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Search results

  1. stratoquack

    Charvel DK24 staggered tuner replacements

    What brand is the easiest/closest to direct replacement? When you did this, did you COMPLETELY stop using the string trees? Did it improve stability?
  2. stratoquack

    PSA: Rutters / tele control plate

    I am NOT a tele purist. Mine has a tummy cut, a 6 saddle bridge and I changed the input jack to accept a 90 degree tip. It always bugged the crap out of me that the pup swith and the volume knob were so close together. I ordered the Rutters 3/8" over control plate and voila! It's great...
  3. stratoquack

    Pre COVID, who was gigging with a Mark V25

    Can I hang in a band with another guitar player that uses a JCM900? What cab are/were you using
  4. stratoquack

    Reverend Six Gun HPP

    Looks Cool! https://www.reverendguitars.com/guitars/six-gun-hpp
  5. stratoquack

    Andy Timmons' live feed

    I've really enjoyed watching Andy on Stageit.com for the last few Saturday nights. We all know what an amazing player he is so I'm really posting this as a PSA. He plays for 50 minutes total and does an afternoon show and an evening show. Highly recommend! You can even see Nili Brosh chiming...
  6. stratoquack

    Saw DLR this past weekend

    and he was great! I was at the Saturday night show. Dave's voice sounded awesome, he's got the moves and as you would suspect....the band was on fire. I know there were some videos from earlier shows where people were dogging him. I did not watch any of them and I did not look at the set...
  7. stratoquack

    installing Electrosocket jack on my tele

    Do I leave that crazy little clip that is inside the body or is force it out?
  8. stratoquack

    HX Stomp newbie

    Disclaimer: I'm 50, pretty much an amp and pedel guy. Stomp looked like the thing to get me trying "new" stuff. Bought it from Sweetwater, it arrived today. I asked them to update to 2.8 and they did. -There are no names for the presets. They all say "new preset 01-42. I'm already confused...
  9. stratoquack

    Where to go next week in So Cal

    I'll be in Chino, Ca next week and that's not too far to check out something cool. About a year ago I caught Allen Hinds at the Baked Potato on a Thursday night. Other that the Potato and the Sunset Strip, where should I look to find a show or a good jam to watch? Does Lucky Strike post who's...
  10. stratoquack

    Sold Suhr Eclipse

    Great pedal. In excellent condition. Not a mark on it anywhere. No velcro. Even the box is in perfect condition. Says #472 on the box. If you must have a picture, I can text to you (I get so damn frustrated trying to post pics here). Not interested in trades. $175 shipped in the U.S.
  11. stratoquack

    Street price of new PRS S2 Standard

    New prices on Reverb range from $899-$1,299. The only option would be birds vs. dot inlays. So what is the average going street price for an S2 Standard? Thanks
  12. stratoquack

    Any music stores to visit in the Tampa/Clear Water area

    Headed down will be there this week, forecast calling for rain, so.......anywhere to check out gear? thanks, Bill
  13. stratoquack

    Saw Unknown Hinson last night

    in Athens and the Kang was on far! Such a good player and he has KILLER tone! Reverend guitar through Fender Super Sonic amp (the anti TGP set up). Trio setting and he plays for almost hour and half. If you get the chance, don't miss him.
  14. stratoquack

    Saw Larry Carlton .....

    on Friday night in a small theater in Cartersville, Ga of all places. He was amazing. Three local guys backed him up and did a great job. They didn't get to rehearse with him beforehand, they just went over charts with Larry and went with it. Larry was in good spirits and played his ass...
  15. stratoquack

    Sold Gadow Custom Hollow; more pics & specs added Price Drop

    Gadow Custom Hollow. Hand made in Raleigh, NC. Blood Orange Burst. Semi hollow, Mahogany back with carved, flamed maple top 25 1/2" scale Maple neck w/satin finish on the back Rosewood fretboard. 12" radius Ebony veneers to reinforce headstock. Neck shape feels like a modern "C" no fret wear...
  16. stratoquack

    Sold Keeley Red Dirt, TC Electronics Nova Mod

    -No trades -All prices include shipping and paypal fees -lower 48 U.S. only -Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive: The last TS you'll ever need. mint w/box, velcro on bottom. **SOLD*** -Xotic SL Drive Chrome edition w/18 v. adapter. mint w/box, velcro on bottom. *SOLD* -TC Electronics Nova Modulator...
  17. stratoquack

    Suhr Modern Satin

    Played one today on a whim and I was really impressed......to the point that I cant stop thinking about it. Questions about the finish: How do you clean/care for it? How will it change over the years? I sweat like a mad man when I perform. I looked around and couldn't find any discussion about...
  18. stratoquack

    Sold Fender American Special Telecaster

    Great Tele. Made in USA. Texas Special pups. Set up with .010 -.046 strings. Comes with stock Fender gig bag. No trades. $600 shipped in U.S. Specs Fender American Special Telecaster Olympic White Alder Body High Gloss Body Finish Maple Neck with Satin Urethane Finish Modern "C" Neck...
  19. stratoquack

    wah sounds terrible through new Splawn

    Got a Quick Rod a few weeks ago. Really like it. The only issue I'm having is the fact that my wah (standard Dunlop CGB95) of 25+ years sounds terrible through the clean channel. It's like there is no sweep to it and it's just bland and hard to work. I don't get it. Any thoughts or wisdom?
  20. stratoquack

    corroded pickup magnets

    I know I should wipe down my guitar after every gig because I sweat like crazy but the truth is... I don't and I haven't, so now the magnets on the bridge pup are pretty funky looking. They are Tom Anderson pickups so the pole pieces are pretty big and it looks bad. What do you recommend to...
  21. stratoquack

    Saw Iron Maiden last night

    and they were great!! Absolutely nothing but good things to say about it. The band sounded great, Bruce's vocals are STRONG, cool stage set up, good set list. The boys all have a few more wrinkles but still get around a stage like a bunch of young men having the time of their life. Highly...
  22. stratoquack

    Jemsite members?

    Probably not a lot here, but is anyone a member of Jemsite? I'm a member but having a helluva time figuring out why I cannot post. Can not figure out how to contact an administrator either. Can anyone help?
  23. stratoquack

    Mesa TA-15 reverb pedal?

    What are you TA-15 guys using? Is it a big deal since it has no fx loop?
  24. stratoquack

    Anderson Cobra vs. PRS Custom 22

    I own two Andersons, a Classic and a drop Top. So I know how amazing TAG's are. In the realm of a mahogany, two humbucker guitar, has anyone played both the Cobra and Custom 22?. On paper, they're very similar. Can anyone compare and contrast?
  25. stratoquack

    Tracii Guns/Rudy Sarzo last night

    In a small venue last night outside of Atlanta. The bill was three bands; Killer Bee, Tracii Guns, and The Bullet Boys. I've always been a fan of Rudy Sarzo. The guy is a legend. So I went to check it out. Killer Bee was good. The guitar player is Paul Chapman from UFO. Tracii and Rudy...