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Search results

  1. M@tt C

    Sold Scumback 20w M75 PVCs for Scumback 65w BM75s

    I have a really nice pair of 8 ohm 20 watt Scumback M75 PVCs, and I'm looking to swap for two 8 or 16 ohm 65 watt BM 75s. Thanks!
  2. M@tt C

    Sold J Rockett Rockaway Archer

    Killer OD/ EQ all in one! In good shape, no issues, pre-velcro'd for your pedalboard mounting pleasure. Can be removed before shipping if you like. $160 PayPal'd and shipped
  3. M@tt C

    Sold Friedman Runt 50 Head

    Great amp- just interested in moving on to something else. Near mint condition, smoke free home! Footswitch and Egnater padded amp cover included (It's a bit big but works great). $1350 + $100 shipping Would consider a trade +/- $ for a channel switcher in the modded Marshall or Soldano...
  4. M@tt C

    Sold Rocktron Chameleon Preamp **Now $275 Paypal'd and Shipped!**

    I have a very clean and fully functional Rocktron Chameleon for sale. These super flexible preamp/ FX units are getting harder to find and sound really, really good. I bought this to use at rehearsal and as a backup, but ended up going a different route. Power supply included. New...
  5. M@tt C

    Mezzabarba Skill 30 vs. Friedman Runt 50

    Hey all, I have a Runt 50, but am always scoping out options. Mezzabarba amps are hitting my radar, specifically the Skill 30. Versatility in a reasonably sized package is key for me. Not a fan of full sized heads, which is why the Skill 30 intrigues me. What I like/ need: Clean and OD...
  6. M@tt C

    New Preamp Day

    picked up a slightly beat up (missing a couple of knobs plus rack rash) Peavey Rock Master pre for a whopping $50 at Guitar Center today. I wasn't expecting much- I was gonna be thrilled if it basically worked, let alone if it sounded decent. Figured it would be a fun project to rehab and move...
  7. M@tt C

    Peavy Rockmaster Preamp- Footswitch?

    Hey guys, I'm picking up a slightly beat (missing knobs and rack rash) but fully functional Peavy Rockmaster preamp for a really stupid low price. I need it like I need a hole in my head, but for $50 you gotta pull the trigger, right? No foot switch is included though- does anyone know if a...
  8. M@tt C

    Cab Makeover day!

    I picked up a rather beat but solid Splawn straight 4x12 cab right after Christmas, and have slowly been getting it back into shape. I started with a good scrubbing of the tolex and grill cloth. The good news...most of the scuffs came off. The bad news- these was bleach or something splashed on...
  9. M@tt C

    Mixing same sensitivity/ different tonality speakers in a 4x12?

    I currently have a mix of G12m greenbacks and V30’s in a straight 4x12, but am looking to swap the V30’s out for Scumback M75 PVC’s. Right now the greenbacks are on top, V30’s on the bottom to balance out the sensitivity differences between them. The Scumbacks are within 1db of the greenbacks...
  10. M@tt C

    New Pickup Day- Schecter San Andreas

    Hey all! I wanted to share my experience with this pickup since there isn't a whole lot of info out there. In short, it rocks! If you're looking for a versatile hot pickup for that still retains clarity and dynamics this may be a cool alternative to the usual suspects. Specs and description...
  11. M@tt C

    4 G12M-25 Greenbacks or G12M/ V30 Mix in a 4x12?

    Hey all, I have a straight front Splawn 4x12 that's currently loaded with G12M greenbacks on top, V30's on the bottom to mimic the Friedman cab configuration. Sounds fantastic with my Runt 50 head, but you always wonder....... What's the fundamental differences between all GB's and the mix...
  12. M@tt C

    New Preamp Day- Rocktron Chameleon

    I had some Guitar Center rewards $$ to use and was looking for a preamp as an alternative to my Friedman, and I lo and behold I found a Rocktron Chameleon in the used gear section on their site. I had owned a VooDoo Valve a few years back and regretted selling it, so I pulled the trigger. It...
  13. M@tt C

    N4x12CD (New 4x12 Cab Day)... Good news, bad news

    I picked up a used and slightly beat up Splawn straight 4x12 today. It's loaded with two V30's and two K100'S, and the good news is it sounds KILLER with my Runt 50! I've been running an EVH 2x12 with greenbacks, and while that sounded good the 4x12 just SO much more full and alive. The V30/...
  14. M@tt C

    EVH Tone Deep Dive with Pete Thorn and Dave Friedman

    This beyond awesome.... I only wish Pete had gone allllll the way and talked about the picks that EVH used, and it would have been really cool to hear the JBL and the Greenback speakers separately. With that being said the level of detail they went into was insane, and Pete NAILED the EVH...
  15. M@tt C

    Best volume boost in an FX loop?

    I'm looking for a slight volume boost for solos for a gained-up amp (Freidman Runt 50). A boost in front only adds more saturation, so the logical step is to add a boost in the FX loop. A mini-sized pedal would be ideal, as well as little coloration as possible- I just want a little more of...
  16. M@tt C

    Schecter Sunset Strip or Pasadena Plus Pickup?

    Anyone have any experience with these? My custom shop Schecter California Custom Elite came with a Schecter Super Rock in the bridge- love the clarity and articulation, but I'd like a little more sing/ compression with a bit of a mid push. It's a very open, even sounding pickup, but a little...
  17. M@tt C

    NGD...under the radar super strat!

    I've been looking for a nice super strat in the used sub $2k range, and have been trolling Reverb, Ebay, the Emporium, and CL for USA Charvel, Chubtone, Nash, Schecter, etc. Flexibility to cover a lot of styles was the main thing I was looking for with a rock vibe, so I wanted something with a...
  18. M@tt C

    Sold 2017 Les Paul Traditional Honeyburst w/ Motor City 2nd Degree Blackbelts. **PRICE DROP!!**

    I’ve owned this super nice LP for about a year, and determined LP’s just aren’t my thing. Key Specs: Solid body, no weight relief 8lbs, 12 oz on the bathroom scale Neck is somewhere between a 50’s carve and a 60’s carve Nylon nut ABR bridge with aluminum stop tail AA top, nice peek-a-boo...
  19. M@tt C

    Best Used Sub $2k Used Hot Rod Super Strat?

    Hey guys.....the gear merry-go-round continues! I'm in the marker for a hot rod style super Strat in the sub $2k used price range. Must haves: 1 11/16 nut Floyd Rose (so I can install a d-tuna) Fairly thick-ish neck profile (no wafer thin Ibanez profile) Beyond that, I'm open. Really dig the...
  20. M@tt C

    Anyone do a radical revamp of their rig during COVID?

    Did any one REALLY revamp their rig lately? I did.....I took advantage of the COVID downtime and changed things up JUST a bit... Old: New: Gone: Kemper Profiler, QSC k10.2, Lexicon MX200 Stayed: PRS 408, Gibson Les Paul Traditional, Furman power conditiner, Shure PSM 300 IEM setup w/...
  21. M@tt C

    Phil X and Tim Pierce- GREAT Interview!

    Just stumbled across this today... I now have even MORE respect/ admiration for Phil after this. Great interview by Tim Pierce- Phil has to be one of the most interesting guitar dudes on the planet!
  22. M@tt C

    Upgrade from Lexicon MX200?

    Hey rack folks, I'm fairly new to rack gear after being a pedalboard then Kemper guy all of my life. I'm currently using a Lexicon MX200 for all of my time-based FX in the loop of my Friedman Runt 50. Primarily delay, reverbs, chorus, though I've been getting into detune lately- must be all...
  23. M@tt C

    V30/ GH12 Anniversary or G12M/ G12M in a 2x12?

    I have a EVH 2x12 cab paired with a Friedman Runt 50. Didn't like the two G12H Anniversaries that were in the cab- too harsh and boomy, so I swapped one out for a G12M. MUCH better- warmer, more balanced- but the harshness of the G12H is still there, and I feel it's overpowering the greenback a...
  24. M@tt C

    Sold Rack Mount Kemper (Non Powered) with Commercial Profiles $1550 Shipped

    I'm going back to tube amps, and the Kemper must go. An amazing piece of technology and I'll probably end up regretting selling it, but here we are. Non powered. Loaded with Michael Britt, Sinmix, Top Jimi, Big Hairy Profiles, and more. Always safely mounted in a rack, works absolutely...
  25. M@tt C

    Sold 8 ohm Celestion G12H30 Anniversary $85 Shipped

    Pulled from a gently used cab, probably still breaking in. UK made. $85 shipped, or looking to trade for an 8 ohm V30.