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Search results

  1. Grap

    Making a list of all the Rat Clones

    Here’s an obscure one for you: XFX Boutique Tikus Made here in Malaysia, hence the name, which is Malay for “Rat”. Here’s a demo I did: XFX Tikus Demo
  2. Grap

    Pedal confessionals

    I have accumulated several boards worth of cheap Chinese pedals. I velcro these on to bamboo chopping boards, hook them up with Aroma patch cables, and power them with 10 dollar wall warts and a daisy chain. I then gig[1] with these and ignore the boards with all the "good stuff on them"...
  3. Grap

    Vendor DCW Pedals - 2019 TGP Christmas Giveaway! Winners announced!

    I'd love a "Hands of Time Chaos". That infinite repeats at the touch of a footswitch sounds exactly what's needed to distract from my set of bad habits masquerading as a guitar technique. Here in Malaysia we do Christmas a bit differently. The first guy who wished me Happy Christmas this year...
  4. Grap

    How many pedals do you own

    The last time I counted I was up over 80 pedals. Most of them are Overdrives. I think I may have a problem. Not enough Delay and Modulation. Ok, let's have an exercise in memory recall shall we. Here goes... The pedal boards are: 1) "What once classified as boutique but is now run of the...
  5. Grap

    XFX Boutique effects from Malaysia

    I saw these on a local online portal and just had to pick them up: XFX Boutique have only just started building in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Classic 741 Distortion (MXR Distortion+ clone) & Slowpick Analog Delay (Analog voiced digital, but at USD$50 what do you expect?) Tikus (Rat clone): I...
  6. Grap

    What do you do with your old / "obsolete" modellers?

    I’ll be dusting off my POD and Floor Board rig for a gig this weekend as they have a “silent stage” policy at the venue and my HD400 is in to be fixed. Yeah. That’s obsolete too. If it’s not economic to repair it I maybe hunting for an HD500X to replace it in my DT25 based rig. I last used...
  7. Grap

    How many different Fuzz/Overdrive/Distortion pedals do you use?

    It’s either, depending upon which board I’ve hauled out: Ultimate Octave -> FD 2 FM -> OM Labs Sahashrara -> Vexter Box of Rock Drivetrain II -> Vintage RAT -> Korg G4 overdrive stage -> Spark Mini Keeley DS-1 -> Keeley SD-1 -> Keeley BD-2 -> Mooer Pure Boost Aroma G-Fuzz -> Mosky Tonebus...
  8. Grap

    TV model question

    I remember as a kid once seeing a colour photograph taken on set at the filming of a ‘50’s TV series set in. Hospital, and all the Drs’ coats, Nurses’ pinafores, sheets, and anything else that you’d expect to be white were that same mustardy shade of yellow. I’ve never managed to locate the...
  9. Grap

    Any Keeley Boss SD-1 Users?

    I dug it out and tried it, and no, my Keeley SD-1 tails away to mains hum with no weird sonic artefacts.
  10. Grap

    Any Keeley Boss SD-1 Users?

    Hmm. I never noticed mine doing that. I’ll haul out that board tomorrow and give it a try.
  11. Grap

    If you've been powering pedals with a daisy chain...

    The only board I have that had problems is the one that had a Korg G4 and a Vintage RAT on the same daisy chain. If the RAT was on the clock noise from the Korg used to sound like a sound effect from a 1950’s Sci Fi movie. I lived with it for 12 years because there was no room for another power...
  12. Grap

    Need a 335 alternative.

    Yamaha SA series. I have and SA-1200S which has a carved spruce top, but the entire series is great. Because Yamaha gets no respect, they are cheap
  13. Grap

    What's In The Mail, Part 5

    Bottom feeder that I am, an Aroma G-Fuzz just arrived, and I’m waiting on a Mosky Red Fox. I did an A/B comparison of the G-Fuzz with my 70th Anniversary Hendrix Fuzz Face and they sound very similar. The Silicon Dunlop has slightly more volume available, but the Germanium G-Fuzz cleans up on...
  14. Grap

    What's your favorite Dunlop Fuzz Face?

    Hendrix Fuzz Face in the small box format.
  15. Grap

    The Boss/Keeley board take 2

    It was about time I re-did my Boss board. Ibanez LM-10 tuner, CS-3, Keeley DS-1 Ultra, Keeley SD-1, Keeley BD-2, CH-1, I anew AD-9, Mooer Pure Boost. I had the gains set very low on the SD-1 and BD-2.
  16. Grap

    Mosky copies Lovepedal "Amp 11"

    I’m currently running the following mini boards: 1) Mosky DTC with Ammoon Nano Chorus in the effects loop. That one clones a Suhr Riot & TS-9, and a generic analogue voiced digital delay. 2) Mosky Tone Bus with an Aroma AMS-3 Modulation Station. That one clones an MXR Dyna Comp, a Fulltone...
  17. Grap

    What's In The Mail, Part 5

    Rowen cheapo tuner. Mosky 10 way power supply and a Mooer GE100. Piling up the cheap toys...
  18. Grap

    Klon Centaur clone: Mosky Golden Horse

    I’ve been picking up the Mosky multi pedals as fast as I can find them cheap.Here are the three I've bought to date in order of preference: DTC - Clones a Suhr Riot, Tuberscreamer, and has an analogue voiced digital delay. A great pedal for the distortion and delay tones alone. Throw in the...
  19. Grap

    True Bypass Tubescreamer

    Reverend Drivetrain II anyone?
  20. Grap

    best leslie pedal for live use??

    Korg G4. Must get an isolated power supply for it one of these decades.
  21. Grap

    Help me compile a list of 90s guitar processors

    Viscount EFX-1 and EFX-2 from Italy
  22. Grap

    Not to show anyone's age, but (by date) what were your first pedal purchases?

    ‘74 or ‘75. Colorsound Overdriver and Colorsound Wah, followed shortly by a Fazer (make is lost to the mists of time), a black box that just had the one speed knob on the side. ‘80 I sold the Overdriver ‘84 I bought a JHS Rock Box ‘91 I bought a DD-3 and a BE-5M Then the Internet happened...
  23. Grap

    $350 pedalboard

    Mosky DTC ($45) , Ammoon Nano chorus ($20), mini tuner ($15), set of Mosky patch cables ($10), Nux power supply and daisy chain ($10), bamboo chopping board ($1), gaffer tape, stick on feet, and Velcro ($5). $106 for distortion, overdrive, chorus, delay, and a tuner
  24. Grap

    Weird one with my HD400

    i have a Line 6 Pod HD400 and DT25 rig that I hadn’t powered up in a few months, and when I tried to use it yesterday it exhibited a weird fault: No sound output unless I hit the guitar strings very hard, and then I just got mostly crackles with an oddly distorted noise. I tried the DT25 direct...
  25. Grap

    Is it an age thing...?

    I was looking at a cheapish SG1000 the other week and thought “No. I already have an SG3000”. You are making my resolve waver.