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Search results

  1. CaseyI

    Suggestions for head cabinet for odd chassis

    I have a combo amp that I love but the rattles are driving me crazy. I'd love to split it into a head and cab, but I don't think the chassis is conducive to a head cab. Any suggestions?
  2. CaseyI

    Sold Moog Minifooger Chorus

    $150 PP and shipped via USPS Priority. Great condish. Cool pedal. BUY IT!! (No Trades Please)
  3. CaseyI

    Sold Waves Classic Compressors Bundle

    Retail $599 Asking $295 V9. Once payment is received I will renew the Waves Upgrade plan so you have a fresh, full year of upgrade protection on it. More info here: http://www.waves.com/bundles/cla-cla...ic-compressors Transfer of Ownership info is here: How to Transfer License Ownership |...
  4. CaseyI

    Sold Boss DD-500

    It's in like new condition with the box and manuals. I can't find these in stock anywhere so here's your chance. $265 shipped USPS Priority. No Trades Please (as in, zero).
  5. CaseyI

    Sold Strymon Timeline $395

    Comes with box and power supply. Works great and in overall great condition minus the small nick by the "A". $395 shipped and PP'd via USPS priority.
  6. CaseyI

    NGD: Veritas Portlander Thinline (Pics)

    This guitar has been a long time coming. As per my affiliations, I do work for Veritas Guitars, so regular customer orders have been taking priority over my build. Even after having handled a lot of these guitars, there's something special about the one you get to call you own. Some details...
  7. CaseyI

    Sold Blackout Effectors Musket V2 $125

    Priced for a quick sale. $125 Shipped (firm). It's in like new condition. I bought it new and have enjoyed the heck out of it... but the merry go round must keep spinning! I'm not interested in any trades.
  8. CaseyI

    Any love for the Arc Effects Big Green?

    I have a Musket which I quite enjoy but have wandering eyes I suppose. I have their Klone and am very impressed with it so I was exploring their other offerings. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it if you've used the Big Green.
  9. CaseyI

    Sold EHX Super Pulsar Tremolo

    $195. No Trades Please. SALE PENDING Comes with the box and PSU.
  10. CaseyI

    Sold FS: My TGP Street Cred. (2)H9 Cores, Selah Quartz

    All pedals work flawlessly and are in like new condition and comes with the original boxes. H9 Cores $325 SOLD Selah Quartz SOLD Prices are shipped and pp'd.
  11. CaseyI

    Volume Pedal/Tuner combined?

    A good friend of mine (TheHafe) whipped this photoshop up and it makes you wonder...Why hasn't anybody thought of this??
  12. CaseyI

    NEW (2015) Seymour Duncan Shape Shfter Tremolo

    I used to have the old one and I really liked it. But it was a bit of a beast size wise. This thing looks NEARLY perfect. Great size. Top mounted jacks. I'm sure it'll sound great. Stereo ins and outs. BUT no external tap tempo input. Boo. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ShapeShifter
  13. CaseyI

    Midi controlled OD's?

    I'm curious on what's out there. Off the top of my head I can think of the Nova Drive, Line6 M's, and the Source Audio pedals with their hub. Anything else out there I'm missing?
  14. CaseyI

    Help modding an SDD-3000 pedal. Piggy backing off the TT switch.

    Hey guys, I'd like to mod my SDD3K to be able to use an external Tap Tempo switch. I cracked it open and as I assumed, the switches are just momentary switches. I'd love to wire up a jack so I can input tap tempo from a remote location. Here's a picture of the switch. Any idea on which pads...
  15. CaseyI

    Digitech iStomp As new

    iStomp with box and cables. As new. $40 Shipped (prefer gift due to the low cost, but whatever is fine)
  16. CaseyI


    I'd rather give great prices than sit around waiting to sell these things. Jupiter SOLD Musket SOLD
  17. CaseyI

    Not gonna lie. I'm intrigued by the Soundblox pedals

    They look hideous. The mod and verb pedals are only mono. They require their little hub thing to get the most out of them. And I'd have to hand in my TGP street cred card. But still.... The demos sound great. Using them on their own still makes them a good value. And I can't remember the last...
  18. CaseyI

    Stupid Prices on Walrus Audio Descent SOLD

    These are in perfect condition and I have the original boxes. Descent Reverb SOLD
  19. CaseyI

    Strymon Timeline, SOLD

    I've owned this since it was new. It's in awesome shape. Works perfectly. $385 shipped and PP. Send me a PM.
  20. CaseyI

    EQD Sea Machine -or- BYOC Mega Chorus Vibrato

    Does anybody have experience with both? There's not much info on the BYOC. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have.
  21. CaseyI

    Progammable Loopers: Whatcha got and how are you using it?

    Pics welcome! I'm considering jumping into the programmable looper game. I'm not sure how good of a planner I am though. It seems to me having presets but also direct access would be important for me. So, I'd love to hear your strategy on how you use yours.
  22. CaseyI

    Vox Delaylab - I'm impressed!

    So I picked this up on a trade. I was just curious and didn't have anything to lose. I've spent the last couple days with it playing quite a bit, and I'm shocked at how much I like it. The operation is simple and I feel like I have a better grasp on editing and operation than I do my...
  23. CaseyI

    Gold Seymour Duncan Jazz and Custom 5 set. $85.00. Sold

    $85.00 for the pair. Solid price. Great pups.
  24. CaseyI

    New Single! I'm quite proud! (P&W content)

    Produced by Jesse Proctor who played drums on John Mark Mcmillans latest album Borderlands. If you like it, you can have it..as well as my EP. Just click on the link in my sig. https://soundcloud.com/casey-idsinga/for-your-glory
  25. CaseyI

    Rookie question

    Hey guys, I'm planning on swapping a speaker and this is new territory for me. I bought a 16 ohm celestion blue. I believe the current speaker is 8 ohm. I plan on turning the knob to indicate "16". I'm not sure why there are two speaker outputs and am not sure how id use it if I'd ever want to...