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Search results

  1. EL-Dougie

    Guitars you wished you still had

    Sunburst 65 Gibson J-200. Bought it used in Chicago in 1975, with an old repaired body crack, for $650, sold it 15 years later after a moving snafu where it got left in a U-Haul overnight in freezing cold and then the case got opened quickly the next day to see if there was any damage and I...
  2. EL-Dougie

    Happy Holidays! Now, what did you get??

    Is that a vintage Charvel Model 4 ? Am I remembering that number right? I owned one in metal-flake dark cobalt blue, almost black, with cool tweed case - bought new, maybe 1985? Great guitar!
  3. EL-Dougie

    What would be a sexy guitar with p90's...maybe even THREE p90's ;)

    One-off custom T90 from StephenT (Talkovich): Chapin Fatline:
  4. EL-Dougie

    Just got a new guitar...what do you think?

    No humidifier needed, apparently...
  5. EL-Dougie

    Going to Nashville: Recommend good guitar stores and good places to hear great guitar

    Guitar Gallery has an incredible array of high-end acoustic guitars, both new and pre-owned, from tons of well-known and up and coming builders. This is in a private home with a finished garage showroom. Showings by appointment only, one person at a time (an hour blocked off typically). Owner...
  6. EL-Dougie

    Post One Great Guitar Photo

    Four axes walk into a bedroom, looking for a couch they can sink their teeth into... Anderson Hollow Drop Top, Chapin Fatline Hawk, Swan Koa LN-6, S. Talkovich T-90.
  7. EL-Dougie

    Show Your Guitar Inlays

    I have a Martin HD-40MS, which is a Marty Stuart Ltd Ed from 1996. Had seen the fretboard inlays, designed by Marty, in a Martin Guitar History book, and thought they looked pretty sharp. Was lucky enough to find this totally mint, pre-owned specimen in 2003 and now have it in my little herd...
  8. EL-Dougie

    Caption this pic!

    "Fret not, little lady, Unknown Hinson is a gennlman"
  9. EL-Dougie

    2008 : How many axes ya' got now?

    Ten (don't tell my wife - she's up to about 6, I think)... Electric: 2006 Swan LN6 w/Soundhole in Honduras Mahogany/Swamp Ash 2008 S. Talkovich T90 Thinline in Surf Green 2007 Anderson Hollow Drop Top in Jack's Pacific Blue Acoustic: 2007 McPherson MG-4.5XP in Adirondack/Figured Mahogany 2005...
  10. EL-Dougie

    Looking for pics of Seafoam/Surf Green Tele w/cream pickguard

    TGP Member StephenT built/birthed this S. Talkovich T90 Thinline in Seafoam/Surf Green with antiqued cream pickguard. Looks totally sharp, sounds wonderful. This is his photo just before he shipped it out to me.
  11. EL-Dougie

    Looking for cool decals for new Tele

    Waterslides available here on TGP from member telebluze: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/338263&referrerid=26319
  12. EL-Dougie

    List all the different guitars you've owned since you started playing!

    The ones I still have are bold: 1965 Goya nylon stringed classical student beater (new) 1965 Kay semi-hollow electric (new) 1966 Vox Phantom electric (new) 1968 Ovation Balladeer (new) 1960's Univox semi-hollow electric (used in 1969) 1965 Gibson J-200 (used in 1975) 1983 Yamaha Strat-style...
  13. EL-Dougie

    Which guitar do you mst reget selling?

    1965 Gibson J-200 sunburst. Paid $550 used in 1976 with a repaired body crack, sold it for $650 in 1990 with same stable repaired crack plus severe weather checking over entire body (dumb idiot me opened the case to check on it after leaving it in a moving van overnight in the Winter and I was...
  14. EL-Dougie

    Youtube - Amazing Stunt "Guitar" Playing (The Simpsons)

    That must be the one - good catch!
  15. EL-Dougie

    Youtube - Amazing Stunt "Guitar" Playing (The Simpsons)

    Looks like Ibanez logo on headstocks, H-S-H pickups on each axe. There are more clips of him on YouTube - I liked this one and the "arrangement"... Fly Me to the Moon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udJr9cMCVFk .
  16. EL-Dougie

    would this guitar stand damage my nitro finished guitar?

    The Hercules line of stands with the AGS (Auto Grab System) are excellent. What is $35 when you are cradling and protecting a valuable guitar? I have two: a model 414B and a model 415B, both AGS, the 415B has a fold-down head which may be best for road work or just sheer portability. I use...
  17. EL-Dougie

    Show your Brazilian Rosewood Thread

    My Bryan Galloup Hybrid with Mastergrade Brazilian Back & Sides; Brazilian Binding on Fretboard, Body & Soundhole; Ebony Fretboard & Bridge; and Mastergrade Adirondack Spruce Top. She resonates and sustains overtones like crazy... Doug in CT
  18. EL-Dougie

    Guitar tattoos?

    Bryn (Bright) Davies is an awesome acoustic bass player with an interesting tattoo on her back. She is currently in the Patty Griffin band, and before that was with the Peter Rowan - Tony Rice Quartet. Here's a picture of her tattoo and a blog explanation from her MySpace page...
  19. EL-Dougie

    This video cracks me up! Bender content...

    Unreal - This guy is a rock and roll Crazy Eddie and Ron Popeil rolled into one, and he knows it. The folks who captioned the video are way fun, too. Makes you want to go out and order one of these suckers... just $399 for a tele-style guitar with double string bender and string drop too...
  20. EL-Dougie

    Where is the best place to order a G&L?

    FYI, there's a good-looking Commanche available on TGP right now: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/276987&referrerid=26319