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Search results

  1. crxshdxmmy

    how many "boutique" or "wait list" or "private builder" pedals are on your board?

    Two Strymon, A Timmy and a 1981 DRV. So... zero? Or does Strymon count now?
  2. crxshdxmmy

    do you suggest the solderless patch cable?

    I’ve tried several different kits. George L and a couple different Lava options, but have settled on the EVO Solderless cables from Disaster Area Designs. They’re great!
  3. crxshdxmmy

    Modern Guitar Heroes...

    Mike Einziger of Incubus is one of my favorite modern players.
  4. crxshdxmmy

    What Guitar Picks do you Really Like?

    I have a trio of Blue Chip Jazz Lg picks in different thicknesses that I use the most. I also have a few Gravity 1.5 and 2mm Stealth and Sunrise Big Minis that I like. For acoustic, it’s Dunlop Tortex .60mm most of the time. I like the Black Jazz 3 shape.
  5. crxshdxmmy

    I like .009 Super Slinky Strings

    I was thinking of switching to 9s this morning, actually. Even after a couple of decades, bends on 10s make my fingers cry.
  6. crxshdxmmy

    The VERY FIRST drive pedal you ever owned , year, make and quality ?

    Ibanez SM-7 Smash Box. ....dear lord. When I really got into pedals though, I had a BD-2 and a Catalinbread Silver Kiss.
  7. crxshdxmmy

    G/L pickup identification

    Could be one of their MFD singles.
  8. crxshdxmmy

    Fancy a little reading? Check out thegearconfessions.com

    Put a couple new videos up on YouTube in support of my recent interviews with Tom from Spiral Electric and Christian from Eventide.
  9. crxshdxmmy

    Fancy a little reading? Check out thegearconfessions.com

    Posted a new interview with Pete from Strymon yesterday. In it, he talks about what 10 years of El Capistan success has meant to the company, to him and to users all around the world. Read it here: www.thegearconfessions.com/post/elcap
  10. crxshdxmmy

    NPD Diamond Comp

    One of my favorites.
  11. crxshdxmmy

    Fancy a little reading? Check out thegearconfessions.com

    New content alert! Just published an interview with Christian Colabelli from Eventide Audio where he explains the genesis of the new Blackhole pedal. It’s really something! (And there’s also a new demo on my YouTube channel.) Check it out here: thegearconfessions.com/post/blackhole
  12. crxshdxmmy

    US Patent #US6459023B1 Expires 2021-01-26

    Cheers to @whoismarykelly, @jm9239 and @Reyybarra for offering some common sense in this bizarro thread. Pedaltrain solved a need in the industry and was awarded a patent for it — god forbid they protect it. And in a world where $300 drives and $800 reverb pedals reign supreme, a...
  13. crxshdxmmy

    Your top 3 MIAB style pedals.

    The Catalinbread DLS Mk3 is the best I’ve played. Pros: 3-band Tone Stack 2 modes Sounds great Looks great Runs at 9-18v Perfect as a platform drive / stacks well Con: Mode toggle is internal
  14. crxshdxmmy

    Fancy a little reading? Check out thegearconfessions.com

    This is my newest feature — a collaborative interview with Joel from Chase Bliss, Loki from Poly Effects, Steve from Empress and Colt from Walrus Audio where they talk about their most uniquely tactile devices and how each was inspired. Check it out here...
  15. crxshdxmmy

    Fancy a little reading? Check out thegearconfessions.com

    Hello All! If you're into tl;dr content, I'd love for you to check out my blog -- The Gear Confessions. Here are the pieces I've published recently: 10 Years of El Capistan: Pete Celi | Strymon Engineering Spaced Out: Christian Colabelli | Eventide Tactile (R)evolution: Chase Bliss | Empress...
  16. crxshdxmmy

    How many OD's do you have....

    Just this one... for 12 years now. I also have a DRV, but that’s more of a distortion.
  17. crxshdxmmy

    New Interview with Tom Cram from Spiral Electric!

    Interesting take. I'd like to dialogue about this a little more, so shoot me a PM once you're able... or you can email through the blog site.
  18. crxshdxmmy

    New Interview with Tom Cram from Spiral Electric!

    I tried PMing, but your inbox is full. Can you provide some context on a) why Ideascale "is an actual fail" and b) how including it in that article compromises my journalistic integrity?