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  1. 9520575

    I Just Spent $127 on a Delay Pedal

    (Parody thread title) Just got the Ibanez AD-80 on the ebay. MN3005 and all. What a stellar delay pedal. super crisp repeats (like a fresh celery stalk). I recommend you keep your eyes peeled for one of these gems. I know $127 is a little high of a price to pay, but eh? The blend knob is wonky...
  2. 9520575

    Geartree.com great shopping experience!

    I just wanted to add a little positive mojo towards geartree.com. I'd never heard of them, and I've never seen them mentioned here. I know people are always on the look out for a good online dealer. Here's the bullet points: 1) Called and spoke with a helpful staff 2) Fast Shipping 3) Extremely...
  3. 9520575

    New skreddy: Perestroika

    https://skreddypedals.com/skreddy_pedals_perestroika.htm Looks like a muff. The Skreddy Pedals™ Perestroika hearkens to the early 1990's Russian tank version fuzz which had a gritty bite to the top end, a smooth, gently scooped midrange, and a warm, but not boomy low end. Just enough gain to...
  4. 9520575

    Serious issues with skreddy pedals.

    Well, I hate to start one these complaint threads. But I have to speak my mind here. For a long time I avoided skreddy pedals. 200 plus dollars for something with one to three knobs, get real. Well prices of the old lunar module have dropped significantly. So, I picked one up just to see what...
  5. 9520575

    Fuzz>Phase Shifter>Delay. What's your favorite threesome?

    I was sitting here playing guitar, using a skreddy Pig Mine with Moog's phaser & delay. Its a nice nice trio and made me think of other Fuzz/Phaser/Delay combos I've owned. For a long time I used a Boss Hyper Fuzz, Boss PH-2, and Ibanez DE-7. That was a pretty sweet trio as well. I...
  6. 9520575

    SubDecay Super Spring Theory – Reverb

    cIIsLJhhphY https://soundcloud.com/subdecay-1/super-spring-theory I am looking forward to this pedal.
  7. 9520575

    An open letter of apology to flange fanatics.

    Throughout my time in being a guitar player, I have taken many occasions to bad mouth the flange effect. The “airplane” whoosh, with a distortion just conjures images of men in tight lavender, tiger striped spandex pants. Then I’m transported to my school bus, and kids laughing at me because I...
  8. 9520575

    The Cusack Tap-A-Whirl Tremolo

    I just got my hands on one of these Tap-A-Whirls, and man oh man where is the love for this pedal on TGP! Its right in the price range of the strymon, empress, diamond, dr scientist tremolos. Yet you don't hear too much about them. This guy has more options then you can shake a stick at. The...
  9. 9520575

    Let's play: "What's wrong with my Vibro Champ!"

    I just got a 1977 Silver face Vibro Champ. The tremolo is not working. First things first I replaced the 12ax7 tube, swapped them, put in a new one make sure I have working tubes. Still no tremolo. Okay take the Chassis out, look inside see a capacitor leaking residue. I take that cap out...
  10. 9520575

    I don't want to get zapped, quick question.

    Okay, just got a vibro champ. Tremolo isn't working. Swapped out the 12ax7, nothing changed. I took the chassis out, i see a cap burst open, connected to the tremolo portion. That's probably the issue. I read a couple how to on draining the caps. I take out my DMM to read the voltage, its set...
  11. 9520575

    Joyo JF-09 Tremolo Review

    I read on here (TGP), that this pedal (Joyo JF-09) may or may not be a clone of a Demeter Tremulator or a Diaz Tremodillo. Well, I have all three of these guys in front of me right now. First off, the Tremodillo doesn't have a light determined resistor in it, plus the dwell knob controls the...
  12. 9520575

    NPD: The Texas Tremodillo by Diaz effects, a curious tremolo

    First I should say, I'm a bit of a tremolo junky. I have a problem, its irrational, but I want to try them all. With over 500 something amplitude modulators, that is not likely, but you can't do something if you don't try. My newest addition, The Texas Tremodillo by Cesar Diaz, arrived...
  13. 9520575

    Review: Tayda's Box of Rock clone

    Well, I bought the $10 PCB of the "Box of Rock" from Tayda.com. It didn't take long at all to populate the circuit board, maybe ~2 hrs? Anyway, super easy worked the first time I plugged it in. Now I just have to put it in a box, I'm just playing the exposed board, right now. Review: Sounds...
  14. 9520575


    This term "tone suck" get thrown around here a lot. So, my question is: what is it, and how can I measure it? Here is what I am thinking: Tone suck is loss of higher frequencies. Therefore, I should be able to use a frequency generator to send certain frequencies into my pedal. I can setup my...
  15. 9520575

    Is this how the Tim and Timmy got their name?

    I was just reading about Matti Otala's discovery of slew rate distortion. Which helped explained the perceived difference in audio quality of tube amps and solid state amplifiers. Called: transient intermodulation distortion (TIM). Could that be the origin of the name? Since it is supposed...
  16. 9520575

    FS: Deluxe Pitch Pirate, Demo Tape Fuzz, Crimson King

    Mid-Fi Electronics Deluxe Pitch Pirate: PT2399 based delay with modulation. Modulation goes from triangle to square wave. $185 including shipping and paypal fees. Mid-Fi Electronics Demo Tape Fuzz SOLD Arc Effects Crimson King. SOLD
  17. 9520575

    Man the Prometheus DLX is amazing.

    The Prometheus DLX by Subdecay is one of the most tweakable pedals I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. There are three basic filters on this thing: high pass, low pass and band pass. From those three filters we can change the cut off frequency and the resonance. Pretty simple with a wide...
  18. 9520575

    The things people throw away these days...

    I just got these pictures from my step-dad. He found this at the dump. Told me: "plugged it in, it comes on but no sound. You can hear the pots scratch when you turn'em, that's it." I had another pic of the serial number, looks like a 1971 Super Reverb. Free seems like a good price to me...
  19. 9520575

    Spring Theory V Real spring

    DGRIaKwKjAk A little side by side of the subdecay spring theory and a BF Fender's spring. Oh and a Hammond L112 converted to a guitar amp for good measure. The subdecay is a little darker then the real deal, but holds its own very well. Not super fake like most DSP emulations. Gear used...
  20. 9520575

    NPD! (dwarftcaft devices secret destroyer)

    So, I spent some money that was getting old and musty in my pay pal account. I bought a dwaftcraft device secret deestroyer. Its a great destroyer with an extra knob, that is a third gain stage. This is a fuzzhugger special. Special shout out to tom over there for the great customer service. (it...
  21. 9520575

    Question to the forum: guitar in storage units?

    Hello forum, I am moving in july to a new apartment. I Am currently living with a guy I do not trust, to try and swipe a bunch of my stuff, as he is leaving. So, I need to put my instruments into hiding for a month. I was thinking of putting my things in a storage unit. Is this advisable? I'm...