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  1. Telechamp


    Is this a thing? Somehow I must have missed this one.. edit: OK, shoulda Googled first... NOW I see.. Looks like it's a Magnatone "Super Fifty-Nine"..
  2. Telechamp

    Need more compression for Ric 12 - JangleBox content..

    I just recently got a Rickenbacker 360/12. I'm loving it, but really want that super compressed sound that McGuinn gets. I've got a JangleBox - the newer version (with the "more stable IC chip") - and I'm running the JB thru either a DRRI or a Vox AC15C1 - and while getting 'adequate'...
  3. Telechamp

    New JangleBox - Golden with the Ric, but...

    Anybody use a JangleBox with anything other than a Rickenbacker? My JB sounds incredible - and I mean incredible - with my Ric 360, but seems less impressive with my other guitars.. I find myself wanting to put my old Dyna-Comp back on my board when I use the other axes... o_O In the meantime...
  4. Telechamp

    "I don't get it.." (Or - super popular guitars that just don't do anything for you..)

    I'll start by mentioning the ('08) Gibson SG Special Faded that I had. These SG Special Fadeds never fail to garner great reviews, but I just couldn't get on with the one I had - or several other Special Fadeds that I played.. It looked great - but I just didn't get the love.. Mine didn't sound...
  5. Telechamp

    Neck humbucker pickguard for MIM FSR Tele

    Thought I'd throw this out there and see if anybody else has had this same problem, or has a solution.. My MIM Fender Standard FSR Butterscotch Tele is in with my tech right now to have him put a humbucker (a Seymour Duncan '59 SH-1n) in the neck position, replacing the stock ceramic single...
  6. Telechamp

    NGD - Ibanez AS73 Artcore

    Picked this beauty up this morning off CL, and I really like it a lot.. The finish is called "Transparent Cherry". I had heard good things about these, so decided to go for it when I saw this one offered up at a great price. Still putting it thru its paces, but so far she's a winner.. Stock...
  7. Telechamp

    Seemed like a good idea at the time...

    Trying to make my string changing less of a chore, but not thrilled with either one of these two devices.. The string changing stand thingy is way too wobbly (I tried it on a table as well), and the string winder eats batteries alive - you can't even get through one string change w/o the...
  8. Telechamp

    Been lurking long enough...

    I've been lurking on TGP for quite awhile - I like what I see! So finally decided to join up ~ Telechamp