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Search results

  1. Shane Sanders

    New Casiotone S1

    I saw a few videos, too. The form factor is really beautiful, the good kind of simplicity is there, and I'm sure that "surround mode" is great if it is anything like the various little guitar amps from Yamaha or Vox. It's a ton of good sound for the price.
  2. Shane Sanders

    Help Me Pick a Fun Low Cost Synth Toy

    Agree about the CS Reface. Wonderful synth, both usability and sound. Plus, it's small, attractive and will kinda hold its value, especially if/when they stop making 'em.
  3. Shane Sanders

    Do any digital hardware synths hold their value?

    Yeah, I wouldn't disagree a bit about emulating pianos. They're such an old, established instrument with peculiarities that are not fully available to most virtual instruments at this time even on a DAW where great things like you mentioned are readily available (Kontakt, etc.). Plus, there's...
  4. Shane Sanders

    Do any digital hardware synths hold their value?

    I've got far more power in an iPad Pro and an XKey Air 37 than in just about any workstation that goes for $4-5k, honestly. And it's a lot more fun to use due to the inherently visual nature of the menu systems. Plus, it's a lot easier on the wallet to grab a $20 synth than just about any other...
  5. Shane Sanders

    When do you personally think a mistake is acceptable to leave in a track?

    All my mistakes happen on the master bus.
  6. Shane Sanders

    The Strymon Stagnancy... a serious question from a borderline fanboy

    The heavy truth is that notes matter so much more than effects*. So, even for bands like Flock of Seagulls or U2, where the delay is substantial, important, and truly relevant to the songs and riffs--you could still have the same powerful result with just about any kind of similar 'effect type'...
  7. Shane Sanders

    Good programmable synth

    For hardware, my favorite experience so far is the Yamaha Reface CS. It's small, relatively inexpensive, and everything is on the front panel--and it's got some really good interactivity options which make it valuable for improv parts where you'd want to play with a cutoff filter or resonance...
  8. Shane Sanders

    Looking for expressive dirty controllers/synths

    The sheer creative power available with an Expressive E Touché SE is staggering. Apart from the actual physicality of the device which harnesses all kinds of musical ability you already possess in terms of rhythmic control of your body, it ships with a synthesizer plugin based on the UVI Falcon...
  9. Shane Sanders

    Your Favorite Band that Never Made it "Big"

    Curve should have been a household name. They had the songs, the hooks, the looks, the timing. And they even became a huge underground band, but never found the ear of the average schmo.
  10. Shane Sanders

    Into Surf Rock?

    Cool stuff! I added your track, "Manateeth," to my big Spotify "Charlie Don't Surf" playlist.
  11. Shane Sanders

    The Ghost Mariners - Azimuth of Arcturus

    My new album dropped on 1/21/21 ... please give it a spin! https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/theghostmariners/azimuth-of-arcturus https://www.ghostmariners.net
  12. Shane Sanders

    PSA: cheap coffee table stand for Yamaha THR10 amps

    I've updated the original post. I think the pics will tell the story enough to find a similar product if the K-Mart one isn't available. Have fun!
  13. Shane Sanders

    David Crosby needs to pay his mortgage.

    I could be tempted to pay him again for producing Joni Mitchell's first one! haha.
  14. Shane Sanders

    NGD! D'Angelico Deluxe Bedford SH Matte Wine

    Do these have any neck-dive going on? Thanks!
  15. Shane Sanders

    Steve Vai's circular vibrato...why isn't it more common?

    To answer your question about why it's not as common: lots of people can't really hear details. The vast majority of players are very rote-based and primitive compared to people playing instruments that force you to hear to be competent. Take those frets away, most of us are lost. I would be...
  16. Shane Sanders

    Steve Vai's circular vibrato...why isn't it more common?

    Haven't watched the vid but will. Yeah, I think that's really important, but you don't really have to execute it in such a big circle, imo. I think he does it in an exaggerated way to be dramatic on stage. The pad of your finger does have to grip the string and that's what gives you the subtle...
  17. Shane Sanders

    I love my Carcosa so much. . .

    I love it, too. Top-notch tool.
  18. Shane Sanders

    New thought on SG neck dive?

    Problem solved--the suede side adds all the friction you need. I've got a Custom Shop SG with the tiniest bit of neck dive and this was the easiest and cheapest solution: https://tinyurl.com/yyrbkglg My SG Standard didn't need anything, but these straps are really comfortable.
  19. Shane Sanders

    So.. what SHOULD musicians get PAID?

    Our multiple grammy-winning symphony orchestra is on furlough until NEXT summer without pay. All of them can most probably outplay anyone who's ever posted on this forum. It's a bizarre niche music business that only persists because of oil-baron patronage on some level. But the composers are...
  20. Shane Sanders

    First thing that comes to mind when you listen to this.

    The first thing that came to mind is "how did he keep the piano totally out of the vocal mic?." haha--yes, I understand. But then I downloaded it and tossed it into a few different reverbs that I love and came away with the notion that this is the sort of thing that can captivate an entire room...
  21. Shane Sanders

    I like it. Pointy guitar.

    If you really look at the flesh to guitar contact points, this is definitely more ergonomic and spine-loving than most guitars that exist. It most certainly weighs a lot and may require a science degree to remember the wiring scheme, but hidden away as a recording device and not a fetish object...
  22. Shane Sanders

    Modding an Ibanez RG 421 HELP

    I should point out, it's not a direct fit as far as installation holes go, but it will cover the old ones completely. It's a much better bridge, imo.
  23. Shane Sanders

    Modding an Ibanez RG 421 HELP

    The pics in my first post on this old SevenString.org thread are gone, but farther down the thread you'll find my pictures after the upgrades: https://www.sevenstring.org/threads/please-tell-me-the-bridge-bolt-pattern-specs-on-rga42fm-the-cheap-bridge.330952/#post-4901886 This is the bridge you...
  24. Shane Sanders

    Pedalboard build : Poor man's Schmidt Array

    Kudos! I get a rush seeing people turn off the TV and tackle creative and technical problems like this.