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  1. EL-Dougie

    New favorite small company luthier!

    Cue up the man in black: "And he's stuck in Hoffman Prison, making guitars..."
  2. EL-Dougie


    Tix just went on sale for the Prezens show at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT (March 14th, 2 shows). I started a thread to announce it: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/353018&referrerid=26319 Maybe a bunch of CT and MA TGPers will become the core audience and cheer them on...
  3. EL-Dougie


    Sounds like you have the recording aspects well under control; I did not see your prior response as I was composing my suggestion on Firehouse 12. Still might be a good place to get yet another audio snapshot, and I see that Dave Klausner has a connection there. I am definitely up for a...
  4. EL-Dougie


    Might the Firehouse 12 venue in New Haven afford a stellar audio opportunity for such a documentation? After all, the performance space is a build-out of a recording studio, and one could imagine there might be some bona fide video auteurs lurking in New Haven, too (home of the International...
  5. EL-Dougie


    Here are a few live Prezens tracks which provide more context than the excerpt clips this thread started with. Nothing easier to fathom - just more of the group interplay to digest. Prezens live May in 2007 in NY: http://youtube.com/watch?v=UvacHp-Dmkw...
  6. EL-Dougie


    Will do - I was thinking of posting a thread when it is confirmed and seeing if the CT TGP community might want to descend in droves for an out there night out there, sort of... We'll definitely need advance tix, though.
  7. EL-Dougie


    Try loading both clips to play at the same time in different windows. Now THAT'S KILLER... and maybe the tinkerer-of-all-things-sonic SPLATT would think it grand... Have tix to see Prezens in Boston, MA on March 20 at Regatta Bar. Also wanting to get tix when on sale for March 14th at...