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Search results

  1. plexirocker 68

    AC-15 with Weber ceramic blue dog reviews

    Any one here running a Weber Ceramic Blue Dog in their AC-15..looking for reviews and details on wattage and doping specs Plexi
  2. plexirocker 68

    Fulldrive 1 vs Fulldrive 2 non mosfet

    There’s not much out there about how the new Fulldrive 1 compares against the older Fulldrive 2 non mosfet ..so I did some a/b stuff.... Here’s my opinion ...Generally speaking if you dig the Fulldrive 2 you’ll like the small box Fd1..they are very close and the FD1 sounds as good or better in...
  3. plexirocker 68

    Neo speakers for boogie combo

    Just looking for some input from the folks that are using neo speakers in boogie combos. My DC-3 could use a little less weight in the “grab and go” category.;) less “grab and drag” would be good .. Plexi
  4. plexirocker 68

    Mooer chorus ensemble

    I’ve been thinking About getting one of these...they have been out a few years so what’s the verdict on how they are holding up and are they gig worthy reliable? Thanks Plexi
  5. plexirocker 68

    Dimarzio 36th issues

    looking for insight to why this pickup won’t meter a “hot” at standard full output .. Let me say I’ve installed pickups for years so I’m well versed. And this is my third Dimarzio 36th with 4 conductor wiring and both previous times went perfectly.... Got it brand new and I always meter it out...
  6. plexirocker 68

    1958 J45 price inquiry

    I have a chance to pick up a ‘58 J45 with adjustable bridge. Very good plus condition all original with original case...plays great! needs no neck reset, frets are still very good ..color is sharp...one small issue.. a small 1/2” crack needs repaired at soundhole at the neck ..it’s a easy...
  7. plexirocker 68

    Ibanez am93 reviews

    just looking for opinions on this guitar, I’m in the market for a affordable semi hollow, how’s the quality and how do the pickups sound? Plexi
  8. plexirocker 68

    Recording King RO-T16

    Looking for some folks that may have this guitar and what your thoughts are on this model Plexi
  9. plexirocker 68

    NAD Blackface goodness

    Picked up this beauty today. Just serviced and sounding incredible. '66 Princeton non reverb with original speaker! plexi
  10. plexirocker 68

    Duncan SSL-1 neck and middle with Fralin Blues special bridge

    Anyone running the Duncan SSL-1 neck and middle rw/Rp with Fralin Blues special bridge ? What are your thoughts ? Plexi
  11. plexirocker 68

    PSA about Gibson 300k pots

    Recently I picked up a 2010 Les Paul Traditional... Stock 57 classic and Classic + pickups... When I got it home I realized how choked sounding the pickups were... Like a blanket over the tone....I did some research and found that Gibson uses 300k pots for volume controls... I ordered a set of...
  12. plexirocker 68

    Fell back in love with my PRS Custom 22

    Bought this new in '96, the last 5 years I haven't played it much and was on the fence about selling it. I finally got around to changing the original Dragon pickups out for the Dimarzio 36th anniversary pickups. What a tremendous change for the better. Tone, clarity and articulation that I've...
  13. plexirocker 68

    PRS custom 22 pickup ideas

    I have a '96 Custom 22 with trem and the original Dragon pickups. The Dragons are too hot for me and lack character, I'm looking for something with a vintage vibe to it. Anyone using the Dimarzio 36th anniversary set in these? Any other suggestions are appreciated. thanks plexi
  14. plexirocker 68

    Anyone try one of the new Shawbucker HSS strats?

    Looking for any first hand experiences with these plexi
  15. plexirocker 68

    Vintage Marshall help needed

    looking for a little help here for my '69 50 watt tremolo head. My questions are about the power and output transformers, one is correct the other I'm not sure about. Nothing looks replaced and the amp is killer sounding.
  16. plexirocker 68

    NGD! Gibson Les Paul Content

    First new guitar I've bought in years!
  17. plexirocker 68

    New Ibanez SD9M favorite settings. Love it

    Well I've been looking for a good stand alone distortion pedal that actually works. This thing is really cool. Extremely versatile, with a crazy extreme tone control. I think the old school and new school distortion pedal lovers will dig it. Works well in several amps and it's good with...
  18. plexirocker 68

    Boogie Pawnshop score $125

    2-12 cab with MC90's plexi
  19. plexirocker 68

    69 Marshall tranformer info

    Need a little help from the vintage Marshall guru's on this one. Can anyone identify this output transformer from a 69' small top plexi
  20. plexirocker 68

    Vintage Marshall Cab fun

    Here's my mint condition cab with a quad of 102-014's for the Marshall fans out there plexi
  21. plexirocker 68

    Fernandes twins

    For all the Fernandes fans plexi
  22. plexirocker 68

    ESP 400 series

    For all the fans of these cool guitars.
  23. plexirocker 68

    67 Princeton NR -Tweed Harvard price checks

    Just doing some traveling and found these amps. What's the average ballpark prices for these? I realize condition matters and I'll delve into tomorrow. Just high and low prices would be appreciated. plexi
  24. plexirocker 68

    New Gibson Les Paul Junior info needed

    I'm looking at picking up one of the new Juniors out there, the regular junior which can be had for a little over $800. That's if I can't find a deal on a Heritage 137 How is the intonation on these? thanks plexi
  25. plexirocker 68

    Budda Series 1 help needed

    I need a bit of help here from the fine folks of TGP. I have a Series 1 footswitch with the channel select switch and the cab option switching. I replaced the channel select switch as it went bad and I am having trouble wiring it back currectly. A pic or wiring diagram would be awesome help...