, exploit nefarious way to work...
  11. Surfreak

    My letter to Reverb has been delivered...

    As a customer, if I believe a price increase is excessive my only possible reaction is to stop giving a company my business. May I suggest you seek other avenues to satisfy your genuine curiosity.
  12. Surfreak

    My letter to Reverb has been delivered...

    Well, it is arbitrary because it is obviously their decision and solely their own. I accept however that it is not the right term in this context. Perhaps I should have simply said "excessive".
  13. Surfreak

    My letter to Reverb has been delivered...

    I think that is my point. With Reverb increasing arbitrarily their fees, people will post their instruments for sale so that everyone can see them, and then push for an offline transaction that bypasses reverb.
  14. Surfreak

    NGD: Charvel Custom Shop Green Meanie

    I own a few incarnations of Steve Vai's signature models, namely a 1996 Jem 77FP floral and a 1991 UV77MC multicolor, both in dead mint condition. Tommy at the Music Zoo commissioned a 2-piece run of the Charvel Green Meanie about a year ago (one being the OG model with the white pick guard, and...
  15. Surfreak

    A little experiment for the Stratocaster players

    I have a great Strat, a very good amp with ample clean headroom, and a decent, tinnitus-free pair of ears. I tried this and could hear absolutely no difference.
  16. Surfreak

    My letter to Reverb has been delivered...

    Reverb is forcing itself to become a free advertising agency for people who want to sell their gear.
  17. Surfreak


  18. Surfreak

    Today's Gibson Zoom meeting with dealers

    I was looking for what bothers me about this thread. Proselytising, that is. Gibson bashers who are on a mission to convince you that Gibson is nothing but overpriced garbage, Gibson fans who get incensed if you are not a fan. I have owned about 15 different Gibson guitars, among which a R9...
  19. Surfreak

    NGD:Because I couldn't bring myself to buy a Strat

    Brilliantly executed guitar and congratulations on the courageous color choice! it reminds me of a cross between Uli Jon Roth’s Sky Guitar and Gus guitars ( ).
  20. Surfreak

    Virgil Argo = Tone Specific PUP’s.

    i appreciate your reply, but I do not believe you. The video you posted, honestly proves nothing. It shows a pair of hands leading a wire on a winding machine, that’s it. This said, use me as your sacrificial lamb. Prove me wrong. Give the TGP readership proof that there is a Tone Specific...
  21. Surfreak

    Virgil Argo = Tone Specific PUP’s.

    Please understand that for every unnamed “we”, “our” etc you are losing many potential customers, who would appreciate just plain honesty and transparency in promoting what appears to be a good quality product. A simple “my name is X Y, I am a pickup winder, and here is where you can find me”...
  22. Surfreak

    Ebony Fretboard Cracks

    Oiling the fretboard will not repair the existing cracks. As others said, you can think of mixing fine ebony powder with glue, but regular CA superglue is not the best for this. StewMac sells CA glue in different grades of viscosity, and what you need for this job is some 10-viscosity (fine)...
  23. Surfreak

    Newer Epiphone Push-Pull-ed the shaft right out!

    Why did you have to remove the knob in the first place? Not criticizing, it still shouldn’t have happened, I am just curious.
  24. Surfreak

    So, what's the deal with Heritage?

    I respect Heritage as any other guitar brand, but I don't get the "OG Gibson craftsmen" mystique. Even in 1985 when Heritage was founded, virtually all old Gibson employees from the late 50s golden years were long gone.
  25. Surfreak

    Is not having a COA a dealbreaker when buying a Custom Historic LP?

    Yes and no. I am as OCD as it gets with regards to these things, I always keep all the paperwork that my guitars came with, but on the other hand when I take my Historic to a gig I leave all the certificate, booklet etc at home. There is a risk that you might lose it, especially if you bring...

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