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Search results

  1. StevenS

    Bogner Shiva combo 1x12'' (EL34 tubes)

    I've had an older one with the wonky effects loop cable for close to 15 years and can say it's my go to for gigging. It has a wonderful clean channel which takes pedals well and an overdrive side that is much like a Marshall. I know a lot of people say otherwise but it reminds me a lot of a...
  2. StevenS

    Gigs you attended, so loud it sounded like white noise and songs hard to identify ?

    Aerosmith, late 70's, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Halifax Forum. I think my ears are still ringing. It was awesome though! Steven Tyler was so drunk he passed out a bit and forgot the words to Dream On. An absolute wall of sound. Never experienced anything like it before or since. A good time was...
  3. StevenS

    Hangout with Paul Stanley

    I bet Gene is pissed that Paul's doing these for free!! :) joke.. I enjoy these as well. I always liked Paul. The guitar looks like a 58 reissue but I can't tell what the amp is. It looks like he's playing through the brown combo behind him. Sounds good, and he looks to be in great health!
  4. StevenS

    One 80's hard rock amp to rule them all?

    If you're looking for a great clean channel and a great 70's-80's rock tone in the same box then I'd lean towards the Shiva EL34. The clean channel is absolutely one of the best. Just wonderful. Channel two can get compressed but you can dial that out as the controls are very good and do what...
  5. StevenS

    Recommend me an OM

    I bought a used Collings OM-1 from Reverb a while back and it was VERY different to what I was expecting as I had never played a mahogany guitar before. Used Collings don't come up for sale in Canada all that often so I took a chance with it. It was so different that I actually put it up for...
  6. StevenS

    Anyone Own Celebrity or Rockstar Owned/Played Instruments?

    I have a 72 Marshall 50 watt that was supposedly used on a Don Henley song, a Scorpions album and was used by Link Wray live to play Rumble. ( I saw a video of it and he was playing through a Marshall head). The guy I bought it from was a sound engineer for years and worked with a bunch of...
  7. StevenS

    Buying shipping materials for amp heads?

    Every amp or guitar I've ever bought I've saved the packing material and now have quite a supply of stuff in the rafters of my garage...:D I sold my AC30 a while back and as it was too big and heavy for Canada Post I went to the local UPS Store. They offered to pack the whole thing up for $40...
  8. StevenS

    Guitar with rosewood stuck in Canadian customs (CITES)

    I've got a rosewood guitar that I was thinking of selling but was just waiting for the date to come and go. Hopefully it will be fine then. Thankfully you'll still be getting your guitar..
  9. StevenS

    Opinions on Meeting up for amp purchases

    I don't have people to the house anymore. I was selling an XTC and a guy wanted to come see it. He showed up with two other guys and they all spent most of the time looking at my other stuff. It was ok and I never felt in danger or anything but it kind of cured me on the whole "Yeah sure come...
  10. StevenS

    Robbed at the border

    I feel your pain man. I remember the first time I got shafted with border fees by UPS. Fedex, DHL... they're all the same. It took me a while but I finally found out about USPS. No brokerage at the border (maybe $5-$10). You still have to pay HST but that's the same with any carrier. It gets...
  11. StevenS

    Ace Frehley and Dimarzio Super Distortion

    No experience with Dimarzio SD's but Ace's tone on Kiss Alive is one of my favorite's. I wore that album out back in the day.
  12. StevenS

    Rehearsal: a crutch, really needed or overrated?

    We practice generally once or twice a month. We work on new tunes or just play stuff we enjoy playing. Have a couple of beers and have fun. I agree about practice vs rehearsal though. If you're learning a new tune have it ready to go at the rehearsal.
  13. StevenS

    audience noise and artist response

    Nose bleed seats. Next row behind us yelling at the top of his lungs. "TOM ****IN PETTY !!!!!!" You can probably fill in the blanks..:)
  14. StevenS

    Can I see your Marshall?

    I'll play!! 1983 JCM 800 50 watt 4x12 - 2 Golds - 2 G12h30's 1973 100 watt 1970 50 watt 1981 JCM 800 100 watt 1971 50 watt 1972 50 watt 1974X
  15. StevenS

    whats your No 1 guitar tone ever (one choice)?

    Ace Frehley - Kiss Alive!
  16. StevenS

    Can 100 watt amps work at bar gig volumes?

    I've used an EL34 Shiva combo for years. 80 watts with a great master volume. Awesome clean, and drive channels with a loop for effects. I've played all different size gigs with it and it always sounds great. It can be done!
  17. StevenS

    Songs you hate or are plain tired of, but hear at ever bar.

    There's a ton of songs that I don't want to hear at a bar. Pretty much all the above mentioned tunes fall into that category. If I'm playing and getting paid for it however I'll play anything you want to hear. We were playing an outside party one night and a hottie (who was having a great time...
  18. StevenS

    What guitar & amp do you use on stage?

    i play in a classic rock cover band. Usually an R9 into a Shiva combo. pedal board is wah, tuner, Fat Boost, Sparkle Drive, flanger. DD-7, and chorus in the loop. Works well.
  19. StevenS

    Set Lists - can I see yours?

    Here's one from our last Christmas gig. 1. Running Down a Dream – Tom Petty 2. Bad Case of Loving You – Robert Palmer 3. Boys Are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy 4. China Grove – The Doobie Brothers 5. Life in the Fast Lane – The Eagles 6. New Orleans is Sinking – T Hip 7. Breakup Song – Greg Kihn 8...
  20. StevenS

    How much $$$ tied up in your unused gear hoard?

    Probably $70K CAD here give or take total gear. Everything gets played at some point though. I rotate stuff through the loop and it all gets used. It's all great stuff too. I'm very lucky. I've bought and sold WAY more than that over the years though... I love to try new things so I get gear...
  21. StevenS

    Goodbye Glen

    I knew this was coming but it's still sad to hear. Growing up in the 70's I always enjoyed his tunes on the radio, as well as his TV appearances. It wasn't until much later that I realized what a super talent he really was. RIP Glen.
  22. StevenS

    Do You Use Your Amp's Tilt-Back Legs (Poll)

    I was thinking of adding a set to my 1x12 Shiva. We play some small stages and it would be great to have it pointed more at my ears than the back of my legs. I have a stand that will handle it (it's freaking heavy...) but I have to be careful of the reverb tank which is mounted outside on the...